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A fiction mixture of science, time travel, galactic, and cybernetic adventures split into four or more series. Click to jump. 
"Tech Tabloid" is an online publication approved by over three hundred races on over five hundred planets, operating for over one thousand years. Providing space pilot reports, journalism, and reader contributions in the 999999999th Century.

¶ Archive  2009 ▬ June 24, 2801, MechWarriorMechwarrior 210-70 Virtual RealityShadow Valley 2900The Re-Infiltration 2901Post ApothecaryHydrogen FebruaryPrivada 1 y 2 from flatlands to suburbiafrom camouflage to flight attack patternsValor Prisma - Nov. 13, 306203A Metroid TipThe Axe Handle WarFuture ProofAd StratumArkansas: The Nation StateSun GlassesSilk ▬ 2010  ▬ Creature ComfortsPrecipice: A Dream w/in a Dream ▬ 2011 ▬ Starfleet Guidelines 1 ▬  2013 ▬ Permanent Virtual Circuit ▬   If Tech Were Tabloid  ▬ Architectural Genetics  ▬ 2014 ▬  Ethereal Message  ▬   Rencountering  ▬  Hetoimasia  ▬  Disfluencia Liminal  ▬  Al Reverso    Otherworldly  ▬ 2015   Simulant Manifesto  ▬  Central News Bulletin  ▬  A Deer in Headlights in an Office  ▬  Raven Online  ▬  Yule: Love These Apps 2015  ▬  Under the Commune  ▬  More Commoner Sense  ▬  2016 - Ars Po Imperatus  

Galaxy Jumper

The first hand accounts of persons who discovered, or will discover, time travel, their friends and foes, and how they chose to react to situations that may or may not have had already happened. 
  1.   New Millennium  
  2.   Lost In Time         
  3.   Spatial Treatment   
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Bounty Huntress    

I was trying to write something that was half iambic pentameter (Shakespearean) and half Buck Rogers, I seemed to have abandoned it and decided that if I resumed it, with respect, would make the main character female, in hopes of a salubrious graphic novel, idk, idc. 
  1.   Deep Space, Shallow Dreams        
  2.   The Frozen Swamps     

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Technosity // Tecnicidad (esp)
Adventure and survival in a political action, love, and madness, crime series in the cybernetic world. In the same oeuvre as postindustrial 'steampunk', but alternative genre, the roles of technology are reversed as ideological differences collide, instead of simpler times with peak technological progress achieved, a chaos of power to survive in a constantly adaptive existence using industrial energy sources to limit the progress of cybernetics and their lives.  

Sybreed 0: Origins

    00.   "Architectural Genetics"
  1.  Security by Obscurity 
    1.a. Crash on Course: Convergence   
  2. Separation of Privilege 
  3. Distributed Systems Theory 

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  • Sybreed 1: Science Faction 
  • Sybreed 10: Synthetic Breed 
  • Sybreed 11: 
  • Sybreed 100:  
McBain: Lights, Cameras, McBain in Action. 

A City Situation 

Test Area
Learning. Cognition. Adaptation. Social Control. Emergence. Communication. Efficiency. Efficacy. Connectivity. 

I spent a couple of weeks adding songs that seemed to have titles with android-based-lifeforms themes, then the songs began to speak for another genre, for now..... yes they're heavy metal, technically I could listen to folk music, but don't count on it being a strong trivia category.... 


Genre: Metal

"Mechanic God Creation" = Arch Enemy"Gears" = Dethklok
"Post (?) Organic" = Decapitated   
"Vacuum" = In Flames 
"Will to Bleed" = Agony Scene 
"Evolve" = We Were Gentlemen 
"Not Ready To Die" = Demon Hunter
"Messiahbolical" = Whitechapel
"Tempting Time" = Animals As Leaders
"I, The Machine" = Graveworm 
"Symbiotic In Theory" = Necrophagist
"Death By Nature" = The Wretched End
"Ruin" = Lamb of God
"Lust Of The Flesh" = Agressor 
"Novelty Cross" = Black Dahlia Murder
"The Demon's Name Is Surveillance" = Meshuggah 
"Indigenous Laceration" = Chthonic 
"The Way of All Flesh" = Gojira
"Future Breed Machine" = Meshuggah 
"Mind Machine" = Scar Symmetry
"Tom Sawyer" = Rush
"Purified" = Lamb of God
"Machine" = Born of Osiris 
 "Singularity" = Born of Osiris 
"Feed the Machine" = Red 
"Numerical Scheme" = Veil of Maya
"Reprogrammed to Hate" = Whitechapel
"Degenerate" = The Monuments
"Pattern Against User" = At The Drive In
 "Cylindrical Sea" = Animals As Leaders
"Holographic Sight" = The Human Abstract
"Deplorable Miscalculations" = Wretched 
"Reset" = Mute Math
"The Exquisite Machinery of Torture" = Meshuggah 
"Of Energy: Singularity" = Tesseract
"Empty Vessels Make the Most Noise" = The Monuments.
"The Fractal Effect" = After the Burial
"Hard to Speak without A Tongue" = Parkway Drive
"One Eye for A Thousand" = Textures
"The Uncollective" = The Monuments
"97% Static" = The Monuments 
"Reign Of Darkness" = Thy Art Is Murder
"Dehumanization" = Meshuggah
"Dawn of the Next" = Deeds of Flesh
"Crusher Destroyer" = Mastodon 
"A Vicious Reforming Of Features" = After the Burial
"Climatic Degradation" / The Black Dahlia Murder
the human condition chelsea grin
 Digital Bath - Deftones 
Entombment of a Machine - Job for a Cowboy
There Is No Business To Be Done On A Dead Planet - All Shall Perish

Man Against Machine - Evile
Better Metal Snake - Dethklok
Digi Christ = Hybrid Circle