25 August 2016

Ars Po Imperatus

it had the options to dual-boot, but during an update-upgrade of a patching copywrite system that half itself became one with the lag, so i decided to restore it two a previous version by reverting to a backup image, yet the backup image never fully loaded, assumptively from never navigating passed the boot loader, i relent the device atime;

latter visited me, an aside it seems, as time always gets its mark, with a renewed interest in the surviving half, we'll call that half codename 'cybernetic', and having this new venture into its code, its activity being update of functions and not its embedded subroutine experience, it was a false discovery, an application-ecosystem, a thing not an internet, a container type not a development environ, but it would suffice, i adapt to survive, not to shed;

it's not an artificial intelligence, so it can do whatever it wants to do, for all i care, and somehow a rootkit finds me, by virus or trojan, and pseudonomically reboots, having developed and metasticized and having metaprogrammed itself in memory, slowly devouring the sentient nature, clawing at the original, and telling me that all is well, yet the interactive demo is preternatural falsified concept, a screen grab where a research engine should be, other times locked out;

being paranoid, i feel that it is intentional by destiny, these things happen, i delete the malfunctioned half, unto quarantine and inventory, and now the virus reboots hard, starting with a system crash, ending with a system logo memory leak mdk all temporary decisionmaking, a system name stares me in display, i unplug the beast, if i replug soon it powers itself on and i'm locked out, after a wait it will power on, the choice to load the deleted half or the mystery, i choose the functional half like a brain on a switch, or so it would seem, and the device powers itself off, which is a level of ascension even in normal terms, giving myself the option to wonder why, as if protocol, i procedurally turn it on again, choose the working of two softwares, and because everything is misordered the bootloader for the hardware splashes the screen at the wrong end of the sequence, because wtf, followed by the functional system, without logo, asking for clearance, sometimes with a new background, and faster than ever,

where applications should've been upgraded it seems more like the work of a collective.

[57134-202-19] 8:4:9:8