28 January 2009

Merlin. 4 - The Open Door World

The open door world

-at the first sign of day Merlin left his resting place and went to the mapmaker. Troy lay asleep on a pile of pillows and blankets next to a fireplace and a real bed. As he begins to wake, he notices a child squatting next to him and staring and two more adding pieces of firewood and playing with the fireplace, he had pointed his feet toward during his sleep. The young and apparent fanged child closest to him was bouncing on its toes and hugging its knees. It was considerably younger than the other two who seemed to offer the other much attention.

-Child: “he’s awake, he's awake, come look!"
-Older boy: “are you our sustenance?"
-Older girl: “we’re not keeping it, are we?"
-Troy: “NO" he replied while stretching and surveying the room.

-Medusa enters the room in a red outfit reminiscent of a butcher uniform much less extravagant than the one she had worn the night before. Almost simultaneously, the fanged children quickly rose to their feet and rushed to stand together. She points her hand outside the room and they swiftly race out of the room laughing while dragging the youngest of them with them causing the young girl to drag her feet along the ground.

The room was much calmer having much less people drinking and smoking and chatting as had the night before. The candles melted into the tables on which they once stood and the light shined in through the curtains slightly revealing the young child or at least something had gone through his sack. After wiping his eyes and pulling his hair behind him, he lifts his covers and pulls his socks and shoes back on his feet.

-Troy: “am I their food?"
-Medusa: “they are separate from humans for their earliest years.
-Troy: “why, is that?"
-Medusa: “it is done while they are taught to control certain hungers in exchange for a passive symbiosis, you call this harmony."
-Troy: “with humans"
-Medusa: “yes...they will visit with humans of their age or size with supervision from time to time. A baby would not hesitate to bite you at first chance. It might do you well to not pick up any baby in the city during your stay"

-Medusa walks to the fireplace and closes the glass doors in front of it that keep out embers that would cause damage. The carpet on the floor was twice as wide as it was long and reached from the fire all the way to the door.

-Troy: “where is Merlin?"
-Medusa: “he has gone to the mapmaker. The little one would have attacked you if not for the others.
-Troy: “that’s nice...can you, or someone here, take me to Merlin?"
-Medusa: [loudly]"guard! Escort...Sir Troy to our cartographer when he is ready, and send those outside in the war room in for their class.

-Guard: “yes your highness."
-Troy: “it’s not sir"
-Medusa: “very well, just troy."

-Troy and the guard leave the room and begin back through the room with the mirrored throne. The long table covered by one long tablecloth, which reached from end to end of the table, at the end of the table on the wall was a coat of arms with a sword, a hammer, an axe and a skull with obvious vampire fangs. While leaving the room across from the throne was the same coat of arms above a larger window he had not seen the night before.

-Medusa: “mister troy, if you do not find Merlin and need to see me, please ask the guards to find me before you come rushing in to request me each and every day you return to this hall. We will be having class for some time and will be learning the voracity all morning."
-Troy: “I understand"

-As Medusa tells Troy this all of the children grin and show their vicious teeth. She stands in the steel framed doorway and boldly smiles while ushering in her three children. As they walk away, he passes a small flock of children and another guard leading a washed small pig by a braided leather lead and harness.


-Merlin sat waiting outside a closed cartographer’s office with severe impatience. Waiting on a bench of a small and quiet street that narrowed and rises while leading towards the center of the city, he picks up three stones and turns them into three smaller coin shaped pieces. While counting the people who pass him by, he waves his hand across to reveal pictures of flowers and wheels with a simple ease. As occasional mule-drawn wagons and people pass, he waves his hand again and changes them back.

-As he waited, a silver man in silver apparel approached with several long rolls of heavy and light rolled papers of varying lengths sticking out of his bag that draped across his shoulder. He walked steadily, minimally altered by the weight of the bag but was aged and seemed so by his obvious appearance.

-Mapmaker: "good morning, if I were you I would keep my hat on in this sun."
-Merlin: “I am Merlin. Have you made a map for me?"
-Mapmaker: “come inside"

-He unlocks the solid steel door with a detailed key that was filled with many small square holes and they enter into his shop. The mapmaker slides open the thick curtain that attaches to the ceiling and floor and swings his sign around, for passers by, on the street, to see. The light reveals a room filled with isles containing hundreds of worn wooden shelves without finish, filled with scrolls as well as small and suffused vials with colored inks. Also around the room where shoppers would wait were several wooden shelves, and clocks, too many for the needs of several families, sitting for sale.

-Merlin: “is it finished?"
-Mapmaker: “let me see."

-The mapmaker walks down one of the thin isles and begins speaking to the back of the room.

-Mapmaker: "I worked on it all night"

-and the mapmaker moves an entire shelf of maps to other shelves then walks back to his counter and pulls a rolled and new leather map from his bag.

-Mapmaker: "I've never seen that map with my own eyes before, here you are Sir Merlin. I wish you luck"
-Merlin: “what does the queen require for its worth?"
-Mapmaker: “It is free so decrees the Queen...it's a beautiful map and I have never copied it before. I had thought and believed I never would, you could tell me what does it lead to if you really want to offer payment to me?"
-Merlin: “I cannot tell you but I wish you the longest life and give you my greatest appreciation for what you have done."

-Merlin reaching into his flowing robe pulls out a potted flower, as if instantly from his stomach. He places it on the counter top bouncing all of the items that were resting there and walks immediately out of the door. After a quick glance upon the map, he ties a small rope around it and hides the map up his sleeve. As he does, Troy approaches him from up the inclined road that had gained traffic in the time that passed while Merlin was inside.

-Troy: “let’s see this cartographer about a magic map."
-Merlin: "You want to learn. Can you read this sign?

-Troy: “no because I cannot read Viking”

Merlin: “It says 'map time' and I’ve already been inside with much success."
-Troy: “nice...then let’s eat again, I don’t know if you eat as much as I but I’m famished"
-Merlin: “agreed."
-Troy: “let’s go see what the eggs look like from those giant birds."
-Merlin: “this idea is awesome and fortuitous, let us be off."

-And the two walked away from the store. As they approached the same place, they had eaten the day before, the main doors, which held the same door they had used to enter the city inside of it, opened up. Joseph, Medusa's king, and his group of young disciples entered the city drenched in blood carrying bloody weapons and huge pieces of scale covered hides, teeth, horns and enourmous eyes. All were loud and seemed happy, as their mates rushed to join them.

-Joseph: "...Merlin"
-Merlin: "Joseph...welcome back to your awesome abode."

-The two hug and then shake each other’s right arm, hand to forearm.
-Joseph: "don’t tell me you're leaving?"
-Merlin: “yes, we are."
-Joseph: “but I’ve just arrived, stay, we should talk and drink" he asked Merlin
-Merlin: “I’ve just come for a map of medusa's to go to see anathema"
- Joseph: “do you take this one, with you?

-Merlin nods his head up and down noticing the treasure of a kill the young squad carrying.

- Joseph: “the trail comes for you then finally. If you are to use her map, you may be wise to know, that door will not be the closest but I cannot afford to take you to the one I know of but I have been to the one, which is on that map. You have fun and will say hello for me"

-Merlin: “I will”

-Many of Joseph’s troop briefly say hello to Merlin. Joseph addresses his troop.

- Joseph: “get cleaned up and rest well you've done well. I will expect to see all of you in four days. dismissed." the troop leaves, "Merlin I wish you luck"
-Merlin: “thank you Jo"
- Joseph: “if you need a laugh boy, you should have Merlin tell you about bullets."

-And with having that said, Joseph began uphill along the road into the city. After their fluffy omelet meal, they began out into the world again rested and revitalized, passing the small marbles on the ground allowing Troy to take a handful with him. They pass through the ranch and past the gardens around the entire city and begin past the town on their way.

-At the third evening next to a modest fire and a meal, he caught very luckily, as he crossed paths with, Troy wants to see the map. After seeing it on the ground, he picks it up. After loosing the string wrapped around the map, it unveils to be a blank map without destination or terrain.

-Troy: “it’s a blank map. What the hell have you conjured old wizard?"
-Merlin: “retie the string and give it here"

-He reattaches the simple string and hands the roll of leather over to Merlin. As he unties the map, the string glows once over with a glowing gold light and he unrolls a fully detailed map. He gives the map to his son and begins to prepare his patch of ground to meet his liking. Troy studies the map noticing several interesting sites of things he had never heard of. Noticing the names of places he had been and heard of and many others that he had not.

-Days along the narrowing trail as a cloudless night falls they come to the final site of their trek. Troy starts a small fire in the tall grass and hills that look like waves that fill the countryside. Tremendous Grey boulders and smaller broken piles of stone surround everything as if it were a wasteland, left over from a broken mountain. In one of the giant boulders was a broken door.

-The door functioned as a great lock, its surface covered with gears and wheels with teeth missing and certain shapes missing from each wheel. The inscription to the side of the door is in Viking and tells that the door will open with a key of stone and if all the wheels turn at once. Several of the wheels lay on the ground in front of them and all around the entrance of the door rusted and broken.

-Together, they spend several intricate hours, with Merlin magically re-forging pieces, placing the pieces back onto the door. So they will work properly they fit them into several places on the door. Shortly before morning just as the sky is turning blue, they get the door to open.

-They find themselves in a room of blue glowing spheres and eight magnificent doors standing next to the other in a large circle. As they look around, they notice that they are in a great hall much bigger than was the stone outside of the door. They stand near great pillars supporting a high ceiling and off into the distance as far as they could see still lay a looming and endless darkness.

-a large cauldron filled with a liquid form of the blue that covers many of the lines and spheres where they are sits on the floor and the doors in a curve face it. Troy reaches into his pocket and pulls out a dagger. When he touches the surface, it freezes solid instantly while keeping the ripples, as they were when he makes contact. When he pulls away, it returns to its previous state. Confused he taps the radiant liquid each time freezing the waves that would fall away from the last. When he blows against the water, it does not freeze.

-They begin to hear intense pounding which soon becomes the sound of running but from something giant. It begins to be discernible as a huge man of steel with strange shape, charging at them with a huge hammer, moving directly towards them.

-Merlin reaches out his hand and stretching his palm upward, creates a perfect fire sphere. The stone and steel man creature, slides to a halt before them. With another heavy noise he sat the hammer down, which he previously had raised above his head to attack them in his charge, to the ground. The vibrant red and orange sphere has the symbol of Merlin inside of it.

-Merlin: “This is Thor. Say hello."
-Thor:/-Troy: "hello"
-Thor: "I'm sorry, I had not recognized you Merlin, and you have grown younger in the years past.
-Merlin: “This is Troy; we wish to use your gateways."
-Thor: "They are not exactly mine, yet… but you may good wizard man.
-Troy: “what is this place?"
-Thor: "this is Valhalla"
-Merlin: “these are the doors to the other eight worlds"

-Troy scratched his head in disbelief and picked up his bag to which he had dropped in the commotion. On the floor reads 'Midgard' in the Viking language. In another language unrecognizable to Troy reads something else of similar length and symbols.

-Merlin: “They lead to the other 8 worlds but never the same place more than once.
-Thor: "Choose a door, and I will open it for you Phoenician"

-Merlin chooses one of the intricate doors without walls supporting them and Thor raises his massive hammer from the ground to strike the mirror that was within it. On the floor, a symbol that matches a symbol above the door begins to glow. The engraved lines and symbol on the door begin to glow blue like the rest of the great hall. After glowing blue than white the mirrors glow fades into an open doorway and reveals a green pasture that shines with two suns, Thor leans into the doorway and looks down and then around.

-Thor: "I see no one. If this is ok, you may cross Merlin"
-Merlin: “it is fine, thank you so much and don’t you think that I forgot"
-Thor: "watch your step both of you."

Merlin pushes troy through but before he steps through himself, he pulls a mirror from his sleeve, a gift he had promised him from a previous passing and gives it to Thor. He then steps through the doorway stepping down a couple of feet to a green grassy ground. He waves to Thor and as the doorway fades shut they can see Thor run to the door, they had entered from and hit it very hard twice, denting it outward then walking into the darkness as the doorway closed them out completely.

-Troy: “how will we return?"
-Merlin: “we will use another hall of portals of stay forever"
-Troy: “he breaks the door"
-Merlin: "every time so that the external mechanisms break again. Each world has its own eight doors so that the gods can use them to escape.
-Troy: "that is why they say 9 worlds. Escape from what?"

-Merlin: “each other…maybe an angry child”

-Troy: “the mirror?”

-Merlin “he will use it to talk to a face that is not his.

-Merlin laughs at his astonishment and they begin off through the tall grass filled countryside looking for a path. They pass the only tree they can see after an hour of spotting it. As they look around, they cannot see a forest, mountain, ocean, or city in any direction. Very lost they continue walking in one direction towards what has become the vague sight of trees into the distance a few hours more, one of the suns set and the other rests calmly just above the horizon. At such time, they make camp to rest.

-Merlin begins to manipulate the fire, making fire spouts reach into the sky in attempt to draw attention to someone else in the wild where they find themselves. After only a few short hours Troy wakes after having lost track of time in the wavering sun that hesitates to set. He spends a minor amount of time inspecting the white marbles he collected earlier and then spends time following that looking over the parched map.

23 January 2009


The ship is a soldier. Into the night, it angered the echelon. The kindred marked as tyrants, who cannot miss the teeth. Conspiracy from lunatics to drive mad men mad. Like dryads, they grow together and share their air, in a world with much smoke, and can only breathe but choose to choke. Conspiracy be driven they band together to hope aligned. The old kind grow faster so than they can overcome. The kings and queens are dying as they give the monsters hope.

Parties without science meddle with the English. The council to the construct chooses not to hurt opinions and panders to an unknown cause. Rationalizing stupidity and greed in an attempt to rewrite the just time spent. In the ice grass, a path leaves children and pets to make the harvest. A fearful war for those of truth and consequence takes place. After an onset of strange rules from stranger rulers, the lenders, as leeches, drain the blood of society like vampire. Devoid of greed and apt to vision they give their laws to students released from the evil dark. A cleric educates of the dark harlots bearing many children their sires cannot be found.

The energy drudging and sullen, make much lament as new words come from the new voice. Mass appeal like clouds carried the new light upward; with this, the regal guilt doth end. Where the accused are honest, the conformist waits confused from a lack of intense emotion. Through habit, the new voice deceives and discriminates while the face of the old voice begins their reclamation. New werewolves sell racism and attack skeptics. They thrive on fear and lies of genocide. As always, the wind and fire races are at war with the earth race. Through mine eyes, earth wars on its allies 10 fold more than any other and more sincerely as time progresses. Cadre of the salt of the world the earth is the first source.

The nova children erased to wall out a war. Without another option, they cut down the tree. A man-at-arms rebukes the ill repute of the dying. The dryads consider this a healthy cost of reality. The paint begins to spoil the mind. The effects of the affection affects lay toil to the skin. Their lack of maintenance maintains their countenance. They suffer devastation by the loss of affinity for one of their own. Sharing bonds in circles heritage, became a gamble for blame on the lenders. Scholars with sound facts will notice that the smoke is increasing by a pattern that will not remit. The decision to change course cannot arise by the covenant of the timid.

Some generous handouts bring new payouts. Trading time for tattered health the weak would ring a bell for wealth. A marred slum architect abandons university for the joy of multiplicity at the first break of dawn. The weak will inherit the earth. Counterfeit wares, of many kinds, with varied vitalization, all while duplicate facades in the past proved fatal. Run by the diseased, rackets and profiteers replace the honest in droves as they bring a convenient capitalization and exploitation. When being charged for air they became angels and hovered over the trees.

A hidden motive to the last of the nomads and their gifted home seek to own more than the plate, of a bloodthirsty king, can hold. Their opinion far unto the soldier side refutes a solution by our vocal terms. A new totalitarian group proves its strength by the torture for an election yet inexperienced for more obtusely and sultry sun soldiers. A lie of where king met queen the tale was never printed. The kings lie believed by poetry and prose. These lies not the first lay waste to history of genocide of the Kings family’s mumsy necklaces.

The law condemns their self-defense. Among increasing amounts of impoverished lands the strong are called upon to lay the criminals to waste. As poverty increases, nationalist groups gain support and a needed momentum. Into the eyes, the politicians are informed of racial hate and capital punishment enacted by the prats and warriours. An iron fist denounces disbandment. The hiding capitalist bureaucrats fear idle production and a community that can act on its own. These lawful of the living bring a political threat by merely existing. They inevitably form legion in order to defend their lives as criminals intently increase maliciousness.

A loud voice that calls for unity ignites insurrection against previous occupation. The mountain despises the autocrats and their state. The mountain is hammers and hates Semites on the warpath. Inaccurately accused the mountain had not sent out sticks and stone. These newest of hawks strike down man save their own and shakes the family of the mountain. They murder 100 fold times their own eyes and wound 4 times as many more. Where the leaf falls into the blood finds this to be an illogical war for other mountains. A militant warmonger the Zionist is sinister. Perhaps the Norse was to be trusted over issues of the levies.

The soon retired idiot who would be king intervenes in the conflict on. As the old house announced yet, the excommunicated tyrant, with the chancellor, in a communiqué, interviews about the situation in the storm. The burner of Valhalla called on Anglo to pax - but warned hammers, the first step. With more children, higher pensions, and heart broken of pay a war is impossible and you will only get a few faithful vigilantes. The new year brings millions of citizens more money. The tax settlement investors and the reserves provide funds to anger patients. Info verse shows prosperity for the future whom is, who benefits and what new laws come into force.

After some sharp criticism of banks and managers in the carpenter season, pontiffs in the sermons of the year the economic crisis as an occasion to once again, before greed and excess to warn. Money should not be at the center of life are planning, it was everywhere. Almost four months after its introduction of the naturalization test seems a success to be. There are many problems with the questions with just a few samples. You have all of the candidates in a first test passed. However, the integration of delineation is only cautiously euphoric.

Greens are red not blue, but black. The new wig is worse than the last and one of the greatest injustices. Left are they, all over the world as a bad-tempered plight. Many idealists are simply disgruntled because they earn less, and less likely to marry on the street rather than go to church. After days, unnoticed death of a young woman in hell. Investigators now consider the possible influence of drugs. Meanwhile, there is also an explosion for the fact that the princess undetected for so long stood in Avalon.

The year of our courage and humor in equality of life, takes place, to prove the lords, of their word. At the top of their rankings landed now laud. A concept that is a rather indecent act means. Our sometimes-idiosyncratic neighbors can laugh heartily. The unsuspecting were not. Stop writing checks, stop printing money. Alongside humanity, necessity creates convenience. The slaves take honor and save themselves. They return discourse will all available actions and hope bound. The council stalls affirmative action. The losers had asked for no other fate.

Within sages of ages, we wear with time and soon monkey kings and orphans will rule us. They drive through death and revolutions but before the edges outnumber the revolutions, from which they flee demanding paved roads to take them there. The kings and queens escort themselves from the time of their own accord and peacefully so but will take their children with them. A new horde takes their place. Of the four elements, the clean wind is taking the cold men with it.

They know not the holidays that they grace. The spirits of the tales cannot reconcile and let the colony explode. Hordes of mixtures of the four tribes wander aimlessly without spirit or goals. The growth writhes in evolution as even the superior element slows to an eventual halt. They cannot separate by choice as they separate by time. Into every leaf, they diverge taking all of the life and bringing the darkness. The shade of the new seeds some with strange new means of sowing while tolling the mire. A weeping willow fears the water.

It is a circle of medicine. With time and light, a medicine for the livestock leaves medicine in the grown meals from the cattle waste. A concerned science takes notice, and tells the world albeit corporate logic is deaf to their cause. More of this medicine goes to livestock than stock in humanity. With the support, the cattle thrive and cause immunities to those who are the pinnacle of king of the food chain when they are not utilizing it for illness. It will cause a loophole in evolution. It is the hidden factor in the rise of all congenital defects related to environmental hazards.

In a culture of conflict, the night and day paid for quarreling. Together crowds of night and day folk, witness the waterman insult the other. The day and night condemn the day. Together another group witnesses the insult in the reverse direction and they favorite their respective representative. Throughout history, this has always been the outcome. The actors reveal their lies and the majority of both groups switch their answer on both situations.

Though they endlessly fight what is seemingly a useless war with weapons banned from human military they are honorary members of the water cycle. Great ice age patriots are the suppliers of their ammunition and mobile weaponry to complete the cycle that once had happened upon them. They both support the new world’s enemy island turret. These war criminals arrest the students who avoid a legally mandated draft. They wish to commit atrocities unseen without longsighted instruments. The manufacturers of hate their victims are unarmed and left alone and underestimated potently.

In the kingdom, the immigrants are slaves. They are working without the rights to work though taking jobs from sons and daughters because if found they will be removed so they work without tranquility. It happens this way because of the lines between lands and the marks of different marchers. The propagators of such production locations pay less than half of the hated but the politicians want everyone to stay where they are for less than the day before. They break the laws of the cycle that helps the masses while inflation calls, for more, unfortunate souls, to fight a war they cannot see, in cities they cannot win. The flood and the rain take all of the labor from the land and soon their own children.

Judas keeps defending its favorite words albeit killing nonstop for days now. In truth, it stalks its insurgence from time to time when its stone throwing enemies would never halt. With fewer weapons, they are obtuse while lights entertain the rest, of the world. The genocide continues. A plague, that is, the loophole of immunity from several causes of the consortium of death steadily rises. Two diseases attack but mostly hit homophiles and the old-dark each every year more than the last for more than a decade has time. Their habits cause them this grief once in every twelve. Their illness is transferable to the overlord.

They fight better with their own caste. Like traits decrease the chance of desertion amongst peoples in all circumstance. In battle is undeniable in labor it can be an unreliable judgment. The two sides clash leaving few of one side. The welcoming party moribund when the south found out they would not vote for outsiders. They were chose to welcome outsiders for their daily duties prior, and replaced by outsiders. The shiftless will crucify you. They take extreme measures to replace the ones they call extreme. They exterminate what is different. The poet lies and says the leader approved him to write the fiat years after his death. Twice removed, the poet had told the world after his writings began. The dead guide's doctors after much resistance tell the poet he was known before he was born. The poet tells the world albeit none knew his name in his attempts to be the purveyor of pen name penmanship.

The mixed are forming their own face and in record numbers. A sobriety of acceptance creates a setback and many to rule. They nationalize nations and it crumbles from a lack of structure. The repair applies costs and reparations. Globalization is a liberal myth for myopic dolts. Globalization is destroying culture, skills, lifestyle and tradition. Mixing faces actually destroys the proper amalgamate evolution. The most mixed are at every turn the least of which. A pure face amalgamated once over.

A rare beast tames a dangerous one; the hybrid takes out both in one fell swoop. The footsteps of man herd them together and raise them to have a voracious appetite. they were strangers and through carnage anarchy trade and traveling pets. the species destroyed by genocidal proximity. the poor standards dilute successful overlords. they agree with the dead. always in false light around a glow-box fail without a priest.

the sons and daughters of culprits find a mass grave of heroes and defenders. put there by a fascist cause, the truth still overlooked by all. found at the ground of a hospice construction before the seat of the Teutonic bastion. The frames found endlessly as their charges shift to describe the victorious. Violent people describe a list of priority assets as a list of recipients for complaint letters. All forms of libel media outlets defend them. Jude and the media oust them to create a dissident public feeling against their enemies. a propaganda tactic used to stir up wars and raise concern about a final solution. A huge list, from a twisted demagogue becomes the same list of the targets.

Merlin. 3 - Medusa

"to what king do you serve?" asked Merlin to the hefty man.

-to which the girded man said,
"This is not a kingdom of servants but free men of many trades. You must be from the south." he said with an accusatory inflection in his voice.

-Merlin replied "yes, sort of."

-The man then asked, "have you seen a young boy in leather armor made from black deer?"

-Without looking at his apprentice Merlin replied with a quick, "No, I'm sorry. we are on our way to they next city. How far is it?"

-He answered, "If it is a city you seek and no small village, go this way than left at the fork two days walk. you'll notice that one sign is bigger than the other."

-the younger man steps in to ask, "is he a criminal?"

-.,"No, he is my nephew and i would care to have him do this chore himself." The large man leans his pitchfork against the cart and uses it to sit at the bay of the wagon. he continues looking at Merlin."are you in search of great philosophers?' as Merlin agreed by shaking his head.

-the old man paused then urged them, "you will need sharp knives, if the table shakes."

-Merlin knew this to be true as he had been there many times to learn his way around the intricate markets. To the wheazing man Merlin says, "thank you. I wish you luck in finding your boy this day but we must cover more ground while it is still the day. we cannot afford to waste the time we did when we were young" Merlin looks to the boy and says, "pick up my things boy, off we go."

-They walked for the better half of a day through the viridescent wooded path as he taught the unwitting son several incantations. Periodically the boy would get one correct but hazardously come near to starting fires or burning himself. Casually Merlin would countermand the chaos before it caused damage one instance after the other. As the road led on, Merlin stretched his sight into the distance ahead with a whispering spell. He could see the signs for the fork in the road in the center of a great field. He stops their hike to eat and let his son rest but not letting him know he has seen the sign for the city.

-Merlin:"it would do you good to stay close and awake when we reach the turn in the pike."


-Merlin:"mercurial bandits. they like to labor and cause great malfeasance to innocent patrons of the cross at crossings."

-Troy:"It isn't far than is it?"


-After the sun fell a hands width, they began to walk again. They continued and the sign came closer and then finally close enough that his son could see the sign. Merlin began to pace himself to a slower walk. As he had predicted there were two robbers in the grass behind the sign and in the grass near it.

-Merlin reaches into his pocket and slips out a small pearl and pitches it towards the feet of the villains. As Merlin and the boy watch, a cloud of smoke billowes out of the ground where the pearl had fallen filled with small black and shiny lights almost the sight of a dark glitter vortex with white fog. As the smoke cleared the two would be thieves lay on the ground, each others faces in awkward and undesirable places of the other, bound together with wet leather still leaking what can be seen as water.

-The boy who had not the time to drops his bag and reaches into his pocket. His intent is again to write down what the wizard had conjured.

-Merlin torts, "Not now boy! pick their pockets clean and we will be going."

-"yes sir" the boy replied, "right away". he laughed at them and emptied their pockets. Merlin began to walk away slightly searching the horizon. as he did they boy stepped to the side and grabbed two tufts of grass with soil and roots. He stuff in each of them the vegetation and utters, "don't move a muscle, I've got this handled". he then strikes one man and kicks the other than immediately runs to catch up with his trail guide.

-the night falls and they rest. Another day arises and they pass three villages that could only be considered trading posts. they ask at every crossing how far the city is and every reply was a lie or wrong. Another night comes and they camp and rest. In the morning eventually they come within visual range of a great walled city. as they come closer they reach the fenced in corals that hold the live stock of the meat market and of the royal family. it holds large beasts of burden, horses, and birds some taller than men with two and sometimes three legs.
a farmer is shaving away the hair on a cow in the shape of a circle.

-the younger traveler inquisitive by design turns to Merlin to say, "let me talk with this man. wait for me, I'll only be a moment" and he darts over to the fence shouting, "sir sir si......" and with a clean sweep the boy falls to the ground hitting his head. on a fence post.

-as he shakes off the haze from his eyes he turns to the soil and searches the ground for what had fell him so abruptly. as he brushed away the soil he finds a treasure of marbles. Merlin now stands in the light of his search.

-"what are these" the boy asked.

-"they are marbles made by the vampire guards. come along now. we're not inside yet."

-"vampire guards?" he nervously asked

-"This is Netheros. the city of the vampire queen and her king and a small court of vampire brethren. together they are the monarchy, imperial guard and faithful watchers of a quiet city"

-"were visiting vampires?" he asked

-Merlin replies" yes. the citizens are farmers and livestock keepers who gather great stores of blood for them to keep in accord with their royal monarchs.

-boy: "they are peaceful hosts?"

-Merlin: " yes. they take only the blood and in exchange provide protection from the greater beasts of the land. they despise intense light but would battle in the greatest of sunlight to defend the city. you will meet them soon. they are part of a wast and old network of clans of vampires that span this world. they will not feed on people in exchange for their blood tithing and as i said before, you are my guest on this trip.

-boy:"they are not like the tales I've heard in grammar school?"

-Merlin:"not completely. it is this way in every vampire city, their discrete nature keeps them from being know of entirely in a world which they have watched mature, they call themselves new man not vampires and it would do you good to remember that." as they neared the gate Merlin tells him to not say anything at the entrance at the city wall.

-they reached the city wall and door glows red more so at its seams and slides open. two guards step out in partial armor that was very thick despite it did not protect some of their more vulnerable points. a third guard while upside-down rolls in front of the door as if laying on it from the other side. with his hair hanging the magical guard says "who are you and why are you here?"

-Merlin says:"I am Merlin wizard stratus. i have come to see the queen with my new apprentice. tell her i am here and i will be waiting at the first libation storage i can find." Merlin's eyes begin to turn silver and with the boy behind him unable to see, Merlin winks his eye shut once. the guard agrees to let them enter.

-they reach a pub and sit. Merlin says, "order yourself some food. if you cannot read the menu, just tell them what you want." the boy has no menu and begins to look for one.

-"one drink as large as you can give me" Merlin shouts and pulls a smallish gold bar out of his sleeve.

-as his son looks around he finds some sort of list that he assumes is a menu on the wall and below it a painting of a woman.

-it is a picture titled Medusa and below it an inscription:
-[-when you look in the mirror, you are bound]

-there is little light aside from candles and a faint skylight as he looks around. the barkeep brings out a drink twice the size of Merlin's hand. "what to eat?" the cook asks. the boy chooses to have a giant leg of one of the birds outside the castle walls and as Merlin hears this he chooses the same.

-the meal is served quickly with several pictures of water. the boy begins to feast as he notices that it's quite spicy but when he looks to Merlin, the wizard seems unaffected and eats heartily.

-no longer intrigued by his surroundings the thought of monsters crosses his mind again. "what of greater beasts, Merlin?" the boy asked.

-Merlin:"their land.....this land is cursed with unicorns. I'm sure they told you that unicorns are friendly buy unicorns are naturally dangerous. a full grown phoenix will hunt and eat a unicorn but not all of them. they protect these people from such greater beasts.

-boy:"unicorns?..the ones that look like white horses with the tusk on their skull?" he gestures as if he has a horn on his own head.

-Merlin:"unicorns are not friendly. the horn is sharp and nearly unbreakable." he pauses to drink then replies, "dragons also eat unicorns & everything else." the small group of people eating in the same place laugh after hearing merlin tell him this. the boy in wonderment looks up and imagines several flying creatures.

-casually the boy picks up his journal from his sack and begins to write down in his book the details of the past day. Merlin has another heaving, foaming ale. Merlin takes several pieces of the remaining meal and wraps them into a sack for carried lunch and then again a second time for his son. As they finish a guard comes to tell them his message,"she will see you, when you are ready, lord Merlin."

-Merlin:"very good. hurry and finish. you will want to see this soon."said Merlin to the young man.

-and with that they left behind them a group of quiet and suspicious patrons of the quaint eatery. they look on concerned about journalists from the outside who might upset the delicate balance between them and their hosts. they head through the city past shops into an inner corridor lined with smaller shops and homes with smoked glass doors. eventually they arrive in a room in the upper levels of the city. it is dimly lit by many evenly space torches and a single rectangular opening in the ceiling shining light on the wall and floor just past a stone carved throne in the center of the room.

-the young man filled with intrigue rushes into the room and is caught by two of the guards and halted in his steps. though he is confused he does not struggle. as he looks around the room he notices the lone throne with the queen sitting in it. within moments he realizes that it is the famed Medusa, the same as the one in the painting he had seen. immediately he hangs his head as to not look at her. the stories from his childhood had told him that to gaze upon Medusa's eye would turn any of man to stone.

-Merlin enters the room and with one hand at his staff takes his knee to the ground and hangs his head in an honored respect. the boy copies Merlin's action

-Medusa:"Merlin" she proclaimed excitedly, "it is good to see that you have come home" she said to him as he rose to his feet. "it is sad that you have already eaten. I was about to drink, myself."

-At the mention of drink, a servant, one of her kind, left the room hurriedly. she continues, "come here let me see you."

-Merlin replies, "as always i am not home. we might only stay one night." he said

-the boy looks around the room to notice that one of the guard keeping him in place and several in the room are wearing tinted opticals.

-she asks Merlin, "who is this with you? is he one of us or one of you. he kneels before us." as the young dude hears this he stands up.

-Merlin leans in and says, "he is one of mine, quite literally but do not tell him this." he turns back and waves for him to join them. as the guard looks to Medusa for approval she nods her head to approve and they begin to walk to the long table behind the throne. the small vampire servant child brings in a glass picture of blood for her to drink as they sit down at the table. as they sit they notice that the throne has a chair built behind it like a mirror of the other side. much to his surprise the young apprentice notices that her hair is not made of snakes, just a woven mesh of large bunches and with a fine boutique .

-Merlin says, "that throne is odd. this room is nice have I ever seen it before?"

-Medusa:"did you pay for your meal with another lead brick?"

-Merlin:"yes...but they wont realize it until its in a million pieces days from now."

-Medusa:"I know things of millions Merlin. you shouldn't fool the village, if you return too soon they will show you how they are upset with your deal. what have you come for Merlin?"

-Merlin:"this is my new apprentice and I need a map to the doors."

-she smiles as she looks pleased and after a slight pause agrees,"I approve. i will have the cartographer copy you one soon. but you will have to stay the evening as you promised." to this Merlin agrees.

-she claps her hand and calls for a servant. the same vampire child returns and she tells him to get the map in a strange ghostly language he cannot understand. she and Merlin begin to reminisce and speak to each other in the strange language that sounds like whispers, echoes and silver strings. the words are beyond him and slightly sound like owls in a canyon under a summer moon. he can tell when they laugh though and he reaches for his journal and pen. the queen realizes his actions and in his language tells him not to write much in the eyes of the public, that they are raised to keep her and her clan a secret from the outside world. again they chat with each other in the strange voices.

-Merlin:"where is your king?"
-Medusa:"he is out teaching to the newest centurions, the trials."
-Troy(Merlin's son):"the trials?"
-Merlin:"they brave into the fields in hunt of the grievous beasts."
-Medusa:"they spend weeks in the fields learning the hunt for their own survival."
-Merlin:"and the glyph of rapture"
-Merlin:"they will choose a symbol for their drink to be put upon their blood bags if they pass the trials.
-Medusa:"The king will have a pouch of human blood from the charity of one of our youngest farmers. and several viles of the aged blood of unicorns, fairies, many other things
-Merlin:"dragons, black elves, "and after rolling his eyes, "a sleipnir"
-Troy:"odins mount?"
-Medusa:"yes the horse of the god king which he has hunted for longer than you can imagine."
-Merlin:"there are too many scriptures for it to be false!"

-Merlin signals the servant over and asks for two glasses of plebian fairy and Medusa calls for the map.

-Merlin takes a drink and says:"we all know that Odin lives."
-Medusa:"merlin here has been on an eternal quest to find a sleipnir so he can make a duplicate for himself"
-Troy:"have you met Odin?"
-Medusa:"he says he has seen him as he was posing as a teacher in the islands."
-Merlin:"do not tell him i am a liar. i was younger and studying in greece.
-Troy:"what does he look like?"
-Medusa:"like the body of his choice."
-Merlin:"drink that. when the map is finished we'll be meeting another old friend of mine. i think you should have something extra in your veins in case he still checks.
-Medusa:"he never did"

-the drinks arrive for all three of them. they drink and are satisfied.

-the servant reenters to inform them "the map should be done by the morning sunrise"

-Medusa:"let us take ourselves to my great hall. we will keep you warmer if we are nearest a fire and mead.

-They find them selves in a lavish hall filled with many curtains on the wall. it was a well insulated lair. Marc sits and begins to write more into his journal. after no time at all he falls asleep and after Medusa leaves so does Merlin.

21 January 2009

future proof - january 2009

While we're saving the world one day, one step at a time i can share with everything that i've been reading about water electrolysis machines for turning your petroleum-fossil-fuel combustion engine into a hydrogen-combustion engine hybrid which gives most cars a minimum 50>>MPG<< style="font-weight: bold;">Can the Water-hybrid system be used in other ways?

Yes, the Water‐hybrid system can provide fuel from water for just about any home appliance requiring natural gas or propane as a source of heat; thereby saving valuable and diminishing natural resources.

Space heaters
and furnaces are excellent candidates.

Stoves and other cooking units such as barbecue grills can also be fueled by the water‐hybrid system.

Such applications require a separate power supply to convert your homes 120 volt AC power into the 12 volt DC power required by the water‐hybrid system. You can purchase an inexpensive power supply at any electronics store such as Radio Shack, or have someone familiar with electronics build one for you since the design is very simple.

The cost of home electricity used by the water‐hybrid system is insignificant, probably less than $3 per month in most cases.

here is a link to someones online copy - I HAVE A REAL COPY

This is what you find when you do actual journalism and not wiki-journalism. i'm surprised this hasn't caught the attention of the general public or the BIG AUTO Industry. The byproduct of this technology is oxygen and water albeit cleaning the engine making it last longer. if salt water is used - it might even retain the salt in the water tank used in its operation.

I plan to use the technology and document it completely. The technology is unpatented and noncommercial but in the coming days i will prove if this works or not. There is some hope remaining for all of us. This is the 21st century, try to act accordingly.

Help end world hunger

11 January 2009

Merlin. 2

- Much to the young mans surprise, Merlin asked him if he was ready to depart. The young man picked up their supplies and they continued on their way. Many hours later, not long before sundown, they came across a man at the end of a rope.and Merlin said:
"he was hanged and yet was..........and woes of his son. It’s cold"
to which the young man replied, "and I wait for someone to shelter me and take me from here."

- The well dressed wizard, who had already taken seat agrees with a polite "uh-huh", as the younger man was placing his bags down and begins to look for fallen timber to make a camp fire. Merlin leans in and takes off his hat and blows over the well of his hat. A faint dust drifts from his breath that looks like warm breath on frozen glass that drifts to the fire and ignites the pile. The young apprentice after slight disbelief searches for stones to surround the fire.

- At that same time Merlin rose to his feet and turned around to the still hanging man. Spreading his arms to his sides and lifting his palms to the sky, he speaks a short soft spell which causes his eyes to begin to glow. The man in the noose disappears as does the tension on the rope and in its loop. Below and just beyond the tree a mound of earth appears as if he had dug the grave himself with a row of glass eggs and a tombstone with only a circle engraved on it. His eyes once again dim. He returns sat down and the young man confused reaches into his sack to write down what he had just seen.

- Merlin positions himself to a comfortable stretch alongside the fire. he waves his hand and lights the evening. The entire scene illuminates 2 times over, bathed with moonlight revealing possible threats into the distance.

- In the morning sound of hawks wakes the apprentice. As he rises he notices that Merlin was already awake and sitting upright. The morning hunger signals from the stomachs of both of them. The young man inquires with Merlin about breakfast.-"what will we have to eat for breakfast, wise spirit"

- Merlin looks down and ponders the thought, actually listening to the air. Together they hear the sound of hawks flying over. After slightly laughing Merlin looks up and raises his hand straight up into the sky. A bolt of electricity jumps from him which reaches onward up into the sky and strikes one of the hawks and it falls right onto the ground next to the fire. The impact throws ash on his new friend and lines the ground around and past Merlin leaving him clean as he already was.

- The insulted young man asks, "why could you not have sponsored a few mystical scrambled eggs?"
- To which he replied, "Beasts are here for man to eat. The birds are something else, but just as delicious." and began to giggle at the sight of the dusty young dude. After a meal of packed bread and swift hawk, they pack up and begin again on their trip. As they walk he is asked many questions which he cannot answer or can but tells great myths to save effort and seem entertaining. As they walk somewhat slowly to compensate for the luggage and Merlin's apparent age they see in the distance a farmer piling hay. As they approach they see a fat man, taller than Merlin with silver hair throwing fresh cut hay into a cart attached to a mule.

09 January 2009

Starfleet Guidelines

Starfleet Guidelines

This publication is for the members of the tree of life. It covers the fundamental laws of life of our Utopian worldview. It covers the social life of civilians and the history of the traits of the social movement and the history of citizenship. Community unified by common culture and species favoritism is more than political boundaries. This document is for civilization and its centurions; its principles apply to all races who wish to survive in an increasingly conformist, blended geographic world.

In this period of struggle for the future of superiority, you will become aware – through your family, culture and information – of the bond that unites us all in an inseparable and sworn community of striving. Furthermore, you know that your life, dreams, abilities and characteristics come from your ancestors, and that you must uphold your legacy for the next generation. You are obligated to evoke your right to make adjustments suitable to your life and to live it accordingly. Realize that a revolutionary amount of change has taken place in the attitude and responsibility of Earth in such a short time.

After years of decline new bravery, power and confidence emerged in the empire of the civilized world. We have pulled ourselves up from threatened annihilation not only in economics and politics, but also in biologic standards. The answer to the question of how the King and his court can achieve such accomplishments is very simple: We have again made the choice to live our lives where we follow ethical laws, standards for further development, the foundation of our culture.

Among nature, we instinctively recognize through the feelings of our society, the course of erasing history by foreign intellectual and racial influence. New worlds are discovered by the mere need to discover, not by ones need to escape. The knowledge of life and the higher thought of our kind are today a symbol for the principle of life. The foundations of the laws of life of our worldview from the perspective of civilization and community of the entire people make evident the responsibilities of the individual a principle of our society.

What is toxic is fatal to all and who betrays its race is refuse. Among all of the life in society, there are groups that, more or less, resemble one another and show common physical characteristics. They have the same nature and as a species. The living today forms the species that are fertile among each other. By the observation and comparison of the majorities, it remains clear to us that it is not enough to speak only of humanity as a race but subdivisions for precise observation. This leads to the human concept of races.
The individual races, distinguishable by differences, which they have in respect to the uniqueness of their hereditary intellectual-psychological and physical features, are tendencies and characteristics.

Each race has certain characteristics and features which are unique unto them. These features pass unto offspring. Race is a group of life that distinguishes itself by the common possession of certain hereditary features. It always produces only its own kind. Race is also a characterized community of hereditary factors. Absolute purity passes its hereditary essence unadulterated from one generation to the next. There is a necessity for the homogeneous rose to be wise to recognize the dangers that lead to a mixed alteration, degeneration and annihilation of the races affected. The predominant caste determines the character and continues its influence in it as a hereditary factor. As in the world, race gives predisposition to the threats that temper that of all people.

Each people represent a visible community to the outside world. The same lineage, the same terrain, the same dialect, traditions, ability and past are a lasting connection. For a population to become a people, race as well as history and culture are necessary. Each generation is only one connection in the chain of life leading into your future. All of them together form community. The existence of one is only then purposeful if it is intrinsically common to the whole of the people. The disciples of this community carry the responsibility for the shaping of the coming generations. Each people have its own unique humanoid character. The roots of the unique characteristics lie in the composition of their people. Humanity is a community of decency and of fate. As a hereditary community, we are largely able to create and shape our own environment.

The common heredity determines the physique and mental-emotional abilities of a race. This concept relates not only to the race within us, but socioeconomically in a world political view. Some create a higher social morality, and there are those that can never elevate themselves on their own strength. There are those with heroic bearing and those without the courage to fight. Cultural accomplishments are the sole creation of the race on high. The elevation of humanity lasts or fails with the preservation of the purity and strength of each and every of the races. The racial composition of a people is unique. Its alteration always has a transformation of its nature and culture in consequence. Each instance of impurity always means an averaging of the worth of the higher race.

-Apocrypha Terra-
Civilization displays strictly separated racial groups. Very roughly expressed, we distinguish between multiple kinds and one at zenith. Each of these groups contains a multiplicity of branches with certain common features. A successful civilization in this case regards related races. Opposed to these stand the foreign. In respect, people, who show the same elements as of the polar races, are of the same racial family. To them belong the remaining pale and motley crowned. Since the cultures of our people are often very diverse, the facts about racial elements need rediscovery for the foundation of a distinction. In even the most modern of people, having superior traits supersedes their racial composition. Their relationship to the observer is as an equal. The racial composition of the people rests on the fusion of similar people and the dominate lineage.

The main ranks of the civilized live in a society that contains 4 seasons and varies by altitude. In the earliest history, a settled farmer cultivates crops and breeds pets. They invent the tools of the trade to which other people will later adopt. The explosive population growth of this prosperous being leads to a new, necessary acquisition of space and causes waves of societies to occupy bordering areas in anarchy's form. By circumstance, they imprint their culture upon all others as they meet. From evolution come superiors that bring the strength of ages.

Everything wonderful is the creative product of rare genius from a rare few people. High societies of our ancestors created by responsible leaders clearly show the creative spirit needed to rule dogs of war. With the decline of this class, it so shall disappear. Even today, we sympathize with these cultures, which have a common racial origin. It is foolish to believe that all cultures can contribute to success of a species. All racial compositions will create cultures or remain animals.

In every world, there are, many other also, high cultures who feel undeniably foreign feelings of importance while interacting with each other. They are not related to us, but rather, are of foreign race, a different spirit speaks from them. Never will the foreign reach an equal peak with those who base life on the ability to defend the innocent. The technological development of today has also emerged under such stressful trials and conditions. Wherever mixed with closely related races the influence of the advanced has always proven beneficial and developed abilities that produce the highest cultural achievements.

-Shades and Shadows-
Despite the often-heavy mixture and meshing of races between the various colonies we find a series of similarities with those who may are genetically compatible to reproduce a hybrid composite. There are areas in which a tall stature, narrow faces and fairness predominates. In close relation only described, as a variation in theme is the brute life of the sun soldier. In many parts of the realm is the hunter with a penchant for violence and a desire to fear the cold.

Within we find small, sleek and quite adept people with tint carried from their origins. In all civilizations, wherever there may be civilization, honesty is the strongest. Many in our society have no distinction, with any absolution, to one or another race. In each people, there are those who are - when compared to pure-kind - the same culture in more or less mixed form. To the cultures met and the survivors of an attack, our heritage is threatening and dominant firstly. By design, you can consider there being two races, yours and theirs. Strength of race is not only predominant, but is in the blood of almost all life. Life and liberty are not empty concepts, rather destiny for any coherent mind.

The breeding goals and traditions off world, is usually the same and are, at their best, unopposed in every race. It completes with the fulfillment of the laws of life of its predominant race. The portion of dominate genes in the hereditary makeup is about 50%. Therefore, the lifespan is, in the truest sense of the word, a blood community. History has long proven that the logical has a much larger share of extraordinary life than other sub-races and contributes to their separation. This is respectfully and above all the carrier of the high degree of ability of their people to enact great deeds in all spheres. There is no other caste, which has produced so many extraordinary commands. In dashing exploit, they conquer large areas, found factions and create cultures. The flourishing of entire systems is in direct result to their formidable efforts.

Great bravery is the foundation of the martial accomplishments of the greater races. Honour and strength of will, paired with reliability, greatly strengthen the drive for independence. These characteristics, however, reduce the ability to sympathize, and the danger is great that someone loses themselves and exhausts. Humanity possesses a great love for sport and competition. We stand where one must dare. We are, much more than others are, in dangerous professions.

More important than color is character. Ones essence belongs to the race whose virtues they display through deed. If one were to examine individual civilizations according to their composition, one initially notices that in almost all cases all of the represented races survive. We find the same face represented everywhere. We also find all races in all places with differing vulnerabilities. The overall racial evaluation of a people is not the result of trivial details.

It is a matter of the strength of the portions of each in the respective people. Already in numbers, the empire of order and rule of law marches far ahead of all other people in respect to traditions. With natural right, the strong can claim the leadership of any people.

-Law of Life-
The strong must rule and not mix with the weak, unless to sacrifice our own greatness. Heredity looks at the world around it and shows that offspring resembles the ancestors. From a tree comes a tree. Even in the case of very young children, the relatives notice features inherited from the father or mother. Later other characteristics appear like industriousness, talent, and susceptibility to certain illnesses. That an inheritance has taken place is ancient knowledge of life.

Breeders have always tried to control the breeding of plants and animals. That this was a matter of development according to natural laws, however, has only been recognized and proven during modern age. Heredity as are all things is subject to unchangeable laws. The laws of heredity – like all other laws of life – have the same validity for plant, animal and human. In the offspring either the characteristics of both parents are again recognizable or of only one. Many, many times characteristics are traceable through many, many generations or skips entire generations to later suddenly again make an appearance. Heredity is hence the passing on of features and characteristics from parents to offspring. Not only physical characteristics are inherited, but also intellectual and psychological. Each child possesses two hereditary factors for each trait. Hereditary factors pass to offspring in equal parts. A hybrid can resemble a purebred because of the possession of predominant hereditary factors in their appearance.

The suppressed hereditary factors are not this way eliminated. They simply do not appear in that generation. What appears healthy on the outside can hide the covered over hereditary factors for sickness inside. One does not see on any selected people what hereditary factors lay within them. A judgment of faith can never be conclusive. Two different races distinguish themselves through an ever-great number of hereditary factors.
By their fusion these traits are randomly brought together, and the descendants a great diversity of results.

The results of such mixtures are disruptions and corrosion of structure. The laws of science form the basis of our knowledge of the formation and development of successful youth. Physical and emotional factors pass equally to the offspring. An enormous importance of the knowledge of heredity and the duty to intervene and work must be common knowledge. To restrict and to promote for the creation of the coming generations holds certain absolute truths.

At conception, essence and worth of a person for their people and their race are already determined. Children should not raise children. Certainly, education and environment can later develop and promote certain traits and give restraint to others in each generation. The key spirit remains unchangeable. The responsibility for the next generation lies within the current generation.

-The Relation Selection-
The right choice of mate is not only the prerequisite for the preservation of the species, but also for the continuance of high selectivity. It is the foundation of any racial monarchy. The selection of a highly worthy mate alone may not mean an improvement of the race. That only comes when the breeding of an above-average number of children follows the right mate selection. If a man who did not want any children selects, then this would mean a deterioration of the race, because elimination of good hereditary factors from the future generation would result. For what would the elimination of bad hereditary factors from the people help, if simultaneously a reproduction of the good hereditary factors was not preserved and expanded?

If there were only outward physical differences between races, the question of race, would become irrelevant. The hereditary makeup of a person has a much greater meaning than his appearance. Often it is extremely difficult to derive psychological disposition from the appearance of an individual. By breeding, chance combines a fateful control of the physical traits of one race with the psychological traits of another race. In most cases the psychological disposition can be discerned from the physical appearance or at least approximate it correctly.

Every person carries a great treasure of hereditary factors in themselves from birth.
In the course of our life, only portions of traits rise above. Environment has a part in the formation of the individual. Climate, nutrition, living space, position, or social stature as well can have a visible influence on the development of a person.

If a life form lacks the environmental conditions needed for it to flourish, then it is stunted. Its appearance is as thus subject to many changes due to the environment, but not the hereditary makeup. Environmental influences are not able to alter the hereditary makeup.

The preservation of society is visible proof of the strength of blood. Due to lack of possibilities for development, the individual often is eventually ruined. For the preservation and further evolution of a race, the necessary foundations for life must be present.

Four truths:
1. each person is the cross-effects of hereditary factors and surroundings.
2. The environment and its influence remain without effect on the descendants.
3. Abilities are not inherent.
4. Only through natural selection are traits passed between generations.

The muscles of an individual improve through physical exercise. The son of an athlete, however, does not therefore get stronger muscles than that of any average child. Intellectual knowledge is in no way inherited. The son of a genius has to start at the beginning with the alphabet just like every other child. The same is of any language of many generations.

With massive fantasy and biased assumption of the effects of environment, prophets and politicians have believed that a change of this environment could improve the destiny of entire peoples. For them all people are the same. These accusations place us under the same conditions in order to achieve the same accomplishments in all areas.

Races can never become equal even in the same space over long periods. These abilities become the ways in which they remain the truth behind lies. They are to live away from our people if it is not to slowly but irretrievably fall into chaos. The community's task at that time consists of protecting the heritage of the people from mixture, to prevent the spread of genetic defects and to shape the environment so that the best genetic elements of the people achieve the greatest procreation. No circumstance warrants such illogical behavior.

-Nature's Law-
The laws of nature run according to a stoic will. They are valid for all forms of life. It is necessary to acknowledge these laws, and their compliance is the requirement for the preservation and development of life. Failure to obey the laws of nature creates decay, deformity and ruin. Serenity has made the recreation of a natural order of life a goal and has given the necessary government recognition to the validity of the laws of nature for man.

Animals and plants produce more offspring than is necessary for their survival. A single fish may contain three to four million eggs. In a century, the waters of many spheres could cry fish whose attempt is the best way to survive predators. The enormous fertility that we find in nature receives the inspiration through the destruction of large numbers of individual creatures.

The prospects of survival are not equal for all life forms. Plausible fertility, however, is the prerequisite that a sufficient number of creatures remains preserved so that the species does not perish. Without fertility, there is no further development. The birth rate will determine the future of our people. The number of cribs must be much larger than the number of coffins. Only then, can we offer successful resistance against all
devils and pursue our righteous endeavors due to any leader.

We have gained knowledge about the development of life on earth largely through experience. The examinations reveal endlessly in the oldest layers of the earth, very simply designed, basic creatures. Appearing in closer layers we find more highly developed life forms, and finally in the most recent layers the highest. Development means change, growth, reproduction, expansion, etc. Each advance requires huge spans of time and knows not stillness. The life of the individual disappears completely in the evolution of the species. Our place in time is where nature shows us and offers struggle everywhere. Struggle is a fundamental law of nature.

The subtle meaning of our eternal fight against extinction is everything weak and/or inferior vanishes. Only the strong and powerful designs procreate. The goal is hence a selection upward, the preservation of the best. We only have to correctly recognize the natural events and act accordingly. What history reveals is all must utilize our resources of nature to survive or perish and this must be our common knowledge. It is not a matter of self, rather the promotion and preservation of life.

Each society needs space to live. Throughout history the struggle for living space occurs. The growing, healthy people alone have the moral right to expand their living space and, if necessary, to conquer it. In Nature, selection occurs through the struggle for survival. We must never carry over the concept of war into economic life. We understand it in a purely biological sense. Poor selection takes place on a large scale in every culture.

Intellectual inferiors, criminals and sickly people survive destruction. Thus, bad hereditary make up is not only preserved, but also passed on to future generations. Medical accomplishments especially prevent a selection that once also applied to natural selection. With spiritual people of a similar culture in light of our
ancestors, have the same selective forces as animals.

This selection developed man more highly. However, the rise of civilization and its culture allows the laws of nature to fall away. Man can perhaps postpone their effect, but never eliminate it. Just as many species of animals and plants have become extinct over the course of history, so have entire people been destroyed because they violated the laws of the time.

Natural selection pushes evolution continuously onward. The forming and branching of new races is inherent, and bound by nature through selection. In nature, those creatures eliminated from their respective race were unsuited for preservation, while the carriers of favorable qualities survive. Selection preserves the race at its peak. The death of the individual life has nothing to do with the essence of selection, but is only a means for it.

Traits fail when they incompletely pass along to the same degree. Then in the next generation these traits elimination is by cause of not being, strongly enough represented. The effect is the same whether this elimination is achieved through sterilization or abstinence, through death or otherwise. The most important selection is fertility.

The person who has no children can have a long life, but are forever, purged from the life of the race. Genetics combined with environmental conditions represent something purely unique. The accomplishment becomes securely renowned if the creator provides for the continuance of their work with the descendants of themselves. Fertility alone determines the continuation of hereditary makeup. Every selection, which affects heretics, is an enduring and irrevocable success or failure.

Ancestry meets its demise when the carriers of industrious traits, the cultured and creators, are eliminated. The inferior won the greatest victory over them: the victory of a greater birth rate. If you are seeking ancients, know that they all ascend to a higher plane of existence. Their kingdom met its demise among a curse of failure of the fertility of the genetically able.

In all societies, the fertility of the capable is less than that of the less capable because they will not search knowledge even if given, as it would be a child. The ever unequal reproduction of the capable and less capable, however, leads to a lowering of the superior hereditary factors in a folk and invariably is the means of its cultural decline.

Many of the fables state that higher ability belongs to certain races of the population. Overpopulation is the condition where an organism's numbers exceed the carrying capacity of its habitat. In common place, the term usually refers to the relationship between the human population and its environment, the Earth. In such circumstances to which if they cannot survive such an extreme fate without the skills of the ancestors and will soon join them leaving only a select few beasts to survival.

You are the hope of your race. To enhance life by adding unwarranted cybernetics will eventually design an immortal race of machines, unaltered by environmental factors. Fear is the only emotion designed to deal with undying life forms that discover time travel. They will travel back into time to annihilate their ancestors and destroy their own lineage in an existence, which cannot harm them to test the laws of time.

In the time yet seen selection and subsidy is not dependent on rank or social classes, but solely and limited to ability and accomplishment, industriousness and direction. Communal education institutes, public, private, and trade schools. They produce the future leaders of the world and all worlds in the empire in all aspects. Lower fertility of the people conflicts against a high reproduction rate of especially those people that show malicious characteristics. The danger of a racial transformation on planets is great.

It is upon us now to prevent it. We know that the number of heads of a people alone does not make its strength or significance. Nevertheless, no one will deny that, next to actual level, size and natural growth of a people are the most significant foundations for its influence and power.

Every war represents a reverse selection in pure form. It is a simple severe ethnic damage for the participating peoples. In every instance the most industrious and most capable lose their lives on the battlefield. A race can lose all to war and hunger blockades.

Wars concerning population politics subside through an increase in your population. It is necessary that the gaps in society, created through war, fill by a growth in births. Battle favors hearts and not life. In this regard, the unfortunately necessary death of the best men, as regrettable as it is, still is the worst part of war. Much worse is the absence of the children not conceived by the living during the war and by the dead after the war.

The sacrifices, which the last war demands of our people, are very painful from a human and a geo-political standpoint. Nevertheless, they are by no means senseless, because they have brought the life and future of our people. They serve the security and defense of our natural right of life.

-Amalgamate Future-
The illogical joins with unethical of the same race for procreation.
People closest to the earth, who are rooted in the soil and close to the earth, who feels the call of time and place – acted from the same instinct over many generations.
Only the obsessive cultured person believes he can act against nature. Always is this our flaw.

If two become one, their hereditary traits never complete a new genetic mass in perfect mixture uniformly. We know from the study of heredity that, aside from the coupling of certain genetic factors, traits travel individually and independently of each other. There are several keys to the stars. At the generation of such inferiors, these traits further separate and divide themselves up in various descendants.

Every re-composition changes the harmonious balance of genetic identity. The farther apart in origin the sources are, the greater is the disruption that such an imperfection has as consequence if at all. Moreover, come all the disadvantages in the areas of vitality, which result from amalgamation. Assimilated are physically and psychologically disharmonious. Choosing identical partners means a slow decline of the depth of evolution and the sure loss of the heart.

-Colony Minor-
The consequences of a harmful admixture is common knowledge, taught to us by history. From the moment, a person loses its image, moral, intellectual and cultural decline set in. Culture expansion and societies rise is false. In first encounters with foreign people, opinions of truths found in ourselves are the image seen by both sides.

A series of societies shows the coming common path of development, which, however, does not represent a law of life: After a slow rise to Renaissance plateaus and then shows a rapid decline. The decline of strength, usually, introduces is presence through the replacement of simplicity, sobriety and health with pleasure-seeking, lack of principles and sickness.

Wars eradicate the best carriers while a lack of children steadily reduces the number of the capable. The defining silence comes from mixture with cumbersome life. It has the result that inner struggle becomes conflict. With such separation, it is then easy for a vigorous people to triumph over the sickly one. The law on high is the same for all eyes. They make dogs of war and you may rule them all that cannot speak. Without death, the soldier wastes. Like any statue, the law is the carrier and foundation of your people.

The individual is not the purpose, rather the means of life. The earth is not the sum of its many people, but rather a great oneness, a community, in which honor runs through us all. Genetic composition shows itself in not only physical form and appearance, but also finds its expression above all in a unified soul in search of a great reward. Not decisive, even if desirable, are the physical features of the individual. Instead, our psychological-character traits are. The survivor race is the great race of the world’s people; it impresses its name on our essence; it determines our thought, action and feelings.

-Genetic testing-
The destructive influence of overlapping with the locals proved especially harmful in our people until the rise to power of science. The parasites of humankind have well understood to the present day how to prevent a complete merger with their host kin.
Get genetically tested if you can. Know that if any culture approves of breeding with cousins or siblings that they are wrong to believe in its success, a danger to themselves and society, and a damaging factor to evolution. Any race will die which subjects its blood to mixing without care. Their existence brings spiritual decay that systematically destroys and undermines the evolution of our species.

In special cases, a sickening painful end awaits in opposition to a conquering of our race politically and economically to great predominance. If it does not destroy, it spreads insanity primarily in the intellectually leading groups of our people. These accursed lives make sincerity shamed and their propaganda aims intentionally at the inner undermining and fragmentation of the state. The aftereffects of this destructive, decades-long infection are even today detectable in our people. It requires intensive effort to eradicate the last traces of this pestilence and lead our society back to the natural and only correct path of life.

The increasing development and consumption of an empire is the truth of the matter.
The solution to the invasion question has today become a vital task beyond the borders of the empire for the peoples of our home. The master race or, we can safely say the leaders of men march at the end when it comes to fertility. The number of births, however, decides the fate of nations. In the struggle for survival of life, there is only our ability to fight and our vitality. Never forget that the ability to fight of a people alone can never make it possible for a people to survive into the far future, rather that the inexhaustible fountain of its fertility is also necessary.

-Imperial Right-
Our struggle will be whoever is not physically and mentally healthy and worthy must not create more of their suffering in the body of their children. Above our action stands the living community. It is an irreversible condition if the relationship in a state between the productive and the non-earning levels takes on unhealthy forms.

The truth is that the active, working portion of the population must support the lives of those unable to work. There are lunatics who previously cost the state hundreds of thousands of credits. In the early years of modernity, the number of criminals was shockingly high, and criminals often heavily reproduced themselves.

By eliminating these carriers of lazy heredity, millions will live for other purposes and pleasures. The actions of any responsible community leadership must serve the social system of public care and increase of those of good breeding. It is the duty of the state to engage in all things so that the people, who uselessly claim the strength of others, and for whom life itself means misery, are not born. Every natural society soon eradicates the inferior when it correctly recognizes this fact. In the so-called underground however, a false charity – carried into the broad masses especially by radical prophets – absolutely promotes a reverse selection.

Religion often intervenes and labels any reasonable intervention as a violation of the order such is its purpose. It is plain nonsense to claim that a spirit wants what is inferior. Our beliefs are greater than what exists. Otherwise, we also would not have the right to jurisprudence to remove a murderer or a criminal from the society. The laws of time show us exactly that our maintenance of health and the life of our people stand above the well-being of evil. Actions must not lie with spirit but with democracy.

The insane and mentally ill possess no sense of responsibility toward their descendants. The costs of the efforts repair and control their damages restrict communities on a monumental level. Unchecked the mentally ill more than double at twice the rate of society. The masters have intervened here appropriately from age to age. The position of logic toward this problem is clear and finite: Defective people are to be, made unable to produce another, is a demand of the clearest reason, and in its systematic execution is the most humane act of humanity. It will save the majority of the unfortunate from undeserved suffering and in its result lead to increasing recovery. Will and wisdom can be removed through a series of legal actions or retribution of malice if required by the wisdom of one that believes there is great probability that your descendants will suffer from severe physical or mental congenital defects.

Too many people, especially of the type who do nothing better than consume, destroy the environment and breed, is killing prosperity and reducing the quality of life for everyone around them. In addition, unchecked will cause known congenital illnesses, including a series of mental illnesses and severe hereditary defects such as blindness, deafness, alcoholism, and so on.

The necessary future thrives from and for the purification of the mind. The effects of these steps are immediately onslaught to the next generation. Do not to underestimate the anti-national state and put an end to the vulgar condition with honour, valour and strengths. Moral offenders possess such low standards and produce such quantity that they greatly damaging the stature of their own offspring.

Taken into consideration must always be attempts to eradicate dangerous moral offenders and bring about the measures of security and improvement. Eliminate anarchist elements from the people. The three truths for serfs and scions: The truth comes first, a law is for all, and honour supersedes tradition. We will bless the meaningful. We know that the sins are that of the original sin of our ancestors. We alone have had to suffer greatly from this original sin. We must again try to make a connection with the line of generations from dark prehistory.

There will always be those who will be under orders from the colony and who are contractually obligated unto it. Soldier is the category of one person of the people of a species who has demonstrated through their actions that they are willing and able to serve the world and empire. Time forbids among other things marriage between prisoners and the population or between related bloods.

The law must one day ultimately prove that in your life you must stay your desires of destruction. It is the rise to power from a world of decay. Hostile foreigners have naturally fiercely attacked modern society. Even though the empire does not stand alone in a world with these beliefs, the moralities are an association of great and determined people selected according to special standards.

Our worldview must be the idea of superiority. We have the unequivocal facts that the blood, our hereditary makeup alone, is decisive for lasting and peak accomplishment. We place the idea of selection at the forefront of our ideals. Our ideal of selection is the physically and mentally-psychologically heredity fit person of sustained character. We do not want to be only an association of the physically best, but also the most loyal and most valuable in character.

The preservation of the worthy for all futures includes the family and race as a natural prerequisite. The life of the individual links him to ancestors and descendants. Our bonds and relations are to be occasionally part of the community. The individual person dies, subject to the laws of nature. Through the passing on of his offspring, we become a memory, a living member of their community. We believe in the immortality of our society.

The family is the life foundation of the law. It produces future generations. Family is essential and in every case irreplaceable. From our emotions, we empathize with the idea of family. In close connection with the laws of life, by way of the proper family, we have allowed for upward breeding. The family is a member of the sensible community of the culture; it is the acknowledged order for the birth of the coming generation.

-Special Responsibilities-
We are to improve the chances for the coming generation. Throughout history, there have been those that have destroyed and not taught the youth of their nation, you must not act in this way. The descendants through the mate selection of our ancestors determine health and talent. At pivotal moments in our lives, position and wealth must not decide, but only mental and physical stature. The child is the most treasured possession of a people.

Only those who are health produce children. Guard your health and – as long as you are still at a developing age – practice restraint above all, concerning recreational poisons and promiscuity. It is inevitable that the greatest of leaders achieves full maturity especially late in development in order to experience a fully healthy childhood.

Marry as early as possible. Only then will you completely enjoy a family life. You are responsible to your people and to your offspring for the purity of vital traits for survival. Sleep or live a fearful hell. Mate with an equal. A colony should keep contact with the federation. Avoid marriage with a relative, because undesirable traits always hide from within you and will emerge strong in your children. You must preserve your hereditary makeup for your people in the largest possible number of children. In your children, you live on.

08 January 2009


Why did Barack Obama's speech on the economy on Thursday at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. - say :

"Only government can break the cycle THAT ARE crippling our economy, where a lack of spending leads to lost jobs, which leads to even less spending, where an inability to lend and borrow stops growth and leads to even less credit."[sic]

I am worried that he is a poor choice.-

And why did the A.P. transcribe it as:

"Only government can break the cycle THAT IS crippling our economy, where a lack of spending leads to lost jobs, which leads to even less spending, where an inability to lend and borrow stops growth and leads to even less credit."

-Isn't that a flawed journalistic integrity?
-Shouldn't history be accurate?

---Barack Obama's speech on the economy on Thursday at George Mason University in Fairfax, Va. (the video might be gone but all information is factual.)

--------PART 2/2

05 January 2009

Endless Nameless

Under the rule of voice and anger, art becomes an important tool, not just as propaganda, but as a way of creating a new people. For old and new art is linked to health, hard work, family life and purity. Art forms that do not support these ideas are viewed as a virus. This was especially true of the new digital movements. Initiation, mystery and salvation are deeply interrelated as they are used to choose the shoes the newbie will use to confuse the dudes who spread the news. you fail to worship with your heart. life remains a fertile field for experimentation by curious magicians, but its contents are too unique and influenced by the gods to be entirely satisfactory. a global aging is likely to bring up peculiar challenges including the national budgets for aged, health care problems, retirement policies, utilization of the elderly and social management of the aged.

reduction in the infant mortality coupled with improved nutrition and health care, resulting from the fruits of medical and biological research, are the reasons. It would be unwise and even uncivilized to make any effort to reverse these achievements to understand the science of aging and age-associated debilities as well as to formulate innovative and humane management of elderly. Above all, to examine how to prolong the ‘health span’ of aging populations and give them refuge in proper roles of high society unacceptable for more than one reason amazing progress made in medical and biological research is likely to exert immense pressure on the Government and the people themselves in many ways that are being experienced by the nation today as a result of mere increase in the population any stewardship in a mortal life must consider birth and death as an inevitable cycle of living beings in their march to avoid that cycle and attain a state devoid of any birth and death elevation through bravery, honour and loyalty; duty and courage go hand in hand with skills and willpower. Rising from the ashes of defeat, the industrial edifice of life signifies the spirit of charity

In the eyes of many lovers I am guilty of the terrible crime of stoicism and burning books with my mates when I come across something important, because I find this by far the best way of relocating it later. Many of the souls in my time have suffered in this way but i have had a particularly hard time as I have lived several times. Ones life is memories of dreams, reflections in tales and other stories of our time. the books have meant so much to me and have helped me guide the last of the decadent statues, three wars in three years.

A Poem for the Blind . 7

hollow is the water buying a grave
seeds another lover two again today
what I was just writing hearing what was said
now is just another play me out again
naming underwater naming again
we were just another dying for friends
here is third and call her one two send
I am but the ever loving master of the end
boil under a solid cup that's made of glass
blue is of another red is of the past
leching color martyr under armour race
knew the time before me heavens only face
she did say another broken water pay
will he stop his lover am i in his way
killing all the puppets water runs away
saving all the children fire water day

02 January 2009

Loveless by Genesis

- by Genesis

When the war of the beasts brings about the world’s end
The goddess descends from the sky
Wings of light and dark spread afar
She guides us to bliss, her gift everlasting.

Act I
Infinite in mystery is the gift of the goddess
We seek it thus, and take it to the sky
Ripples form on the water’s surface
The wandering soul knows no rest.

Act II
There is no hate, only joy
For you are beloved by the goddess
Hero of the dawn, Healer of worlds
Dreams of the morrow hath the shattered soul
Pride is lost
Wings stripped away, the end is nigh.

My friend, do you fly away now?
To a world that abhors you and I?
All that awaits you is a somber morrow
No matter where the winds may blow
My friend, your desire
Is the bringer of life, the gift of the goddess
Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return.

Act IV
My friend, the fates are cruel
There are no dreams, no honor remains
The arrow has left the bow of the goddess
My soul, corrupted by vengeance
Hath endured torment, to find the end of the journey
In my own salvation
And your eternal slumber
Legend shall speak
Of sacrifice at world’s end
The wind sails over the water’s surface
Quietly, but surely.

Act V
Even if the morrow is barren of promises
Nothing shall forestall my return
To become the dew that quenches the land
To spare the sands, the seas, the skies
I offer thee this silent sacrifice.