31 October 2016



As a professional original creation with a total time of all existence as forerunner, I am interested in providing new employment opportunities. For the task you will be relocated to a save region across an entire dimension as indicated by contracts you signed.

Current economic competitive pressures place constraints on movement, chaos professionals with diverse backgrounds can provide great value. The mission is to oversee varying projects including fortresses of doom, and global dictatorship networks with legion in assault and cleanup capacities. The integrity of managing and motivating the ranks, cannot be only my job, and budgeting is of no concern as long as you steal from the wrong people.

I have known that my skills and experience meet my needs and I trust you to make your own clients, your response is appreciated, but not necessary because I own your souls. I can also be reached on a throne of skulls in the ninth ring of hell.

This is to officially inform you that we have reviewed your contract and learned that your demands cannot be met due to your lack of cooperation and unmet obligations due to your unmet agony, also that you cannot bargain with your captors, not only does it not work, but they're not trying to punish you because you are in hell and everything is a wonderful, if not tortuous albeit required, delusion. You will have to deal with the devil if you are to be released. 

After the council of the legion where I have been, there is another solution to your problem. 

This message finds you because there are worse creatures to be punished than you, you were chosen to work with the living, which giving you a second chance keeps you above ground and greater evils imprisoned on your behalf. A quarter of tenfold has been served, and in that time we have taken all involved who trafficked beyond your control to our shared interests should you become legion. All you know is gone of powers that once did not exist. 

Since you were suggested, we have arranged your release thru our protection. Provide and deliver information so that you can inform hell. The stronger hell becomes, the more it becomes your only source of power.  

Arrangement of communications channels will be burnt into your memory after contract renegotiation and will be accessible at any time, literally past present or future. This legion tradition is part of an instruction mandate practiced by time immemorial of commitment and control. You will provide services that benefit the chosen and win favor when dangerous limits are reached.

Do not worry about the elections, vote your conscience, whoever wins does not change our mission. Tell no one. 

If you desire to be legion, please sign in blood for our email updates.

"An intelligent hell would be better than a stupid paradise." ~ Victor Hugo

30 October 2016

Amnesia et Plaga

i am the cracks in the floor
one is attacked by mirrors and doors
hath dim reflections of moonlight
by the breaking of the dawn 
bright darkness poisoning the minds
a bed of fangs by ocean of blood
an enflamed bird above the water waves
winds of darkness from memory of sunlight
where damnation has been chilling
withering waves and detritus heroes
a beast of vines and hatred
dark forest thriving in pure night
chasms screaming for escaped monsters
all by the grace of pagan gods unchained
as a snake in the sky 
as a wolf in a manger
i catch the many falling stars as able
the fires of infernal knowledge blessings
gifts of the main 
mandates of the ghost
vanities of the livid vandals
were i blind could i have seen more
were i dead could i have lived more
that upon many whom will have had to have
there would only be
before the darkness, 
and that which came after it

26 October 2016

the zombie manifesto

The Zombie Manifesto /

An ominous and growing horde, certainties of flawed men make use constant tortured paradigms as the living plight and slight the land, turning once great words against their kith and kin, banner of the bloody symbol, sardonic camaraderie and culture, our gory banner flies with a revision forced, we are retracing the paths to our reopened graves. We have crawled out of our buried coffins with disdain of things humane, paranoia and bloodthirsty desire to control all modes, further deriding culture to recidivistic base ignorance to commit crimes in frail and vain untenable purview. Controlled and mutually assured destruction exacts heinous acts by belligerent design, the undead rise to consume. Eccentric malevolence makes martyring innocence progressively simpler, the misled rally to delusion, crazed without empathy to stabilize perception with fear and division, the dead outnumber the living. Rank and file become conscripts and marauders as an imbalance of power is seen reversely thru every and all eyes, thieves speak for victims and the innocent have fled, fiendishness becomes mistaken for honor. The fallen shall become the risen just as the dead are born. Insanity echoes itself with truth scorned by accomplished menaces, with fear in hand the scouts and liars line each next town with deceit and foresworn subterfuge, as spies and saboteurs imbue controlled messages of fear or revelation, and the felons are eager to join the ranks first by treason subtle or fierce. Isolation becomes indoctrination, cages separate the undead from the evils of the living, this exploit placates a narrative conditional to great dalliance and opulence. The undead overrun the living who forget themselves, we rise to watch the world turn and bring the humans with us. Factions combine to appease the dictator, seeking truce in daylight to rob from the poor, and keeping hidden at night to resume quietly killing each other, collectors of stolen wealth seek ways to protect their ill-gotten gains, miring them in only one way to spend it. Bias becomes elitism and familiarity becomes aristocracy, but zombies consume despite any appearance. Delusions enhance the madness of despots, unable to see their intrusion they demand elevation of many and seemingly invisible supporters to have godlike command, the good endorse patience, while the bad espouse severity, as the innocent remain voiceless or aligned with false concepts, and to save yourselves without escape from yourselves and joining the horde. Flagrant ineptitude in droves, appropriations become theft as the mode of reproduction becomes political and the politics of apathy takes its place. These were the first of the zombies, they were the afterlife. Free will ignored and speech silenced, chieftains hide their tribes in secret, the cloying acolytes defame character and culture to gain favor of ferule tyrants, for fecund fiefdoms, assassinations occur here in political wind but only to the effect of leaves in autumn. For we as zombies do not congregate with the living, but all will congregate with the zombie apocalypse. Questioning minds go fatally missing, intrigue is traipsed by totalitarians, empty laws eventually fill shallow minds with callous thoughts. The best against eternity are still to have what humans cannot know. Dungeons, mines, and farms overfill with slaves, the infamy of these incarcerations flow systematic debauchery over prison walls until the surrounding society of each adopts a slave structure mentality, where all laws are straw scarecrows or blatant fires. Hunger for what the mind has, creation cannot replace the power of zombies. Summary imprisonment, damnation eternal, darkness of penalty, demonized and subjected to manipulation. These are unimportant, victim and accuser, right or wrong, will become infected. Militia become paid mercenaries, malice becomes menace thruout the countryside, and foist responsibility on themselves when telling people to look to perpetrators as liberators, above reproach. There is no concept that prevents zombies from consuming humanity. A legion of spies whose sole purpose is encouraging distrust, for agents provocateurs can feign help until able to destroy with force and spectacle. Zombies are not a conspiracy. We are here for humanity as it runs towards the future. Attack new factions as if the old, infiltrate and destroy, rebuild according to bidding-saboteurs any faction in their definition of removable, escaping the safety of life to find something better in an apocalypse. Unfair to the fairer, houses of ill repute consume entire families purely to dissuade travelers from visiting and seeing the evils, until controlling every aspect of the home and family under threat of death, ideological insanity, zombies do not make such absurdly wild assumptions.


10 October 2016


/i fall with fear, i find joy in the distraction of defense, i swing at the closest enemy
/rage and lust, pushing away the blood to see, seeking another fight like the lost
/swinging at ghosts, pains when the wind changes, blinded by darkness yet without light

/the war moves thru me, standing on coldness as the earth rises, an unk afterlife consumes
/blood splashes my face, i slash sword into face, my face is struck by blade
/thunder jumps me around direction, i swing at the wind, the breeze takes me to ground

/lightning taunts my eyes, i attack the spirit that would trap me in battle, the glass sky shatters 
/in endless valley of mountains, on the path where water flows, a terrible storm surrounds
/shoulders and screams of war, bodies of hell like beasts and killing fields, endless echoing swords and shields

/my hands grasp at madness, the gate of hell swallows with war, and every blade of grass 
/i shield with the innocent, i will myself to swim in blood, bone stem daggers and bone plate shields
/none clean in the fallen, there are no focused eyes in chaos, fears and storms now raging thought

/demons bleeding cleanliness seen, to them i am a statue, now i run over chance and blood mine
/the worst of us now best of devils, shattered eyes in the air of struggle, their minds as mine alike
/as if the sky were crying blood, from a heart of tattered skin, each step into a new opponent

/rising deathblow and tap new foe, diving into the wounded earth, i stand behind the skeleton sermon
/breathless as beasts fetch pieces, as mountains channel chilling rivers, enemies gather the fallen
/summoning ages of strength, slaves at the mercy of vengeance, battling the rising from defeat 

-ut fieri

06 October 2016

Unprofessional Solutions

Unprofessional Solutions:
Stopping Party Fools with Party Fouls

You may have legitimate concerns about the approaching election, if not you might need to liven up the weekend with new and exciting ways to be innovative and informed the next time you have an apocalypse party. Everyone knows the best way to have a good party is to never talk about taboo subjects, but when one least expects it, there's always someone, usually shows up too early or too late, who feels the same unless you're trying to relax.

So what should someone do if it happens?

There are no real rules to avoiding being in a dumb conversation with someone who knows everything who can't tell anything else. Let's try a few simple scenarios.

Be confused. - If someone asks you who you want to be the next president, ask them what a president is, if for some odd reason they tell you, ask them if you-yourself can be president, then continue examining your sprouting race to the top, you may be the answer to the question no one asked.

Be super focused. - If someone states that they know who or what is best, pretend like you've never heard of that; I like so and so...oh really, who's that? I like this and that....oh really, what is it?; It typically won't be long before they begin revealing what they see happening based on plausible scenarios of debate, but don't lose focus, when they finish thinking aloud what they've come up with, tell them you're still voting for a vegetable or fruit, such as a pineapple. It is even possible to suggest broader interests, for example, you can say you'd only vote for someone who doesn't eat vegetables whatsoever. The gist is to control the conversation toward some distant target, like Mars, or logic.

Be antithetical. - By this i mean the opposite, a basic skill every child teaches itself while discovering mischeif. For example, if they say they'd vote for #PersonA, say you're voting for #PersonB right away, immediately, interrupt, whether you agree with them or not, if they pursue a conflict of interest or contradict your statement of antithesis, tell them you didn't say that. For this to work, you have to say the opposite of what they say, and, the opposite of what you just said. Who's on first, what's on second, IDK's on third.

Be a midnight revolutionary. - This one really needs an exclamation point. Be a midnight revolutionary! Imagine a more socially lubricated party, things are vague and often relaxed, the political beasts are often self indulgent, but aspirational and this is the most inquisitive by means of least resistance and not a sure shot. These things happen, someone interrupts, or holds their own, and makes just that damn fine outstanding speech, point, and finish line description, but f* that, we can't be too safe. Forced to be part of the story, join the rally cry for whatever it is your drunk friend is ready to do from a safe storytelling point. It's the oneupmanship s* show. So, if they say they want more teachers, you stand up shouting that everyone should be a teacher, asking for vows of solidarity, and hopefully you learn what they wanted to be taught; it's a long shot at a short wall here, so bring shiny distractions, or things that teachers could teach; if they want to ban unhealthy competition, offer to make them king of a feudalism-less monarchy, if they want to ban certain words, see if they'll start a nonprofit shelter that people can volunteer to have their mouths sewn shut. Weaponless? No limbs! Bad thoughts? Labotomies for everyone! Cult? Comedy open mic nights! ...idk, those last two might be kinda close.

The more absurd, the smaller the language barrier will be between what the world knows and whatever these party poopers are trying to say.


01 October 2016

veneno magicis aenigmate

'Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.' Arthur C. Clarke — 

Any good potion has a few vital ingredients and some essential elements, there are many purposes and their derivative supplicants, that is to say, there is a demand for some of the better ones and occassionally the worse ones, insomuch a second teir of okayish temporary fixes that are wanted openly as a response, for as long as treatment follows prevention, the cure is the illness, but enough political philosophy. 

I'm sure you know the basic potion types, as games as life, anything is possible, as life as games, some have their setbacks. I like alchemy so without goal i might trade with characters here and then... now and there.... so there's a learning curve, always consult your doctor before taking anything that isn't food.

You aren't what you drink. 

Energy for the body is a simple task, in places like hell or the clouds of dark matter of deepest space, energy comes from frozen covalent bonds of purefied matter, crystaline structures, in the middle world, a person is more likely to know simple quick energies and long energies found in foods. What the demon sold me, "it's for energy and strength" and it's not, but that just reinforces my belief that demons shouldn't be trusted. 

[possibility: Energy/Stamina/Health/Speed]

There's an array of vitamins b, c, and n, energy, light, and heat, respectively, so clearly a potion for snow, plus caffeine, but it also has aminos extracted from carnal sources, so it quickly activates hunting in both senses of the word, how well that can be controlled depends on the user. Activiating metabolism body fuel is utilized quickly, but in doing so requires more sleep and better food. I did lift with super efficiency tho. 

[possibility: Stamina]

Higher bodyheat, activity, metabolism, i began to melt bodyfat i was saving for winter. My eventually began to hurt and I couldn't overhear anyone, probably should've had only one. That kind of wear and tear is a warmth.

[possibility: Stamina, Fire]

Exercise in a bottle, the kind that could turn your hair grey if you have those genetics. I then proceeded to get a sun tan b/c I couldn't tell if I was hot or cold. I tried to exercise, not easily, to a next morning being stiff. 

[possibility: Stamina / Fire / Sap ]

Eventually I realized that it's an energy drink, not a recovery drink. With the increase of metabolism came an increase internal as the digestive acid i have for my iron stomach also joined the race, i quickly had to avoid meals without heavy fibers, raw vegetables and seeds became my new favorite. Maybe to much scales of reptiles, if i only had tonsils in my teeth for halloween. Anything acidic was out.

[possibility: Stamina / Fire / Venom, Sap ]

I also found out that after 9 of them you get tired at a sensory level and are down until a rest cycle or recovery by a comrade. I woke up craving bacon, salmon, and oats. As above, i think it's potion not a true elixer. I would first ignore it, and if not, second dillute it severely, and third add elixer to it. I'm still verping, and in actuality it was satisfying in the sense of stretching one second over 2 less pleasant days.

One of oranges, one of lemons, one of apples, idk if any distinction is relegated. I combined them at one point so who can say if theere was a trade-off for speed or focus. 

Species: (Null Value)
Mobility: Stamina
Element: Fire
Negative: Venom / Sap / (if Sap x 9 then Sleep)
Compliments: Mint, Oil, Seeds, Bacteria 
Designed for: Assault 

It made me normal and in doing so made me different again. I'm not sure if trading compulsive for impulsive is possible. Physically exhausted I didn't have the right fuel ready and not for nothing wasn't ready to feel different on a physical level totally separate from my emotional well-being, but that might say more about me than else.