10 October 2016


/i fall with fear, i find joy in the distraction of defense, i swing at the closest enemy
/rage and lust, pushing away the blood to see, seeking another fight like the lost
/swinging at ghosts, pains when the wind changes, blinded by darkness yet without light

/the war moves thru me, standing on coldness as the earth rises, an unk afterlife consumes
/blood splashes my face, i slash sword into face, my face is struck by blade
/thunder jumps me around direction, i swing at the wind, the breeze takes me to ground

/lightning taunts my eyes, i attack the spirit that would trap me in battle, the glass sky shatters 
/in endless valley of mountains, on the path where water flows, a terrible storm surrounds
/shoulders and screams of war, bodies of hell like beasts and killing fields, endless echoing swords and shields

/my hands grasp at madness, the gate of hell swallows with war, and every blade of grass 
/i shield with the innocent, i will myself to swim in blood, bone stem daggers and bone plate shields
/none clean in the fallen, there are no focused eyes in chaos, fears and storms now raging thought

/demons bleeding cleanliness seen, to them i am a statue, now i run over chance and blood mine
/the worst of us now best of devils, shattered eyes in the air of struggle, their minds as mine alike
/as if the sky were crying blood, from a heart of tattered skin, each step into a new opponent

/rising deathblow and tap new foe, diving into the wounded earth, i stand behind the skeleton sermon
/breathless as beasts fetch pieces, as mountains channel chilling rivers, enemies gather the fallen
/summoning ages of strength, slaves at the mercy of vengeance, battling the rising from defeat 

-ut fieri