03 May 2011



This month of May I rose to see the dawn
Too early for a day that I could love
And fell I to sleep into dreams of fear

The troubles of the world are not sleeping
Basking in the salt of the cursed earth
Plague of winds that rests upon the sunset

Cursive affliction separates the beast
In clarity we must destroy the flood
Of dream to survive of day to find peace

Whereas I cannot say is leadership
Remarkable we hunt to kill the dusk
The Earth will rot to act as subtle grace

And seek the sights of paradise divine
To last these days of late by recompense
For which we risk the precious air we breath

A damage done by time forever lost
In ways for you cannot imagine so
Watching war ravage the bounteous realm

Through smoke of burning bodies affluent
Displayed on high the idols of our youth
So many trenchant deposed to destroy

In this spring the monsters hovel and fight
Taken by vanity into the sky
What weakness takes a chance to ruin days

Beset them in their painful silver-chair
Complacency where ease will take the fall
To honesty behind the faded line

This place is evil seeking brighter dawn
The answer where the dust to hardly make
In sight of all the sacred and the lost

The rivers of the war are at the seam
To tear them at the limb within the shade
Your lies become the lovers of disgrace

Doth shelter every sorrow mourning
With stolen hearts the likes to send the plague
And fires of the soul complete to burn

Cinch the bag and throw it in the river
The furnace does not toil without the sun
And sleeping is the shadow of the tree

Blinding radiant stare at the window
And seems the waking part of tragedy
The light of err to cull within the dark

Many unto the lighter road to fare
To give the barter for the sack of claws
This parable of one on-down the lane

Concern you of the ever-waking rot
A braver soul to slightly heed the mount
And craven are the slain to put in bed

Well lance at clouds in grief to take your woe
intrinsic in your coma prison well
and sinking in another mortal grave

I sought to make the witness mystery
But seat me in my house without refine
And make the winter harvest from the sand

Beseech resplendent glory of the moon
Where summer is a motion of the sky
Between the waking hours of the storm

To never make that screeching sound again
I love the way to make the mortal wretch
And speak the whisper lie to love unfold

Replace the wanderlust of any morn
Beneath the season plains to rule the world
The city made of glass was meant to fall

If sight you of hoarfrost morning tide
Awake to find the meaning of it all
And run to seek the forest of the thief

A ministry of lies and quick deceit
Where nevermore the penchant of the thought
And ample are the eyes of Avalon

Where wait the supple mistress of this world
Mirror to the quake and balance time
But never are the trees beneath the mist

Forsaken are the perils of the past
And those who live above the open sea
And suffer those the lockers of the deep

The period of chivalry unknown
Belies the sacred wisdom underneath
The umbrage of a softer soothing sky

Beget the ruddy gits without a care
And help yourself to words you do not know
Do cherish every life you are reborn

The riddle worship and dismay to give
Will help you on your way to learn and live
In breaking summer soon declarative