19 December 2008

A New World . article 9

Degree of Transparency

We are known for our efforts. For the wise, it is the environment. Humans our families, the rights of the people and the rights of our communities. Revolutionaries want civil rights, the privileges allowed by law to individuals that include free speech, the guarantee of equality and the power to vote. Single issues without unity results in hasty revolutions, or a politic diluted by abstract. Ultimately, there is a little human in all of us. Despite the growth of multiple political parties, the environmentalists fail to gain any kind of significant power but if represented enough can prove some of the ideas they find most threatening flawed.

Passive aggression cannot radically change the political outcomes of opposition and never have. Cherishing beliefs will unify other political issues by wild and rapid chaos if not widely understood. there is an immense necessity for being concise in your needs and wants to be comprehended. What ensues may be that of removing pests while the temptation remains. Confront the pattern, and replace it with a better basic idea. Your efforts will cost you no more than the delay and decline in production. Activists and their Extremists may seem like radical opposites. When exact their opposite is the vigilante.

Conflicts in Interests

In a corporate geopolitical glutinous trademark system, environmental preservation is seen as politically radical and cultural preservation proper all while there is no society without an environment and resources. This denies our role in promoting social agreement. This denies conspiracy by causing it to support fascist capitalist society to win the approval of an ever-increasing society based on consumption and pollution of natural resources. In conventional politics, leadership does not address issues not recognized by the interests of individuals. If no facts can be found no assumptions can be made.

Growth requires that you sacrifice your luxuries and waste less than logical in order to favor a society united by culture. Both origin and time will oppose an incorrect construct, and replace it with a system of common interests in order to preserve civilization. Evil destroys and abandons without reason. Acceptance is civilized but penalty is called for those who ravage your environment with toxicities, free radical cancers, and cultures who run rampant without logic and order. Entertainment can cause insanity. When one having been raised by television desires motivation and has been raised by media the outcome is consumption and devastation.


There must be a common goal in our order. Mistakes are common without political success among your allies. To create change, or evenly so, diversion, give actual proof of benefits past fiscal capability. In common, 'the proof is in the results'. Do not let apathy outrage the activist, as it will destroy your trust in humanity. To avoid separation of interests, repeat the issue. When you refuse to actually address the problem, screaming drowns out the basic message and the argument is over. You will be opposed for limits. Recognizing ethnicity and culture, your goal may be more evident when realizing both will become one.

Halogen storm

Opposition may come from both sides, as interests to kill the remnants of fallen empires as needs for space grow. The right to live anywhere is for anyone and is preserved by that of those who would sacrifice themselves and nothing else. A society in place is an entire race.

Energy is not perfect. It exhausts before it can complete a cycle. Humanity by no effort can be perfect either. Remember you efforts to begin anew. A future vision is noticeable by its unique depiction yet possibility. However, a separate entity political visions are as the same. Observant readers can trap themselves in political cages on a grandiose level. In the center of the valley and not at the foothill, the cattle wait.

Assumptions of Democracy and Industrialism are made from birth in order to reverse the traditional and/or modern societies that do not fit the needs of the society. From you will come a leader of new and conservative growth.

Dragonflies and Fire

The thoughts of society and the halls of symbolic harmony let the beasts have feasts of and between the lawful. They are struggling to achieve radical internationalism through terror and anti-nationalism. They spread the religion of hatred and intolerance. Their ideology is based strictly on the resentment of charity and has nothing at all to do with reality. The knowledge of magic is used to weaken and destroy humankind. We have been spiritually drugged with the intention of making us fight more among ourselves with this. The aim of religion includes transforming the world according to their magic perception of things. This is the reason why common tools are regarded as magic symbols of violence and domination.

The ghost in the shell, in reality represents the worst form of modernism and materialism. its greatest crime against humanity is to attempt to take away the belief that you do not live only once and that we are all completely responsible for our actions before the invisible world. It is vital to their deceit for them to ridicule all knowledge of reincarnation or to disprove a genetic memory. A world of these demons desires the end of days.

These living reapers may try to influence the government, which belongs to sound and powerful institutions. Ergo it strives to place its own leaders in the administration, in the legislatures, and at the highest pinnacles of power. To form and lead public opinion. Payments become due on the foreign debt accrued from developing businesses that were designed to fail. The strength is forced to decide before their time the outcome of heroes unborn.

The prophet went from town to town collecting the first-born sons. As he did with his army and new recruits to his cause, he painted the doorways red as to mark them with the blood of a martyred soldier to signify that he had already taken someone from that home. Now the red can be seen covering the door at holy ground symbolizing refuge for someone to which point the law cannot cross as he begins the task of what eventually causes him to paint the doorways red.

13 December 2008

The Axe Handle War

The Axe Handle War

Enormous influence over the schools and other key institutions, civilization had lost their ability to think independently. Something was wrong in contemporary society a malicious power was behind the process of destruction. The kings knew too little about the frightening history and essence of the secret society and of its dark history, ideology and activities. A completely different picture of major world events emerges re-creating the true history that our leaders have stolen from us. Those who have understood the reason for our troubles refuse to speak out from behind their eyes.

Hidden economic forces have acted behind the carefully painted scenes and, virtually unopposed, manipulated us towards our present desperate situation. The enemies of humanity have succeeded with treacherous conspiracy unable to act freely without first removing important facts from our history in order to use their power to transform our world into Hell. Beginning to prefer darkness to light to defend these dark forces, the evil are close to victory, their crimes against humanity to be afflicted for all of time.

Distance is revealing the truth to those who seek it. Aware of these facts is in itself an evil, the larger the organizations, inevitable are their immorality and blind stupidity. Different ideologies have been dealing with different aspects of nature. One and the same ideology help those souls who seek the truth. The murderers of the soul are the worst and their falsification of history leads to a society without history. There is nothing more repugnant than a falsification of history on the orders of those in power. Our leaders conceal facts of the conspiracy. Those who control our history also control our future. Those in power deny or conceal so many lies. Mixed with the truth an alternative to the official truth, things are often not, what they seem to be.

A matter of deception and self-deceptive progress in this maze of myths, a consensus trance method of suggestion breaths their lies leaving life, without a second thought, a desire not to know. The mental anesthetization of the Western World brings victims of the type of blind faith of history, health, culture and politics. Processing a part of their experience are enemies of the spiritual freedom of humanity who have been steering our society towards certain ruin. If we refuse to live in a world without sense and begin working towards creating a super state inside the greatest spiritual crisis through society, you will save the individual

a destructive movement begins from the endless summer. A tyrant villain makes false declarations of intention and misleading descriptions when recruiting members. His kingdom begins manipulation by psychological a method (mind control) which is used during recruitment and indoctrination. Seemingly, they would be an all-powerful leader who demands total subjection and claims to have special knowledge and powers. They make demands, which state that their ideology goes unopposed, that doubt is something evil, to go to war with. Their image of reality is black and white: the members are the chosen; everything outside of the movement is evil and must disappear. With them, they carry great and stolen fortunes, which have emanated from their atrocities against their kingdom.

The survivors have not yet detached themselves from society. The power to control the news flow is the same thing as the power to control how people think. Within the invisible boundaries, they believe in a system that strengthens their heinous crimes. More and more myths begin to erase everything in their path and all of what they can remember. Disconnected the blond and blue-eyed Vikings were adventurous people and were no less civilized than any other people were. They originated in North of our world, in what is southern Scandinavia. The Catholic Church opposed the religious beliefs of the Vikings, called Aryanism, which denied the divine nature of christ and interpreted all events in the light of the theory of reincarnation. Because of this, the norths were a threat to the generally accepted myths.

Circa 500ce, the south managed to destroy the kingdom of the North with its rich culture and capture their capital city. The conquerors killed the aged and children; the men were forced to become soldiers and the women were married to men from other races. After just one generation, the northern and their religion had been erased from the face of the Earth. In addition, the victors rewrote history.

The castles were abandoned without a struggle. The storming of the castles never happened. Religion stood for goodness and love, a law of the spiritual aristocracy. The survivors have been hunted and persecuted for all of the ages and eras since, across the span of the globe. Always surviving in our minimal numbers, spreading hope where we can, bringing the change the world truly needs in small amounts periodically through our journey where what is viewed is wrath and carnage. The light will rule the world and we inevitably will be in it.

The universe is governed by a greater intelligence. Selection cannot completely explain evolution. Life as we know it is dependent on blind forces. The eternal kingdom has no place on Earth. As the time will pass, all accusations against the gods are fabricated.

12 December 2008

The Past 8 years - The History of the Tyranny of George Bush

The Past 8 years - The History of the Tyranny of George Bush
"extra-constitutional treaty breaking rodeo clowns" - Keith Olbermann

8 years ago i was a High School graduate who finished a semester early at the age of 17. I was looking for a job in an already failing economy. Over the next 8 years from Detroit to California I met a lot of unruly dudes, liars and addicts. But altogether the worst of all of these combined was -

George W. Bush - a pawn for Corporate Oil Companies domestic and foreign.

In his last days of office, he plans to:

Auction land near national parks.
Loosen emission standards on coal-fired power plants.
Weaken rules on drinking water allowing higher levels of arsenic.
Allow coal companies to dump into streams.
Give oil and gas leases next to national parks
Allow Uranium mining near the Grand Canyon.
Allow more snowmobiles at Yellowstone National Park.
Attempt to destroy unions at the bureau of A.T.F.
and move to a neighborhood where all residents have given oath not to sell their homes to Black people.

And yet already:

He knew about Improvisational Explosion Devices years prior to the wars.

He Instated Guantanamo Bay, which does not allow detainees to plead guilty to crimes accused. He lies about protecting the constitutional rights of Habeas Corpus.

He ignored prewar intelligence about insurgents and roadside bombs.

He told his staff to lie about his intentions.

Promised to raise standards and accountability in public schools and delivered the no child left behind act. An act so poorly received that it was humorous to an outstanding number of politicians. The No Child Left Behind act cuts funding for underprivileged schools.

He believes he curbed aids in Africa, it spread has slowed and he has won praise for this. When in actuality he withheld funds to groups who promote condom use, a proven lifesaver, in favor of abstinence only programs that have also failed in his own country.

He believes he lifted the economy with tax cuts that The Congressional Budget Office found to intensify income inequality by boosting the after-tax income of high-income households far more than that of middle- and low-income households

In 2005, he told a woman it was patriotic to hold three jobs. Unlike 1/2, million people who lost their jobs in November '08. It was the first presidency in decades in which family earning power had fell and income disparity continued to rise. The actual meltdown has claimed several financial institutions some of which had weathered the civil war and the great depression but not the 43rd president.

He believes he kept the American people safe not counting his first 20% of his term.

On 9/11 he sat reading 'MY PET GOAT' , a young children’s literacy book, for 7 minutes after learning America was under attack. Then he covered up environmental dangers at ground zero and failed to provide for the health of rescue workers.

He helped Bin Ladin's family flee the country, opposed the 9/11 commission, opposed the department of homeland security, and tried to outsource America's port security to Dubai.

He did not keep us safe from the shoe bomber, did not keep five Americans safe from anthrax and never caught their killer, and still has not caught the killer of 17 sailors on the USS Cole.

He still has not caught the killer of 3000 on 9/11, to which he gave that responsibility to Afghanistan, which turned that country into a Narcotic State, which gives Bin Ladin a safe haven, and endorsed a truce that Pakistan signed with the Taliban thereafter.

He could not keep safe 4200 Americans dead in his war, a war that made us less safe, invading a country that posed no grave or gathering threat that only provided a check on Iran.

He also ignited insurrection by igniting the Bathist party creating a Muslim theocracy purged of its modern intelligentsia, one in which freedom has marched backward for women and children.

He Supports Lebanon and its election of a Muslim theocracy run by the Islamic terror called Hamas.

Terrorism is rising worldwide; the enemy has taken the prime minister of Pakistan, and countless thousands in India including 200 in Mumbai in the final weeks of his term of office.

Russia can now invade us allies without fear of retribution, (hey comrades).

He failed to prevent North Korea from joining the nuclear arms race, despite even more ample warning than he received prior to 9/11.

He failed to lift one finger from protecting American citizens from wind and water .

He lied five years before his retirement and stated that the mission is accomplished May 1, 2003.

He eaves dropped without warrants, eaves dropped on our own citizens, lied about torture, played politics with justice, used the wheels of justice to crush dissent, betrayed those who serve us in secret, overlooked and did not commute the penalties of spies, staged fake news conferences, censored science, planted propaganda in the news of occupied countries, paid our own journalist to write propaganda, forced people to lie to the world to sway our attention, lied about the causes of the credit crisis, lied about the cause of high gas prices and said that he watched the first plane hit the north tower on TV.

He called our war a crusade and taunted the outside forces.

He promised to care for the troops after putting them in harms way without body armor, or up-armored vehicles, he once even gave a dead soldier’s mother a presidential coin and told her not to sell it on e-bay - an Internet auction.

10 December 2008

A New World . article 8

Anarchy into Archives

Great strength becomes the greatest weakness. What may ultimately destroy is great strength, which autonomy and creativity is to the individuals. As collective civilizations, we have created many of the worlds greatest works, but randomly by the hand of dedicated, genius people who vanguard the efforts to organize and understand the needs of a civilization. An individual who can visualize the concept and execution of task, while opposed by those who do not understand or care about its necessity, is superior in all aspects of inspiration.

From this we will become wiser as well as stronger each evolution by the encroachment of bureaucracy and standards and history itself, as we have an aversion to both authority structures and collectivism. Destroy the ruling bodies and rules, and be free to do what is necessary for preservation. literally doing what is unique to our race and possibly beyond that of our future.

Between tyrants and terror, everything has moderation in varied amounts, including independence. In conviction choosing to take control is the vital action that commands respect. It becomes the resolve of everyone from independent thinkers to skilled artisans of every age in life. Before despising the collective you must enter the fold.


Triumph will come to individual efforts, wealth and class systems divide our populations against themselves. Where we fail is in trying to make a collective system out of individuals and not educating them. The past will come to vicious vengeance in the midst of a population united only by satisfaction. Money, stature, religious morality to the secret network desensitizing the individual is no conspiracy. These ways simply support self-interests, and put family and community value asunder. Internally culture collides in a class war. Competing for natural resources for independence or survival depletes supply faster.


All opinions seek to become predominant through gaining more converts and those by social force will exclude all others. With no malice, our majority influence would have eliminated unwilling students. The question is more complicated when the philosophies are directly contradictory. Morality is more important than focused collective action, and is a popular issue. Failing to come up with a sensible collective plan, the world suffers - but it is no one's fault because we were all concerned with tolerance for all parties and all forms of thought and not finding a sensible outcome.

One example of this is in the endless slander against members of the militant society. If there was a valid argument against it, it would be clear to all, but instead most arguments center around violations of individual rights and come from societies with no collective goals to speak of.

Imagine law enforcement without security.


Offenders against the state like to point out the hypocrisy of modern democracies by repeating these points: there is no freedom of speech, there is no freedom of press, and there is very little individual freedom from the controlling hands of capitalism. Their methods of control are far subtler than the more honest methods of socialism echoing all types of governments supporting capitalism.

Perhaps time comes from upon the mountain. Maybe the cold comes from the depth of space, perhaps it does. Human society has always been in turbulence, forever seeking the perfect answer to the question of self-government. All of this replaces societies of great learning and character, such as those of acclaimed innovation.

We must find a replacement system of values for that of monetary self-interest, must reconcile the masses to the elites by finding a way to pick elites by ability, and must stop the cancerous expansion of humanity and consumption of our ecosystem.

Luckily, we have allies everywhere - some who are aware of our allegiance to a traditional way of life, and others who are blinded from seeing what we have in common by their affiliations. We win, in part, by reaching out to these groups and not denigrating them, but explaining what we have in common and how we can work together.

The first groups for this inclusion should be those who believe that each population is defined by both ethnicity, heritage, and culture, and that without both, the population is diluted. A self-sufficient economy separated from what, to any student or otherwise being, is a regime of death: liberal democracy, free enterprise and the internationalist capital values that dominate the world.

A Foes Alliance

Commitment to an Empire requires government unified by democracy and capitalism which are both forces of opposition to tradition. While nationalist groups have had limited successes appealing to a broad movement, while new leaders spring abundantly to guide with illusions of capitalist democratic society, and have influenced groups worldwide with their rhetoric. As they teach beliefs about the prosperous equality within society and achievable harmony among humankind, they assume that a lack of subordination, of correction, will also address underlying issues.

Most call for change from historical oppression overlooking the innovations and success. Teaching that revolt and faith are acceptable motives, in direct opposition to teaching trades and skills. Such facts must be accepted as a foregone conclusion to the similar problems of all societies despite the respites of progressive democratic society.
Our natural environment and our ability to mend it are within bounds of realizing that the most devastation to our environment comes from culture and free enterprise. Teamwork makes the dream work.


the first two pages at the beginning of the book:

to you
for which i devote
my existence


"your getting into an area that even largely untapped is chaotic.
Most of your thinking is trash.
Trivial thought.
Saying emotions about things that might be done.
Relations that might exist.
Always measuring, is a jumble"

- ?

09 December 2008

A New World . article 7

Minority Report

Uninformed majorities, reverting to a faceless incapable way of social structure and values of welfare and nationality, ever so dependent on an empire that which must support them dissolve. This windfall can be considered a travesty of dignity and respect to the civilized and governing leaders of time. It will bring rise to their fall. With enterprise, all who are fortunate believe that the institutions are liable, yet fail to see that fascist society among the ecumenical will always lead to violations against society. With capitalism and the corporations that promote it, opposition and reversal become daunting.

If they believe that tradition is oppressive, they will refuse to accept it. With war paint and phalanx, they populate. While societies who act against each other are fragile, equally when the new are introduced causing breeds to compete to ensure their wealth and overall existence throughout the two worlds. The only true commodity they have are easily noticed ambitions. Motivations can inspire opinions of the highest contempt. However, with having many options, as a classless they can be worshiped.

Resistance subsides when the philosophies clearly oppose and demonstrate that only by a reform of structure can a society defeat classic downfalls. Moreover, while it makes martyrs of livestock, it gives us a long-term means of better living. At a wall of time, united we stand, divided we fall over the issues of industrial society which remains unopposed.

Obeying Paradise

The call for these judgments has been brought to light over generations. It has relevance to any and each individual and to the greater population, as well as communities and the environment, which supports all life. In short, by judging individuals, for their circumstance, is to be grossly insufficient and has always been throughout history. This very fact is unknown to masses and the vanguard when they are young. Young is a quarter century in the upper echelon. When young ones live in a world unto themselves without family or career to dedicate their lives unto aggression and anxiety will rule all thought. To interrupt this path is to rearrange faith. For this reason, all but the privileged elite of people are blind to history. Idealists worship life and community and advancement brought by adversity yet as always materialists focus their ambitions to idolatry and monetary exchange. Their morality is that of not causing offense.

Beyond Recognition

I am to salvage the world’s leaders in all of the smoke that fills the air now more than ever. These beliefs collide when in comparison. Two societies at first live apart. The north keeping rules and the remaining living as they do while the adventurers reach their limits. It helps the north select among them the most assertive and idealistic of society. In them respect is given to creative and intelligent life. This mindset allows humanity to create great civilizations.

As the call for law among the lawless increases it is ethical to believe when thought about for some time, in the context of its development over time greater than the individual is, this can be seen as a disease; a breakdown; a lack of belief in life itself and its ways. These are meaningless things when one contemplates the eternity of death, and what life has to offer.

Our wealth becomes insufficient as the money and illusions designed to placate the parasites have become the center of our existence. From your eyes, the destroyers will burn beyond recognition. They will cry for scientific studies and demand results from the responsible that usually require reasons for every action at every stage. To the civilized mixture is death as equally as money is a bane to pleasure and motivation. Gather around you others who still have intent outside and departed of their televisions, and focus them on these ideas. Strive for something meaningful.

06 December 2008

A New World . article 6

Kings and Queens

To protect and survive one must realize the worthless heart of leadership. In plain sight, the empirical news provides political rhetoric and propaganda, global threats, resource depletion and crime, but still acts morally superior as well as biased while defining the types of existence, not just in government but also in the heroes of the day, which are lies of the real threats of our society. Our current structure is one that of consumption, while our post-modernism, and other traditional societies are designed around preservation. Commonwealth will view the highest goal of any principled or civic order is empowering them by way of a gain in wealth.

Consumerism makes up the majority of governments worldwide. It reflects in our idea of power as a poor example of government. In order to do this, it must encourage economic competition so that each individual can achieve success, the civilizations that supports success are those whose Art, Literature and Theatre speak endlessly of values higher than money, such as love. Because they design their philosophy on a consumer’s interest, and whether communists or capitalists lay waste to their need for money, they form an immortal conflict, which imposes greed.


Community forms the demise of its culture when it is inherited from it the basic assumptions and values of a consumer society. By the very nature of these assumptions, all societies can only understand other consumer societies and not preservationist societies, of which ecological harmony and ecological order are included. Industrialism enacts no high values and vanity, placating to the individual wants to do without judgment or opposition with multiple exceptions for those with dementia.

Humanity operates in an exact reverse of consumerism. Goals are created to preserve society, culture and nature together. What is needed for survival is produced sometimes in surplus all in order to endure. This assumption outweighs the desires of the lower olden and archaic. Preservationist societies are by their very nature more likely to deny ludicrous desires and illogical actions. In these castes and their respective sects, government havens the population and its lands, in both of their best interests, and when it satisfies both will act in a superior form. Allow yourself no need to remake your surroundings. These plagues upon nature are menial and filled with evil, which grieves an effort to save nature and values only, that which empowers their mission, at the cost of consuming nature.

Ethereal Growth

Having no limits animals can not control how much they expand, or how much of any natural resource is used up. The only limiting factors are those averse to honesty and responsibility. Societies among the new ecological order will view nature as a perfect state and seek to promote their population only where it exists in ecological harmony, both among nature as well as in life.

A successful society has no knowledge of monetary value, and by creating a value higher than that of money and personal desire, when discussed makes thieves feel uneasy, because there are absolute answers, instead of the more ambiguous approval of personal and public desires to devour made by their consumerist societies. For this reason, activists and elite must nullify the destructive onslaughts made against nature.

Eco--Activism & Divination

Preserve external nature from ever-increasing human populations and viral desires. Regulate weakness among nature from the frailty of a few who would breed badly and thus slowly pollute and change the whole population.

Preservation is an idea not a policy but should be. Desire satisfies many needs that determine overall happiness. Emotional values lower integrity when capitalism cannot buy happiness, although you can buy the means to and end. Those means are simple and cheap but by greed and envy are never satisfactory, with the exception being those who have none in all cases.

Our species overpopulates and the surrounding land becomes overused. We cause menace to the habitats of many plants and animals causing a destructive echo to enter the web of natural ecosystems that sustain all life. No species lives independent. They like all life are structured symbiotic and supplemental, in that we cannot survive if we kill these off. Without critical change, we are on a course for doing exactly that. Deny people some of their desires, and show them what prosperity means. Reeducate from the destruction by show of the rules structure and innovation. Lead by example. When one is shown this thought process, the magical hold that greed has on people is broken.

Use your time to promise commitment to the cause in which you believe and to show mercy for misgivings. This issue should be part of any intelligent political platform, but beware of political platforms where only one issue, controls attention. We have to look at our world through new eyes and see that it is a good place and that nature is in fact wiser than we are, and that we should respect all things.


We should work in harmony with nature and community to end trivial wastes. Preserve and do not consume. Recognize that what maintains life is an eternal and living struggle. The convert begins to see life as an organic whole, instead of a disorganized group of desires. Without your organization, many will have no structure unifying them. Without design and organization humanity breaks down, it disturbs cooperation, and becomes viral.

Like war, consumerism is no longer sufficient. We turn toward sustainability and Socialism, the strength of society, the longest standing expression of that idea. Preservation actions will vary as we become vastly outnumbered. There are more damaged people than there are intelligent ones. Activism may send signals to your enemies but you are under the might of foreign industry and its many millions of expendable warriors. When teaching prosperity of energy and sustenance, be very certain and cautious that you take stand against the face of industry that has countless passive supporters who may prove dependent on what that industry provides.

They are starting to see that lawfulness is the reality we need and want inclusion to our empire. Every day, more people turn to community for this reason. Moreover, in that change we see the first steps toward healing ourselves as well as nature. They will go blind to consumerism, and cannot see the efficiency ideal as being vital, because it is not something their society allows.

As our societies fall apart, we work harder for less to achieve a decent life. If this exodus continues than our discontent and compromised ethics will only cause more people recognize that being viral is as anything promised in a dream in that it does not have much to do with reality. The animosity will remain to grow.

04 December 2008

A New World . article 5

Memory Dissolved & Disconnected

One of the things forgotten by our modern view of all things helpful is that a large part of speaking calls on people to awaken. Since modernity we are blind to what that means.

During Ice Ages, long and short, Cold Snows, hunger and competition may all prove fatal. In Energy's hold there is always fruit, and small game. An angels life requires a competence and resolve for survival. The cause for undermining the choices of true belief is faith, the result the future.

A valid goal to forgo short-term gratification is in favor of hard work for a future not your own. Comfort and personal mortality subside while the struggle is overcome. Our endeavors are driven by logic that most lowest do not have. The great tree grows into the cold of space.

Pass does infinite generations, through curiosity gaining skill, wisdom and much responsibility. Harsh conditions of environment are no cause for the survivors to abandon hope to these innovators which believe in ideas which reward long-term thinking. The benefits provide an unheard efficiency. Highly selective breeding, art and learning, architecture and compassion become the fundamentals of the society. These beliefs do not come about by the luxury of circumstances, but in spite of them.

Atheist Stratospheric

The dominion inspire beliefs that which in turn are the full form of the faith that had led them to extraordinary success of rule. This was the origin of what you have come to know as heaven; when climate averages, they come branching back into the sun, and then easily continue the joy of exploration. The four corners of the globe successfully record these people having visited, and having been unlike anything they had ever seen thus far.

They were the ancient race, and they brought with them values of survival that were both warlike and creative, such that everywhere they went, they built civilizations according to their spiritual tradition. This faith in and for life itself lasts unto the ultimate ends of living & it creatively is the guiding light.

Where any other races might have been tribal, the emissaries are internally strong, because they do not see only love or hate, but a world that embraces many faiths, and they so loved this spectrum to which they joyfully gave their lives by the thousands in quest of what they found meaningful.


Sacrifice is not evil, but a means toward achieving great things, much as it guides through adversity and prejudice without harming spirit. Compared to that modern society pales in comparison. In comparison is ineffectual. Insufferable wastes and structures that line concrete slabs, and the vast amounts of rubbish are generated when we lose interest with poorly designed belongings. It is awful that so many have no such faith or belief in the quality, and focus on our personal gratification and comfort at the moment.

Our morals tell us all loss of life is bad, and the best we can do is to spare others death, there is only tasks to be achieved and they are the source of fascination and joy. Fortified in history their untainted aspects begin to fade when combined with elements of sedentary tribes, losing their traits of superiority, and become replaced by an immensely thick and meaningless people. They see only one reality where there is always luxury and charity, and they see only one way of assessing other people in accordance to their values of temporary satisfaction or short term gratification.

There is nothing for which they believe in dying, and because of greed they have no goals. This is why any society must encourage their people to rise above impurity, when the goal is not what we have now, and realize that we are losing to ineptitude. Society is supposed to give responsibility, a return to natural belief and behavior in harmony with nature, and separation of order and chaos. The hateful separation of races into moral categories so that each can determine their own future in the world is one task that is minded by every leader with the goal of prosperity to divide it in two. Missing are vital solutions.

Cities are once again filled with addicts, poverty and dilapidation which intrigues the criminal element, and every generation it worsens. Called videots, spending time aside from work attached to the tele, their advantages are stolen and it is important to understand correctly what that results in. What took this from us was not any one society but the greed of theocracy, which burned all the old records and pagan temples and slaughtered helpless in calling for a new god.

It is more easily written.

All things decay when they lose direction.

Multitude & Medium Multiplicity

From poor breeding, the even weaker emerge, those clamoring for power in desperation. The image of intellect. A leaders foremost task, without struggle is to remind it why it strove, and to think for the long term. Religion controls this when one loses sight of larger goals, and loses faith in society. It is a flattery with a high price tag with a goal of one world order imposed onto all things material.

The consequences are massive. Environmental destruction is rampant, killing off many species and shattering most ecosystems by giving them only small amounts of land uninterrupted by society. exhausted becomes the seas, now filled with rubbish and toxic waste. Taken is the best land by concrete jungles, that are filled with those which kill anything that lives around it.

These catastrophes are easily overcome when those who see the original faith prove themselves to others. Pure willpower is our strongest weapon, and while our enemies have external strength, they do not have the power of conviction, and of creativity. Those who argue against true ethical reality feel they have already lost and want others to share in their misery. This creates opposition only when separation will limit their right to buy as much plastic and waste as much resources as they can afford.