09 December 2008

A New World . article 7

Minority Report

Uninformed majorities, reverting to a faceless incapable way of social structure and values of welfare and nationality, ever so dependent on an empire that which must support them dissolve. This windfall can be considered a travesty of dignity and respect to the civilized and governing leaders of time. It will bring rise to their fall. With enterprise, all who are fortunate believe that the institutions are liable, yet fail to see that fascist society among the ecumenical will always lead to violations against society. With capitalism and the corporations that promote it, opposition and reversal become daunting.

If they believe that tradition is oppressive, they will refuse to accept it. With war paint and phalanx, they populate. While societies who act against each other are fragile, equally when the new are introduced causing breeds to compete to ensure their wealth and overall existence throughout the two worlds. The only true commodity they have are easily noticed ambitions. Motivations can inspire opinions of the highest contempt. However, with having many options, as a classless they can be worshiped.

Resistance subsides when the philosophies clearly oppose and demonstrate that only by a reform of structure can a society defeat classic downfalls. Moreover, while it makes martyrs of livestock, it gives us a long-term means of better living. At a wall of time, united we stand, divided we fall over the issues of industrial society which remains unopposed.

Obeying Paradise

The call for these judgments has been brought to light over generations. It has relevance to any and each individual and to the greater population, as well as communities and the environment, which supports all life. In short, by judging individuals, for their circumstance, is to be grossly insufficient and has always been throughout history. This very fact is unknown to masses and the vanguard when they are young. Young is a quarter century in the upper echelon. When young ones live in a world unto themselves without family or career to dedicate their lives unto aggression and anxiety will rule all thought. To interrupt this path is to rearrange faith. For this reason, all but the privileged elite of people are blind to history. Idealists worship life and community and advancement brought by adversity yet as always materialists focus their ambitions to idolatry and monetary exchange. Their morality is that of not causing offense.

Beyond Recognition

I am to salvage the world’s leaders in all of the smoke that fills the air now more than ever. These beliefs collide when in comparison. Two societies at first live apart. The north keeping rules and the remaining living as they do while the adventurers reach their limits. It helps the north select among them the most assertive and idealistic of society. In them respect is given to creative and intelligent life. This mindset allows humanity to create great civilizations.

As the call for law among the lawless increases it is ethical to believe when thought about for some time, in the context of its development over time greater than the individual is, this can be seen as a disease; a breakdown; a lack of belief in life itself and its ways. These are meaningless things when one contemplates the eternity of death, and what life has to offer.

Our wealth becomes insufficient as the money and illusions designed to placate the parasites have become the center of our existence. From your eyes, the destroyers will burn beyond recognition. They will cry for scientific studies and demand results from the responsible that usually require reasons for every action at every stage. To the civilized mixture is death as equally as money is a bane to pleasure and motivation. Gather around you others who still have intent outside and departed of their televisions, and focus them on these ideas. Strive for something meaningful.