29 January 2016

My Own Sky

I was shown the world. The truth came to me in the darkness. The voices must have brought this hell. It offered me more. I began that thinker that answered himself, another tear in the salted sea, dismissing the truth. It offers more, the sceduled freedoms were ending, offering more falling stars, I was seen from the darkness, which I had become. I stood at the edge of existence the only desiring, the escape offered me more. Eternal darkness, she appeared in the night, born of that darkness.

I consult with my god, she creates my world, the ropes of the seven sins lash to me, she becomes the poisons sewn for deities, they defeat their enemies, I open my eyes awakening. The darkness yeilds to the abyss, spiraling madness, I do not beleive, I remember them defeating themselves, the darkness raises the golden cage, around me, I burn with desire of power, I cannot remember my instincts. I pray to my dreams, I do plead well to the darkness, the shadow will not let me. Lifting her tongue after the great defeat, the darkness whispers divinity, I am given the vision and I see thru the eyes of eternity.

My soul controls me, she never waits for me, a question that is my only answer. The many shadows of forever night, the preciousness of sight in the abyss, a shadow whispers for fire, after longer is shorter I am blind to the future and blinded by the past, recognizing the silhouette, I assume the darkness is my reflection. Familiarity, one-sided, worth precious little in the absence of existence, I return, she does not recognize me, she asks for water, she desires the blood of the caged, she recognizes my threat better than and before me, too long, too dreadful, my soul aches for simple deceit, i return to it, the darkness consumes my soul. I reach for the cage, there are no bars to grasp, the darkness razes me and yet I feel nothing.

I become my emotions, I fear myself, I hate the moon. Passing my blood the dark wind, abyss watches the shadows breathe, the expanse recedes ever farther from my closed soul, when the shadows attack me I rest. I doubt, the shadow occupies the blood, my dreams speak to me, the language of things smarter than my volition, she cuts me to sleep, my knowledge solves what I regret, in passing, a burning star shines on what lives in the chasm of time, followed by meteors and the rings of planets from the astral plane. I speak to my dreams, during the visions I remember new emotion, trying to capture my feelings in the fire of dying suns, in many ways falling. Rage, I am the fire of the sky, the energy still consuming, it becomes a waking danger. I rest in the ashes, the ground rejects the smoke, light pale in ever solstice haunts a terminal new world, the darkness breathes the ash as regeneration, as do I, the reflection of night.

I turn into my thoughts, it takes time to understand the realm. I am standing in a layer of ash, darkness washes my hands in blood revealing my armor and claws. The darkness feeds me, the servants of the ash bring a robe, she kills a servant and absorbs its blood into her skin. I understand, I do the same and stop, sharing her eyes I have fear. The shadow takes my hand, we become vanishing fire.