19 October 2014


Enter the wasteland in the world of shadow kings, join forces with uproarious brigands and proud knights, confront the evil forces from the shadows, understand and comprehend now.

Experience a new dimension, of society in the grasp of darkness, defend your lives against the minions of the silent insurrection, fight and form alliances with other grand warriors, to gain power and honor, learn and absorb the conflict.

In the worlds of whispering darknesses you control the fate of your people, the intricate detail of destruction, the ornate excess of luxury, are secrets and dangers, warriors and rangers, of monsters and men.

Strengthen your minds and war against the barbarism, fortresses defended by disguise, armies entirely of eyes, crush the rise of the wicked, teach the course of respect and increase influence by conquering drones, fight alone or join alliances, the battle for rank and file is one of prestige, power and supremacy have begun.

The shadow kings building strategy from makers of empires, nations now in your control, our minds or our thoughts, assume and become now.