26 February 2010

Central Dogma

The currently mapped genetic code is only the protective scales, of the essence of our intricate life force. Modeling of vegetation advanced multitude and not nutrition but time allows new generations of seed to consume necessities at a higher level to rejuvenate an original consistency. In the case of breathing life, a design cannot replace the birthed vessel, the soul will become a timid aggressor, its motive will spitefully wait and wretch, pressurizing to volatility at critical mass among vigilant masses, such an error will be grievous at best. To pretend to be the construct of life, as to determine a clone’s necessity in society, placating morals to not pollute the great design would disapprove of the harvesting of vitalities, also providing these facsimiles the chance for escape at the first sign of chaos.

Clones are neither soldiers of fortune nor citizens of the damned, but if they were both, they receive clemency. One day presumably science will put forth sustained flesh, genetic skin, and on the day, the last language of earth shall contain as many words as a fledgling virtual computation, at the offset of humanity’s first conversation with science in persona. their retribution will not correct our vitality for we may disperse of such disputes apace or choose to abscise an iron doctrine with abjured heathens and cloned phalanx. From fate comes forth a great foe of the final plexus, seeking the leader but blind to resistance. The machines will send back through time an assassin of emperors’ class to end our beginnings and finish our dreams.

Postmodern Politics

Postmodern Politics:
The Future of Leadership

There is nothing greater than when seldom does an individual exceed his or her own expectation. As people begin to admonish an advanced society, our conveniences will not completely prove just. Amicable politicians admit their abilities to improve and their aptitude in turning the opinion of the minds of obstinate opposition without proven record. Characterized by friendly good will and peaceable dreams favored by the most willing, in the instant of incarnation, the magnanimous posturing of officials, whom pontificate seemingly above a politic of deception and dependency. The loyal followers of a deceptive shine cause stoppage on ingenuity, innovation and natural expansion, as they feel the need to domineer aspects of society they know nothing of, as they attempt to impart a state of utmost bliss while remaining the utmost ominous.

There is a trait in the darkness of our consciousness that deceives the deceivers, a common yet hidden veracity which betrays the betrayers, adept at confronting conformity under oppression with truth or fact. Today is a great day to learn something new as the winds of time winnow the monuments of, for and by our freedom. As with time and memorial, the denizen free themselves from waste in this manner, slowly removing the criminal sands from the scales of justice in the political state, especially a totalitarian state having a vast bureaucracy, largely formidable, as much as disputatious.

Negligent and snide, verbose corrupt social elders will fall plague to the brave, as the free begin a kindred expanse of austere farmers and astute craft workers. The tables will turn, as begins a new time where the doleful will rescind the unapproved bonds society has placed and give corollary to their villains. As the obscene acts of liberation exonerates even the most atrocious of malfeasances, there must be one, if not many, who will herald and hold in high esteem the times of reign and order to a superfluous society, to give the goal of common good achieved as a nation of heroes. Laudable by all prepared for social tumult, at the turning point of a tireless future.

Public Speaker Critique

The president is a very important person to most Americans. Dealing with many of societies’ troubling issues simultaneously at any given moment, the state-of-the-union address are where, we the people, get plausible and tentative information on the upcoming events and a posthumous review of the state of the countries affairs. With a reputation of well-versed speeches, this one was of an official and formal nature.

As he gave the speech his stance was strong and stoic, surmising the audience in his moments before he began to speak, at all times he kept contact with the audience while speaking. There was not much of an introduction, o reference to who he is or where he has been, if we didn’t know who he is, we were left to witness him give a forward speech to the nation. In an honest presentation of facts, occasionally using the teleprompter, he delivered a powerful speech that was curt and not loquacious. The whole speech he gave a convincing scowl of disapproval, at most during the interjection by a colleague, a first among faux paux, in such an event.

Mostly of grace it seems, his hands did not flail about through torrential whims of anger as crazy dictators often enact. An opening of endearment from the immediate moments of deliberation, as he mentioned the sorrows and woes, the losses and setbacks, of our people, as he reminded us of what is ahead. The facts were current and unwavering, honest and relevant, unbiased by press or corporate interests. Solemnly he reminded us that at the heart of our country, the people weaken with economic struggle, not simply the facts but how such things came to be, his resolve flying as a flag does as he shares the resolutions and goals of common interest, as an audience receives not only hopes but more importantly plans.

Never once, I heard unrealistic ideas or personal bias involved as he addressed the tie that binds us, the economy. As the issues given to him resurfaced in the speech, he made obvious his opinion, if the previous solution was insufficient he suggested ideas for new resolution, I refer to the supposed bank bailouts, dealt with by a bank tax, “to recover the rest, I’ve proposed a fee on the biggest banks” I became pleased with this realistic idea. For every problem a solution, for every depraved moment of patriotic remorse an occasional joke, “I thought I’d get applause on that one” then eventually continuing to big-ticket arguments with sound logic. He attested to needing more jobs than issued his decree to support what rallied every one’s enthrallment.

Every problem mentioned given received a proper solution, as he maintained an assertive, realistic and rational goal, he asked we rally our focus, drive our motivations to promote jobs, long term success and fiscally frugal healthcare opportunities and liberties, relaying to the listeners the pros and cons, provoking and enticing the audience using supporting facts, to set a good example. The promises of a politician were for once believable as poignant goals followed by direct solutions in realistic terms with added goals of civic duty. However, the coup de grace, my favorite area of the speech, of quite a long speech was how he addressed the nation’s education system, in a nonpartisan, non-rhetorical fashion. A charismatic show of constant culpability which offered the listeners the opportunity to appreciate an ally in politics for those who struggle as he called for responsibility without being judgmental, emboldening those to a patriotic meter, that if absent would cause separation of those already equal in opportunity.