26 February 2010

Postmodern Politics

Postmodern Politics:
The Future of Leadership

There is nothing greater than when seldom does an individual exceed his or her own expectation. As people begin to admonish an advanced society, our conveniences will not completely prove just. Amicable politicians admit their abilities to improve and their aptitude in turning the opinion of the minds of obstinate opposition without proven record. Characterized by friendly good will and peaceable dreams favored by the most willing, in the instant of incarnation, the magnanimous posturing of officials, whom pontificate seemingly above a politic of deception and dependency. The loyal followers of a deceptive shine cause stoppage on ingenuity, innovation and natural expansion, as they feel the need to domineer aspects of society they know nothing of, as they attempt to impart a state of utmost bliss while remaining the utmost ominous.

There is a trait in the darkness of our consciousness that deceives the deceivers, a common yet hidden veracity which betrays the betrayers, adept at confronting conformity under oppression with truth or fact. Today is a great day to learn something new as the winds of time winnow the monuments of, for and by our freedom. As with time and memorial, the denizen free themselves from waste in this manner, slowly removing the criminal sands from the scales of justice in the political state, especially a totalitarian state having a vast bureaucracy, largely formidable, as much as disputatious.

Negligent and snide, verbose corrupt social elders will fall plague to the brave, as the free begin a kindred expanse of austere farmers and astute craft workers. The tables will turn, as begins a new time where the doleful will rescind the unapproved bonds society has placed and give corollary to their villains. As the obscene acts of liberation exonerates even the most atrocious of malfeasances, there must be one, if not many, who will herald and hold in high esteem the times of reign and order to a superfluous society, to give the goal of common good achieved as a nation of heroes. Laudable by all prepared for social tumult, at the turning point of a tireless future.