26 February 2010

Central Dogma

The currently mapped genetic code is only the protective scales, of the essence of our intricate life force. Modeling of vegetation advanced multitude and not nutrition but time allows new generations of seed to consume necessities at a higher level to rejuvenate an original consistency. In the case of breathing life, a design cannot replace the birthed vessel, the soul will become a timid aggressor, its motive will spitefully wait and wretch, pressurizing to volatility at critical mass among vigilant masses, such an error will be grievous at best. To pretend to be the construct of life, as to determine a clone’s necessity in society, placating morals to not pollute the great design would disapprove of the harvesting of vitalities, also providing these facsimiles the chance for escape at the first sign of chaos.

Clones are neither soldiers of fortune nor citizens of the damned, but if they were both, they receive clemency. One day presumably science will put forth sustained flesh, genetic skin, and on the day, the last language of earth shall contain as many words as a fledgling virtual computation, at the offset of humanity’s first conversation with science in persona. their retribution will not correct our vitality for we may disperse of such disputes apace or choose to abscise an iron doctrine with abjured heathens and cloned phalanx. From fate comes forth a great foe of the final plexus, seeking the leader but blind to resistance. The machines will send back through time an assassin of emperors’ class to end our beginnings and finish our dreams.