18 August 2012

I for an I

“Whoever appeals to the law against people, is either a fool or a coward, whoever cannot take care of oneself without that law is both.”

Jurisdiction is an odd thing, would it not be for morality, it would not be a word. It is not written that morality gives ownership of one over another, except for the minds of autocrats. The insane would become fascists in the instances of domestic interaction, where the peaceful are corralled and culled at the instance of fear, brought about and created by the destructive. This must be digressively addressed, for to give adverbial descriptions where adjectival will suffice is merely a mark to generalize, would that it was, the logic is apparent but the archetype is not.

There is a God, and it is not you. Secularism teaches that autonomy is the essence of success, but leaves no compassion. Coping with nature involves three stages, the first of which puts atheism into modal irony, circumstance, the event has happened and the autocratic person will suppose circumstance to be coincidence, thus a pattern of nature they see and allow. Second, happenstance, to set irony on feudalists, as the first is seen as fate, a repeated event is now intentional, contradicting the supposed security of systematic hierarchy. At this point the secularists/feudalists take erratic posture in purging their irritation even if unnecessary, despite any prior tones of logic, and they become totalitarians. The calm individual will recognize the situation which proscribes conservatism, preferring individualism as oppose to objectifying nature, which leads to original sin. Third, enemy action, is the repetition of warned offenses, this puts irony on humanity itself.

It is not logical to let emotions rule thought, tho spirit may be the wind beneath our wings, it cannot place conscious judgment because it is an idea, and in abstract we are simply mortal and bound by science. To control emotion is to control the laws of God, simultaneously, it is to control all of human existence, and we are the product of countless generations and the face of time, the masters of fate and servants of temporality. The control of our quintessence is a priceless liberty that espoused hurts not others.

Memory is master. It can easily be presumed that God has a plan, a reason for the season, or if you’re an atheist, assumed that everything happens for a reason, the leaves fall by design, animals to instinct, a moon for the tide, and the ilk of sort. Where complacency takes hold choice precedes reason, this as a liberty is dangerous when survival will suffice, by any doctrine the lack of memory is the font of mistake. The criminal of desperation who takes from the affluent is less hated than the petty thief, but if not a crime of necessity a lie of sincerity does not become true, because predominance has a memory. Accidentally a person can forget opportunity as it can be taken, without exponential severity the multitude of transgression can increase and is the creation of law. A habitual villain will blame fate, minimize instinct, deny freedom exists, and will remember to do so every time.

The socialists go even further, familiar with intrinsic response they will denigrate actions because they wish to do them first, attacking conservators to be entitled, in haste will then make a problem to sell the solution. An air of genocidal tyranticism, of your essence your thoughts are yours, to be stolen a socialist insists that your mind be controlled by ambiguity, when your grey matter is chaotic they appeal to instincts, exploiting weakness until you become an automaton. Liberalism is the product of socialism’s moral cesspool, the secular ideology isolates its enemies while destroying the modes of survival developed over eons, all in order to appeal to a curiosity in its na├»ve state. Libertines will erase entire societies before their natives are awake. Where socialism is a cat, liberalism is a spider.

Perhaps the teacher is the student, each are neither exclusive nor implacable, the disorderly are oft to conflict, luminaries and ideologues still wander, individuation is the penultimate experience of adulthood. The tragedian title then belongs to the revolutionary who seeks power, where chaos seeks order and truth is no more than the effect of reactionism. Were the universe of intelligent design, God could not make man in his own image with the cold ashes of insanity. Feudalism lives here be it by caste or communist, despots rise with a priority to amass a realm in their likeness, and as such that volatility reflects on their creation, but the socialist secular militarism fascist autocracy is led by propaganda. Free will is valuable to those who create, pride in wit is expensive among the destroyers, they both take respite from task for stewardship, but it is the ego that is the most fragile by those who consume. The egoist will destroy but periodically take time to build a harmless contemplative reputation, but will devote themselves to creating violence and insurrection in the leaderless chaos. Students and private armies alike will become factions for a larger war, to confront economic, political and social issues, which were created by their own actions.

A bureaucrat will attempt to invent ending hunger, in a way that involves starving production, more pay for themselves, and the inability to shit. The imbecilic rage that comes with those who are only good enough for government work includes but is not limited to, abolishing familial rearing, desensitizing social norms, and denigrating leadership to the point of creating prejudice, fear, and retardation of youth. In these principalities militarism whimsically shifts from defense to offensive, the institution of family is a threat to new inceptions of monarchy, ignoring peaceful coexistence promiscuity and divorce becomes appealing to those without prospect.

Some are communists, the evil ones, both godless and secular while lying about the definitions of all things to suit their arising needs without contribution, professional thieves and deceivers, inbred automatons who induce callous display of hive mentality, without investigation the weak amongst them are ignored and victims are regularly disarmed. This post humanist faction is limited in emotions, leaving them unqualified to control their quintessence and leaving a volatile mind to exude fits of random emotion. It is also known as madness, oft it is prone to eugenics of a culture where the very perception of mental illness is seen as weakness instead of adolescence. The sensationalists use laws designed for them, for corruption, to control those who oppose them, soon the crazies are running the asylum.

Those who would politicize irrelevancies to distract from their incompetence are called democrats, many people are democratic, but democrats are not. In any situation they are quick to declare themselves monarch, to make choice the highest priority even when it is unnecessary. With their clumsiness institutions gradually become autocratic, until the system they design has no place for freedom, security issues quickly become the concern of bureaucracies, as civilization itself is diagnosed as a mental disorder, to be treated by only by royalists who claim they’re the only ones who can understand the winds of the cosmos.

The contrarians are redistributionists, the confusion is result of enmity to property, by causing confusion intellectual property is lost during common dialogue and private property is lost to confidence scams, you could try to capture them with logic but it wouldn’t do any good, they would merely deny being caught. Spawned from envy, their resentment of capital compels them to ineptly control it, where a confidant to society would climb the corporate ladder, the walking-contradiction uses piracy to assume roles of totalitarianism designed for a monarchy. This topic is quite conflictive; business is a microcosm of life and therein holds many vital and unneeded aspects as critical. The byproduct of business in the production aspect are private armies, the byproduct of business in the consumption aspect is a power vacuum. Labor-unions can struggle toward their own demise, their ranks are abused, infiltrated and exploited, their momentum can turn employers to fortune or failure, and they can even wear their welcome with a business and the public at the same time by protecting only themselves at the cost of all others.

Without getting too close to the power of democracy one can describe pacifism. It is not the same as abstentions, a civil war can be started or federal police dismantled and it could not remotely be called abstention. There is certain impatience to those drowning in fear, which causes them to dissolve heritage committees and subversive activities control boards, a random need of self-preservation in the name of compulsion is needed to fear the advice of society and prestige.

There is always time to remove the wrinkles from irony. The correct approach is truth and courage, something despots do not understand. When lying is their disease their solutions are typically disasters if not to service themselves. Despots can make pariahs of their children and the first martyr they find, the more megalomaniacs there are, the quicker they move to give themselves diplomatic immunity in the nation they reside for a political ideology that adamantly projects itself as a single state. You can’t be a diplomat to Freedonia. Only a retard would give every socialist movement control over successful capitalist and democratic civilization to corrupt the pillar institutions of the nation, yet addicts do it all the time.

Crash Course: Aside from faith in God, religion is created when freedom is illegal. When those freedoms are preposterous cults are created. Cults are a new kind of stupid in an old way, they’ll insult culture and discourage knowledge of history, and they might even condemn contemporary events that have no false idols, they can’t see the forest for the trees and praise only their allies when they can. Independence revolutions are insults to cultists, the egos of aristocracy pride themselves for the choice of abandoning society, despite common traits in commonality with outsiders, and they have no room for foreign camaraderie while projecting their myopathy onto the outside world. As cults spread they begin to discredit foundational law used to protect democracy and capitalism, describing them as antique, the very traditions that have kept society alive amongst the heathens to the point that it flourishes enrages cultists, because they believe liberty laws hinder globalism when in fact preventing corruption.

Pagans can be cultists, but usually aren’t, their theism presents a structural morality and their societal model is indicative of codependent enterprise. They can be a hindrance to relaxation but in formative cases where rituals interrupt the witness of hierarchy and the discernment of leadership, of the prior immersed in different idols of the latter immersed in games, cliques of tribal youth banded then locked in competitive stages. A sense of incompletion dins them causing the collection of games to beat a competitor, or a collection of competitors to beat a game, both not in realities. The audiophile bans unsanctioned sounds as their music becomes meditation, which as anything can be done too much. The progressives who seek to remove religious expression are violating the separation of church and state, centrists believe that line can be crossed twice.

The militant atheists invade churches then replace innocent until proven guilty with guilty until proven innocent. Their first order of business is to replace religion with social justice, a torrent of sensationalism by the malicious and idiotic, seeking independence from what they seek to create with cries for postmodernity. Pardon the pun they demonize religion, if it supports natural relationships and healthy normalcy. A naturalist experiences life as it was intended but chooses to avoid artificial preparations, as mentioned, we’re dealing with irony. Naturalism is sensationalism of the psyche, sadists and masochists inappropriately cope with confrontation by using what they think to be appropriate, naturalism is the archetype provided by nurture as one is both. If the boundaries of reality contain the breath of life, a naturalist must still contend and contest pornography, obscenity and degeneracy in the fourth estate.

The only thought crime is the belief in though crimes, otherwise they don’t exist unless you’re a corrupt career politician, when a democrat clings to power they abandon any filter for obscenity, followed by cries of abbreviation and a ticket to the pity party, distraction for failure repeatedly comes in the form of projection. Groveling communist acolytes will promote anything that desensitizes children into meaningless nihilism. The fanatics of dictators will demean exceptionalism and expression, if unchecked protest will be defined as free speech and classical art, in the statist goal for conformity of shapeless, awkward, meaningless, and ambiguous forms they create dystopia. Polytheism quickly turns to cultism without modern mass communication, but that doesn’t stop communists, who will lie after lie despite the advent of information technology. This is a manifesto of sorts, like a bureaucratic politician it has no proven facts, merely an imprimatur for logic.

There are also the servants of evil, unabashed children of blasphemy, ready to be soldiers of misfortune, since stupidity and hatred are not always different things. They are the ones who fill their pants, front or back depending on if they’re gay or racist, when their false prophet beckons them, often too stupid and buying what they’re told to propagandize between the moments of ignorant bliss and rampant idiocy. As the people work hard to pay for infotainment, the slackers are drawn to the positions of power, yet despite subsidy and federal standardization cannot beat their conservative counterparts with a stick. As the immoral struggle with moral leadership they create politburos, elitist coalitions for fascism, to utilize propaganda after they’ve been severed for poor form and ill quality, not pulling customers, by hiring new mouthpieces. The review process in the public’s eye feigns consensus, editorials shape the narrative and can shape national policy against attention to failed socialist economic policies.

Higher toward the top of babble we find czars and barons, petty but smiling, who will turn scholastic protest to civil unrest surrounding conservative issues, events, and institutions. The eyes of students are flooded with debtor’s prison and a shining ray of hope through the emotional mindfuck that is youth, by the control of their information channel. Schools are then appropriated just as feudalists would do to war colleges in newborn democracies, the socialism poisons through tuition subsidies the education system absorbs without offering increased immersion; the communism proliferates through propaganda in place through press, in force by ambivalence. The teachers of lies become the staff, students, and studies of progressive politics until the deceitful propaganda is in the textbooks.

We often learn history of only the foes we defeat, the victor’s country grows as hidden enemies only barter with republics when they need something, capitalism makes this simple by granting desire to those with ability, liberties to those whom are deserving, thus creating wealth by growth and common interest. Democrats will use technical rulings to define simple lies, this is better known as victimization, using civil-rights to oppress a differing view with the help of an automaton, or claiming equal outcome is more important than equal opportunity. The government of a republic is governed by a lower elected house, and an upper house chosen by the states to represent their interests, among the populace and in congress, when the upper house moves to an election process the two major political parties begin to carry this balance. The liberals from populous socialist cities putting steep pressure on the republicans from large agrarian regions, the democrats choose militarism thinking that it is industrialism and forget to choose conservatism completely, thus growing dependent on the working they consistently subject.

Charlatans like to say they are ending the subjugation of the working class, but choose to do so with burden and outright slavery, this regression into piracy instead of policy is hypocritical at best, they like capitalism so much that they cheat to have it first and besmirch it in reflection of their corruption. On their path to being a cult leader they will forbid oaths but demand utmost devotion and insist that disobedience is treason. These Benedict Arnolds are in constant inner struggle and spread their anguish to the innocent, actively resisting attempts to outlaw feudalism/communism by means that condemn it; they hide as scientologists and atheists who ban therapy in order to exalt their egoism. From this despotism they form the outlaw of aid from nonmembers and exact a tenet of martial law, adopting a code of silence and adapting cartels.

Corruption is a city behind the sun. For such globalists will deride republics to create a united cartel whose list of rights are muted by contradiction laws, the invalid treaty serves fascism more than freedom, for after communist laws are defined to protect liberty further laws are listed to protect crime, this dimwitted approach to the code of law is an attempt to preserve the rights of crime defeated by justice. Politburos are given private armies with immunity and inevitably autonomy, the unavoidable need for conservatism drives these armies to war amongst each other and the central command. While the high council demands its colonies be given their own place on the council, the satellite colonies become capitalist enterprises and among them divisions of the same, what doesn’t kill capitalism only makes it stronger. At the climax of communist imperialism the central dictators stall their enemies with diversionary tactics as subcommands attack the entity due to frustration brought by repeatedly failed economic policies. With this unsustainable cruelty expands from victim disarmament to vassal dismemberment, with destructive feudalism as their choice of creation, fear compels them to murder their successors. The centrist’s main goal is to establish a private military, with serfs beholden to the state, all conflicts are resolved with division, or the option of coexistence is contested and restructured to be inflicted by those with greater power. Often a division of contestants is created and despite weakness the more servile is granted rank among existing liberals as the individualists are again subjugated and disrespected.

First comes death, and then comes taxes. Socialists believe that aid should come to any criminal for two reasons, primarily because they can give and their conformist world view wishes money to grow on trees, secondly that they have seen money given and expect the call to arms to bring more than applause. After exploiting society, socialists will demand entitlement programs, commerce begets commerce, but they intend to extort payment for peace. In the breath of corruption enemies will ask to be duty free despite attacking the consumers and taxpayers, create front organizations in a lie of morality that disarms conservatives and individualism, demand sensationalism for capitulation in avoidance of morality, and claim that approval of fascism is the sole alternative to war.

“Manna has no expectations, it does not speak or make demands, and it does not blame or take sides.”