05 February 2015

Merlin 3:46 “Brood Parasitism”

Merlin 3:46 “Brood Parasitism”

That which makes Nick cart vampires as they dream skillfully, certainly not intrigued by grazing, smiling as if they do not drink to exhaust, it hurts, but temporary, death forsworn and death forlorn.

The noontime, passing another car, those vampires have a kind of silence encouraging each other trapped during the day, craving blood more than gold, the regret of agony with each memory of leaving a pregnant bride to be, thought he, and a steady course unbothered.

He shakes the car and wakes from comas fever dreaming fiends, hoping to inquire his dictates of reason choosing to call it a rut in the road and continue his mission.

In the moonlight, the common throes of bloodshed and atrophy incarnate with carnalities malignant, and he must abide their murder and similar crimes in his coy plot to seem befit of felony, testing his faded morality in act with damage and deceit.

A sunrise turns to sunset as if a blinking, as the nightfall behests their insatiable appetites. Feeling compelled to isolate their lecherous feeding of necessity, his mercies their victims with an honor he knows well, to end pain-giving excuse and granting a double of lies to unfold. That he likens himself while immortal being closer to humanity then are devils, and that while undying prefers more defensible location than common farmlands.

Nick: Without kindness, there is only blindness.
Augustus: If we could only turn each other into one, so would our days and night, forever traveler.
Nick: The dawn approaches; take to the box.

The fog consumes the sky from the rising horizon dawn across the mountains, soon bringing the clouds to the earth; a wild animal makes a cry as a tail of a dragon enters a cave on a mountain.

As a member of their flock they pass thru the small village used mostly for purposes of infidelity, and the types to frequent such pass the streets, and thought of her his pure thoughts, having uncertainty to blindness in the lascivious, where the wind carries danger more than sound of footsteps. In the fog he could escape quickly, but discerned does not. They call the area the land belonging to Sino and he pretends to have never heard that name.

By comfort with their return, they tell their secrets of allies and enemies in the witchery war, debating the term mortality as an end to insult the mortals in the scene.

Augustus: Most do not know, many will not know even after seeing us feed.
Nick: They are mortals and their dreams do not write themselves.
Augustus: Of what is, and what is not, we often wonder if mortal defines wizard most.
Nick: It would seem something needing more clarity than question.
Augustus: Our wizard, we question if he is immortal or renewing his life.
Nick: Is that something you have tried to prove, a sleepers blade perhaps, to this ‘Sino’ is it?
Augustus: We return to beds that we did not use. We shall see if charges are due or if our house is in order.

On the horizon a wretched pool of sunsets and mountains, tired climbs reach before the giant ledges poured by edges that cut into the clouds of coming storm. The road narrows at entering forests beyond the caves and bringing nightfall they approach a cave and wait for passage.

Leaving the dark valley to enter a tunnel as fog covers all, finally entering the base to a dark visualization, by which his calmness helps his eyes adjusting, slowly lessening his trusting of a serenade of whispering chaos, a light deeply and upwardly ahead, a patch of mountainside road between previous landslides high on the mount. Into the mountain, again the sounds of darkness with footsteps and stray screams, grim hell awaits before he can adjust his eyes, and soon a light again for them all at the cathedral of the dark warlock Sino.

Sino: Augustus? I thought you were carousing your ‘strength thru bloodshed’ mantra to improve the land. What have I to do with you today?

Augustus and his men kneel.

Augustus: Command there is not our forays and accept our tribute.
Sino: Be it if the lord willing.
Augustus: Forgive me, my liege. Our former lord has struck at us where we slept; we seek safety in thy name until we can regain our numbers.
Sino: What have you told your, fragile, king?
Augustus: Not and none, commander, as much as nothing, my liege.
Sino: Much has become since we spoke. I have no need of new bodies, living or elsewise.
Augustus: This body would be as troubled by you killing him as such he could, this man is not dead, nor living, to the growing legion under your wisest command.
Sino: Take them away from here.
Augustus: You must witness!
Sino: Go before I nail you to the mountain and wait for sunrise!
Augustus: You need him!

He grabs Nick and cuts his throat, abrupt a silence and a pause, Sino grabs his dagger and a stone from the table that glow in each hand, he readies to fight as the sound of running feet consume the sound of distance. Augustus and the others kneel and three warriors enter the scene and pause by wave of hand.

Nick gasps and twists reaching his hand for the composure, soon finding the sullen soil, shaken and standard regenerative clamor barely stammers to his feet.

Sino: I grant your stay, Augustus. Now, we have work to do! Seize him, on this table! Do not worry, boy, we are going to learn something about each other!

The vampires and the guards take him by surprise; despite trying to fight, we end this chapter with him in arms.

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