27 July 2016

Merlin 3:60 Jaded


Heavy wind blocks light and carries dark rain, a vampire who desires to taste the knowledge of werewolf blood’s scent in air finding fire and the dead enter the room. Sino wraps his arm around the first’s chest and punches its back, the blades on his glove sever spinal neck.

Vampire 2 (Rufus): You shouldn’t have done that.
Sino: Tell me why as I spool your forked tongue.

The dead one rises.

Vampire 1 (Aetius): Because now it’s your turn.

Sino tears a sautoir locket from his neck and glows from his hand, a jade light from the jade stone given to him by Belladonna, the vampires begin to cringe and curl as their dead hearts begin coursing ages of infectious blood thru veins craving only that of mortal sacrifice, tirelessness becomes tithe to warlock.

Sino: Playtime is over, time to die.

A painted vision of punishment and pallid expression on canvas of disparate stare with rage of concept, black veins in eyes and clenching form, fighting to stand against deepest imagined pain in curse and chaos, glom of darkness within the loss of control.

The rain begins terrible sounds as each drop against the earth violently tears against the air without a sound to the hexer. Because of his own rage, Sino cannot notice that his aggression is being watched by Ana from careful distance. At the corner of her eye she sees the consortium of mages and pack of wolves separately decide next tasks, having already helped the aviators with their problem of lingering evil, but also sees Kylesa-Mara relieved to see Sino thru framework flames of burning building survive the attack.

Hereto Sino notices Ana by peripheral vision as the hexed vampires collapse shattered and exhausted, and in this dark awakening he understands he has been seen and leaps disappearing into fire, knowing this, Mara distracts Troy for Sino’s sake.

Mara: What is happening? My heart, it burns, there is a burning in my lungs, I cannot breathe, I cannot breathe!

Troy attends to her and Sino flanks Ana in speed and silence, taking her before she can signal anyone. The disgust and indignation expression, as Ana begins to flame from hair and hands, results with Sino smashing her head into a wall.

Sino: Firefly.

But for the face of fear, he enjoys catching, binding, and lifting her into a wagon hurriedly that he might escape by horse all the sooner.

The interminable ardor of war restricts the perceivable, and unknown is spectacle and context of rain has burning buildings rumbling, splendor and circumstance of people in commotion, the noises of confusion and dour itself. Merlin, seeing Lilith, stares rakish with maudlin.

25 July 2016


The only place is the populace, the public house for privacy, to leave the secrecy in code; that place where conversation begins, a beginning of peaceful terms, and in this awakening where I share information only, those will not be endorsement other than their vessel, empty by the way of the dharma, delivered by the tao, and given to karma in all modes.

Wake, wrench your muscles like clothes of the spirit, prepare your coffee and envision nirvana, then do your taichi motions. When finished, drink your coffee and meditate on the western paradise.

Pack tools and archives, clothes and medicine, go and make plentitude in service to all modes.

Sample tastes and reflect, strengthen according to needs, have tea and be mindful of your thoughts; enter the vehicle of your transformation and continue to grow, avoiding attachment to gravity lift and be seen; feed your body and mind.

Plan ahead, revise your schedule, and establish yourself; watch success in action, study knowledge, find questions in lessons, make notes and complete goals; hunt your next target.

Yoga, code, write.

18 July 2016

Get Your Ass to Mars

 It's sad, really. There is racial tension where I live, or at least, poor writers and over-priveledged newsies are stuffing it into my eyes for ratings. I'm not sure what happened, I am sure of a fixed moment from the past of each life, and I must share it to others. - - If you see yourself as different, then you will be different, for what you imagine is what you will become.

 Oddly, let us place a scenario, that you all are different from me, and my dissapointment perpetual, and then all of suddenly, one of your worst dies. It's super bad enough, a death, be it anyone, it is bad if they are one of you or mine, if they are the causes or the victims, but to protest for the worst among humans is sad, and it's going to scare all the innocent people that you somewhat-refuse to be, and they'll become so scared that the wrong people are hurt by fear and manipulation - all avoidable.

 At the top, there are those that plain as day do not believe in "trickle-down" (reciprocal) economics, but I see the failure is that they don't believe in trickle-down leadership. Take 2 - in weakness, blaming power, the power drains from the institution that the weak previously created themselves, hating responsibility and hating giving responsibility, by all involved, it collapses. It could be government, it could be economies, it could be dreams. There's no need to be emotional, but if you're teaching people (with success, facts) you understand, if you're blaming people, you don't understand. This picture gets its color, even in racial identity, as to realize that movements are pulled and pushed by large forces, clear to some, quiet to others.

[ In editing this entry, I have to add one thing. Whoever is in charge of Venezuela, is a fucking retard, or demon, or both. ]

 Imagine a spy, whom would patently tell you that everything you know is wrong, because the spy is the enemy, and now think of your neighbor, your fellow human, they are honest to the best of their ability, or inability, there is no conspiracy, and I believe that protest, a requierment albeit irritating, just makes the innocent think of conspiracy. A flood of protests might stop fires while washing civilisation away.

 I was visitied by a friend recently, he told me that he had read something, so I immediately knew that what he was about to tell me might be incomplete or repurposed or just annoying, but I listened, and the conversation continued.

 So, I was then told that he had learned that each one of us only uses ten percent (10%) of our brains. I questioned him if that was what he meant to say, making sure we spoke the same language, and asked him if it is a ten-percent use of the brain in which to speak as just he had unto me.

 He concurred, agreeal, inasmuch we do use the aforementioned ten-percent portion in order to speak, and quickly continued with attentive furthering information. I watched him tell me information, which when complete was newly learned to me, amazingly we only use ten-percent of our brains in everything.

 I took a moment to process the information, then I told him I am amazed it is so little when one realizes there is a hundred-percent (100%) of a brain in our skulls, but it explains a lot about what's been happening around here.


12 July 2016

Shapeshifter soul

Mountains do not reinvent themselves, they are torn by vine and rain and the living. Matter passes thru the circle of existence into the next stage of reality, and when the mountains fill the oceans and the world turns on itself, the depth of the earth will lash at space, the burst of rage at the cold silence like waking sleep and blind memory. If each seed of the world bows to the next, then each plant fears no man, by series of progress only the obstacle can become the path. 


A human opens their mind to the divine, standing still among many and among none, This is the nature of consciousness, subject to definition as a perspective of either lifeforms above us or below us, distinction reserved for the observer. Begin your world anew.  

A mind seeks identity, overlooking themselves for illusions, distrusting their reflections and replacing success with demise. Begin yourself anew. 

Seeing others, peace becomes the only refuge for those in danger or in madness, we find enemies when we look for them, and they find us just the same, if the enemy insanity the manifestation reciprocates. Begin your trust anew. 

Finding ourselves as the form which society allows, an individual contrasts itself to entities of commerce, tradition, and mere laws, until it begins to reject problems or become them, rejecting culture until attaining individual thought. Begin your search anew. 

It finds nature as all life, holding onto reality until rejoining the river of time, which time is the great wilderness of all ways, by and from each individual construct of eternity to every remittance of immortality in the fires of reincarnation. Begin your life anew. 

We can enter the spiritual plane, as endless echoes of memories does consciousness allow hidden worlds and unknown magic of the afterlife, where the reflection of sound meets an emotion's energy, dreams are easily thrown into a storm when reality is incomplete or undefined. Begin your dream anew. 

They doubt the singularity, fathomless contribution and unrequited identity, which rain drops cannot reverse quantum weight in vapor, countless systems of innumerable elements minuscule aside vacuous celestial spaces, as lightning having a singular direction, the compression merely a portal of the ethereal world, as fire flees embers to seek the cold, so does the plant reach for stars, as light among infinite supercilious energies, so does perpetuation destroy itself. Begin your day anew.