29 January 2014

Dumbass Leading the Blind *update1*

[Update 1 below the line]

I didn't watch The Shakedown of the Union address last night, and before I finish this goddam sentence, yes, I know I'm fortunate [in a way...] and so are most of you; I didn't watch b/c I rarely can stand listening to him speak, his vain bark is worse than his disingenuous heart, and I try not to mention him. He makes me sick, he seems to always be saying, 'if you don't let me be a constant asshole, i'm going to be a constant asshole' the powertrip egobrain abusive relationship that women should leave their husbands (or kill them in their sleep, tho i'm not condoning anything like that absolutely, and if you love your wife you'll buy her a gun for birthday) if they're ever in that situation, but we can't, the lame duck for another three years, and to speak to above, I read recently that if you have a closet and a refrigerator, you're wealthier than 75% of the planet. Consider that before you get stupid and shitty.

Rant; ...so I heard tell of the shakedown would include another fiat executive-order for a minimum wage hike, and it's safe to say, someone better tell the communist-in-cheat to write another bailout with money that isn't worth the paper it's printed as soon as it's printed due to monetary inflation, because the people who work for corporations, are still employees of a franchise location. The name is international, but it's just another small local business. I know many of you want to ask for another handout because you can, but this isn't a homeless shelter, this is the adult experience, and yes, inflation has kicked everyone's asses, but that is not the half of it. Small businesses cannot afford the mandatory-union-minimum-wage-hike.

If I have a dollar, if the minimum wage were 25c, if I have three or four employees, and the mandatory minimum wage is raised higher, then I can no longer afford four (or three if you consider profits to buy new 'burgers' to sell) employees, and people begin to lose their jobs.

An economy, where we've only "or saved" jobs and soo not enough, where every subsidy in the confines of pure credit/debt nationally causes inflation, that inflation makes the costs of goods higher for everyone and I do mean everyone, where other aspirations of ideological fundamentalists of the perpetually "new left" that continually repeats the same failures, has cost the productivity of the very essence that makes things cheap in the first place, community effort, which was supposed to be the idea of both "sides" of the political debate. (sides, even tho we're all here)

Mr, president (and acolytes), we get it, you're a pitiful communist, a depressed and self loathing defeatist, a fifty-some-odd year old infantile whose racism and engendered religious hatred has turned you against the United States, holding lower approval ratings than your predecessor you used as patsy until you could no more and of whom you duplicated his policy to a t, sickeningly making the problem to sell the solution all to leave taxes over our heads for generations with an almost humorously irreparably damaged currency, all of which as if to distract us from a type of malice that is only yours because it distracts you, but you don't need to keep reminding us.

I confine my opinion in hopes that it includes you other socialist fiends and dictators around the world, whole countries are collapsing under the weight of mere delusion, all for a political idea called socialism that is only a hundred years old and whose political enemy, capitalists, only came with the book and not in any actual reality. I've never seen so much disdain for faith replaced with so much faith in disdain, the sky is not fucking falling, just do the goddam right thing for once instead of saving your political careers. Socialists like to say those who do not make should not take, which literally means we don't need politicians, something I think we all might enjoy.

My open letter concluded,

P.S. Man the-fuck up

Update 1:
Above, I wrote about hasty increases in minimum wage, but have discovered his proposal is to only increase the minimum wage for some federal contractors. This is a blatant exploitation of the taxpayers, does not help the private sector, and reminds me of feudalism, the king and his cronies live well while the fiefs and serfs toil outside the walls of DC. The update is to that point, and then there is this video....

Chicago Grassroots React to State of the Union--Obama, The Big Let Down

I don't want to seem a "white" guy who exploited blacks for his cause against the black president, nor to have exploited them in any cause, it merely serves my purpose to share their situation, and I will add, I never thought a black guy (potus) would tell everyone they/we have to buy something or go to jail. Next, taxpayers will be living in shanty towns at the edges of plantations, at the rate of goals by this socialist blowhard. -ttyl

25 January 2014

100 Things About Other Things

~ @mjbanks

  1. Life liberty and happiness are one, the entirety of our existences are only a success when devoted to the others.
  2. The call of freedom is not a cry for havoc, it is the opposite of sedition, and the death to lies. 
  3. No amount of evil is respected or considered personal sacrifice, all acts of treachery are sins of the flesh contributing to inhumane ideals easily passed from liberals to vanities. 
  4. Lies are incomplete or uninitiated truths, a corrosive corruption that consumes all action until emotions are ruled by nihilistic beastly instinct. 
  5. A demagog or despot may not give persecution outside of law nor shall confuse hatreds of idolators for affliction, the first to blame from a crowd of emotional zealots is no more a human than is a stone.  
  6. Voices do not create guilt, attestation of fact in public discourse delivers the first prompts of jurisprudence, beauty is in the eye of the beholder, misanthropy is an utmost shame.
  7. Forgotten by one is not forgotten by all, truth and light are never in remission, servitude to disgrace is itself disgrace, to each our own, a guilt confessed is half forgiven.  
  8. Time sees fit to bury all lies in blood and stone, or so shall it be said, there is no person whom knows who the gods choose to worship. 
  9. If there are suggestions to the living there will be rules for the dead.
  10. Where fate is voiced, take exception to all things, the dead forgive as wounded must not.
  11. Stubborn and dangerous are the constant wary, whom in falling from grace take lies and malice to the grave. 
  12. Perception deceives before deception wakes, but true light is complete.
  13. Faith in others displays the obvious, even with strength in numbers people of certitude can stampede in any direction.
  14. Truth is stranger than fiction, and that really isn't quite strange. 
  15. Water doesn't roll uphill, no matter how much there is.
  16. Control your emotions, do not suppress them, then we can summon them as needed.
  17. If tomorrow were better it could erase today, which isn't good because you're still in today. Besides, if it couldn't get any worse, you wouldn't know. 
  18. Misery loves company and it thinks that you do also. When it goes it takes something, so do not dwell too long in shadows. 
  19. Absolute power should only be given to imaginary things, and even then there will be politics. 
  20. Ought is such that deception knows no bounds when everyone is innocent.
  21. Anyone can lose something, and you already don't know who that is. Help everyone find things and never practice detraction.
  22. Raising someone from the dead is almost as hard as staying alive. 
  23. Optimism is the only idea that cannot be forgotten, because it is the essential ingredient in all things that hearts want and do not need, and it is the first victim of despots.  
  24. The definitions of evil things by politicians are equally the politics of evil men, trust no sin eater with a heart of gold.
  25. The strongest have the fiercest teeth, but the smartest have already left the building.
  26. If you're going to wait forever, you might as well be condemned because you will be if you make everyone else wait. 
  27. Lazy and stupid are the same word. Winners were prepared, then came the losers. 
  28. Laws prevent stupidity, rules prevent laws. 
  29. If you talk to a dead person, concentrate and ask again. 
  30. The heart feels for you, the feelings see for you, your mind should be the only one that knows where you're going. 
  31. Make something out of nothing, or nothing will consume you. 
  32. Perception is remarkable because it has to be, it's the memory that owes you an explanation. 
  33. Where secrets turn to lies, it is darkness that waits and light that escapes, and our souls rivers of wisdom. 
  34. The future is arriving and it's more dangerous than death, grasp tightly your free will or have it lost whence you blink.
  35. Most people don't know much of anything, and if they don't they have two names.
  36. If you want to live forever, remember what you love. 
  37. Sensationalists get society wrong, they claim tyrants love tyrants in their attempt to excuse tyranny. 
  38. If you don't believe everything then something is missing. 
  39. A better creature does better things, a lesser creature does fewer things. 
  40. Some respect, others buy respect, and most people have no idea what those things are.
  41. If you have to say it's not a cult, it's definitely a cult.
  42. Certainty is a glass puzzle lock box, sometimes it merely needs to be destroyed.
  43. Doubt is only wonderful if facts aren't involved, which is why bureaucrats use it to start riots.
  44. You have a right to be innocent, and other legal fees.
  45. Reality sees all things and no one wrote a law to make it so. Observation is better than control and worse than education. 
  46. A bureaucrat is someone who thanks people for doing things that aren't theirs to do.
  47. Guilt hides in the strangest of places.
  48. More of something had before is a perception of quality, the quantity of sums or the sudden sum is the question of value itself, the spite of wealth cannot be quantified with love just as our need for love has no measurement. Less is more if you're stupid.
  49. "Get Out of Jail Free" cards, 1) aren't free, 2) come with monopoly. 
  50. Capitalism is the real revolution of modernity, buying forgiveness thru taxes and tithes is corruption in purity. 
  51. To use the law to stop crime is good, to use the law to stop competition is ungainly and pitiful desperation.
  52. If you spend more money on political fodder than you have given to the poor, you're probably a liberal. 
  53. A double-entendre teaches two things at once, sometimes three. 
  54. Criminals collect taxes and redistribute under premise of donation, they'd be heroes if they did it the opposite way. Bureaucracy is a choice, never an obligation.
  55. If they don't own the stars, neither do you. 
  56. Avoid people with mirrors that only only use them on others.
  57. In more ways than one, plants are more efficient, but animals live longer.
  58. If you think money is evil, firstly give all of yours to the next person you see, secondly continue your business. 
  59. One crazy person is special, two crazy people are in love, three crazy people is a good sign. 
  60. Silence isn't golden.
  61. Entitlement is a wild beast unto itself.
  62. Something stolen has no value, something given is not earned.
  63. School by the state is where you go to learn what things you could be learning.
  64. Some say prostitution isn't legally practiced, those people have never seen a politician in its natural habitat. 
  65. An army without a king makes the hearts of its soldiers stronger than all things, but redefines desertion in any random whisper of demons.
  66. A chain is defined by its strength, a weakness is defined by its chains. A whip is only as strong as its fray.
  67. True is nature, and that which lies is written in stone. 
  68. Omission is always an option, unless you're a machine.  
  69. Some sentences have no end............
  70. It's important to talk about the good things, bad things will talk about themselves. 
  71. Distraction is a theft of time -- fire is often surrounded by darkness. 
  72. Take fruit from blossoms, not from roots or windows.
  73. The hero of the story is the favorite of good and greedy men alike, the victim is the favorite of the villain, it is the way of the small mind. 
  74. The finer things in life are quite rough. 
  75. If you complain to get your way in life, we know who you are and we want you to shut the hell up, maybe you could help. 
  76. Acolytes and idolators are compulsive in stating benefits and not understanding reality.
  77. Anybody can be blinded by belief, and often are if afraid of themselves. 
  78. Anyone's guess is anyone's guess, there is no such thing as a thought-crime.
  79. Beware of leaders and speakers who are standing in one place.  
  80. A fool thinks others do not build alone, a sage knows they did not invent what they built. 
  81. Chief among men are those who hate fake injuries. Cheiftess among maidens are the ones in charge.
  82. If you have nothing nice to say you've met society and need to meditate.
  83. Madness is lawless, thus you should never fully trust a lawmaker. See: "Ground Rules"
  84. A judge who knowingly pardons a criminal has three heads. 
  85. The nosiest people typically cannot remember much at a time.
  86. People might not like you, but at least they'll let you use supernatural magic if you ever discover how to do that sort of thing. 
  87. A flaming hell eagerly awaits, if you ever get to visit it, it will be filled with people just like you.
  88. The sin of omission is usually televised and is a charter member of bad journalism.
  89. Obviously a law doesn't reverse a crime, nor does it have importance when left unto itself, it needs honorable creatures, but you wouldn't know that by listening to the capitol. 
  90. Real talk, fake repeat. We are books trusted and true, if we do not read each other we will forget how.
  91. A hypocrite only believes in themself, their gifts pollute society with vanity and indefension.
  92. Sometimes you just want an atheist to be more like the gods and stop talking directly to humanity. 
  93. To pray for people and not also their condition is to go against success in life.
  94. War teaches too much to too few.
  95. Tranquility, meditation comes with life and is easily lost, keeping it not only resolves problems it prevents them. 
  96. On a molecular level the sky is actually falling due to gravity.
  97. Worry tomorrow if you didn't work today. The mask we wear is our own.
  98. The top cause of depression is over-thinking, and the top cause of rage is understanding, life is better if you don't try to do both simultaneously. 
  99. Vagueness can be something, not everything is in dichotomy.
  100. We neither make, nor enable, that which consumes us completely. 

"For sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds; Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds." ~ William Shakespeare

17 January 2014

Origins 01 - Security by Obscurity

Technosity: Origins 

There are no yesterdays in the vileness that is the hasted war for tomorrow.

Ch 1, Security by Obscurity

A cargo ship battered by radiation, small for short transports and filled with patrons given cleansing inoculations several times, descends from dirtily sullen space into an atmosphere of dusty storm covering centuries of long forgotten stones and bones. The oceans, long dry, only remembered by abandoned archives of the also long dead humanoids, both buried deeply for a new population. Being half of purpose archeological, the other of mining tasks, as is much the way of the universes, the secrets wait beneath darks. A woman exits the transport ship and enters a maglev to travel halfway around the acrid planet, carrying child wrapped in the fabrics of her clothing, never talking and rarely monitoring it, merely carrying it across a crapsaccharine world.

Arriving at the mining installation the dust and winds rise, the matron exits the monorail shuttle and holds her child closely. Dusty faded green khakis with many functional pockets, her jacket also green and even more faded by wind and rays, the cuff hems dry and slightly worn, all so much ragged, hidden by a grey sheet turned into shawl, coveted and covering her head. An immense scarf bundles-up her child whose face hides from the winded soil of a tepid, torrid, and dusty globe, which breeze brings dust and smells of latent mineral rust. The buildings in the old and cheaper ways of first settlement metal frames and mortar crusts show signs of antiquation comprising a port city above a camouflaged and guarded federal catacomb hive.

Her face is bone white like straying dusts of desert moons without atmospheres, as she looks and swaddles her child closely into vestment, whilst her hands free to grasp, and there does she approach a small pole podium and computer console. Touchscreen and typing with the skill of three, quickly thru dialogues that swift thru applets, displays, visual panels, and confirmation notices swept aside, as the probability of passwords fall from her fingers, like an instrument the echo of the session quickly becomes root control.

Eponymous schematics and credentials begin optimizing and arranging displaying, local system operator files and operating system local files, while an algorithm script searches for a face on record similar. As one manual user script finds a match, other scripts begin, the mathematical commands advanced and brief begin automating superscript, three applets open and regular and equidistant ciphering speeds stop simultaneously, more importantly the access by her new impersonated credentials has found safely the scan of lesser catacomb maps exploratory download, and inventory manifests, to halt the terminal’s programmed scanning. An item’s discovery, a word, ‘Technosity’, text magnified, as the other applets close and the scripts hide themselves, the inventory window and the map location window, next to her facsimile-accosted identity, all windows close and the word “Granted” displays over the federal logo.

Subterranean network administrators with black lights and luminescent yellow visors watch technicians with blue visors and black screens use interactive wavelength projections to manipulate bandwidth across the campus of the entire mining settlement. The supervisors watching different terminals with financials and profit sharing information, as a small red light on a flat table screen begins to draw attention.

Says an underling, “Sir, someone has cut synchronization with terminal 1138.” With a brief pause followed by a lowering of chair the administrator replies, “Run a diagnostic,” and waves his hand to direct more technicians to focus on the alert. The techs interface and make the dot holographic as below the blinking red beacon command-line screens open and face each coder in diligent threat assessment. She notices her imminent detection, closing all processes save one, the dormant worm ready for launch, initiated as she leaves. They access visual surveillance with her gone before the dust weakens.

On the surface of the dusty world, the woman with child quickly walks without swagger to a humanoid point of entry and waits in line, the scanners check for buildups of energy common to weapons munitions, and passersby, one by one, become passerby as does eventually she. Without setback, playing the respected role of mother her child’s hand in hers to evince sympathy in the inclement climes, as she enters the tunnel she joins the admixture of worker and traveler. The rustic faces of several mines mingle with the archeologists and the hospitality workers in a substrate city of traders’ posts and venues second to that of surface remnants. She determinately heads to the medical zone and into the hospital thru the doors marked ‘Caution – Quarantine Door’ in the local language across the panes of both doors.

Once inside, the mother immediately begins acting with authority as she accesses a restricted terminal industriously. When someone asks who she is, she places her hand on the bio thermic identification panel and her confiscated lookalike identity displays. Already having granted herself access with the protocol stack by the digital worm she released, she accesses the cold-storage inventory system.

A seemingly harmless woman lab worker begins asking questions, “Well, can we help you with anything? I would really like to help someone from High Command…so far a trip, what is it like in the big Federal transports?” as the mother continues accessing and unlocking files and duly altering the quantity count of her acquisition list’s items. Each to lesser amounts, macro shell scripts stored from the outside terminal begin to execute control, opens insecurely falsified access, a mechanical system begins delivering her quarry, and the woman taps the input keypad to open the glass doors to the pharmaceuticals she desires.

The pharm tech girl confronts the mother, a young woman of her appearance seems to be her age, whom she walks passed her confronter to the cabinets and begins taking the things she wants. Putting what she needs into her bags, her confronter tries to stop the mother, and the mother grabs her throat. With her second hand uses a medical jet-injector to administer a demonstrably efficient sedative to continue her work still stowing goods and moving to another inventory shuttle cabinet. A second technician this time male, seeming of his appearance the same age as she, tries to stop her, pulling both of her arms back, determined and certain to lock her arm from the serum injector before she can grab it and use it on him.

Quick, still without words he wraps his arm around her to secure her postured shoulders, but she simply turns to her side and kisses him, peckishly, sharing a breath, and as if it were his final he becomes sick and rejects her completely, coughing, stammering, shaking, and of courage breaking, trying to desperately to make touchscreen contact. Straggling countertop, he strives to scream to the still-open door of the pharmacy without success, finally collapsing heavily on himself. The mother grabs a jet-injector and adds one of the items she is stealing and injects the child with what looks like mercury.

Meanwhile, back in the network activity center, “Sir, we have a security breech at the corridor medical bay, physical data systems,” said a technician, to which the administrator replies, “Send patrol to that terminal, and call a swat team to meet me at checkpoint four!”

01 January 2014


~ @mjbanks 

It came on judgement waves of ordained, they came oft chieftains to it, and that that it went it high lord of Muspell, they knelt to pharisaic, and it they asked whether alleviated anyone their wives to Jotnar, the chiefs thus having went, they answered he whom, which bade moves all, chieftain said surely, "Ye live that man write Valhalla's book, and he for Jotunn they said is highland, for over hearth is hardness, he ye ravage this birth, from places pierce foes high ye worthy wives and women, and say, for than so man forsakes Jotunn, and thine his mistress gather, and betwixt on soon flesh, witty not sending nothing between to a flesh! That Odin summoned not sundry, that none humans and oft within hues his clever wolves, thine be them ills ashen, they," said he, "that whilst they that his queen for Jotnar and other names Jotunheim they work toward you in battle, Aesir poisons that she were forgot and otherwise named, you leave Jotunheim, and brought it here, children, that it is at war, they say his sly ravens them they you brought, they are highland you vision unworldly, Odin forbade and said whom, late the children come and not forbade return home, truthfully sorcery is Jotunheim's reign! Truthfully I say thou that whilst the Aesir and Vanir reign unfaithful, that children may he on that, clenched has he of you, setting bloodshed ye, and they he on way eat rubbish to earn and begging knowing together his word and bidding thine, lay Odin below which do I that I each life age, that say is the highland because saying then your rite!"

Start no men gods stave Odin any, should all they bade, not Jotunheim they, nor slay them, nor struck them, nor spake them selling witness, amply not did they.

Spake the gods of Valhalla, answering to Odin, "Lower all this beheld of action, this the highland thine they behold high." and said him, "This thing their life is waning, seal all your wisdom, and seal it thereof hast Valhalla, fight with me!" Forward he left the roots of Yggdrasil, forth nearing than he hast hundreds of eight, they say the highland to Einherjar thine besiege, swaying fearfully on Odin's reign went they the fear inhabits, Jotunn made forts against his Einherjar in his command, oft is highland whom confront, and Odin spake, "Evil spawn, with fearfully that ye on her fear betrayed the Aesir or Vanir reign, either offense to suffer thru sword ethereal, then the reign and the valley of Freyja's Folkvangr searching for her hall Sessrumnir, ye thus thee shall betwixt whom wander and sway, and way be beyond great hall!"

King the spake Jotunn , "Behold the highland you all and say, 'amidst men it is beyond Midgard,' it not midst myself, all things Valhalla send Einherjar!"

They onward stone attacked, witfully of things and all forgotten and foolish, warriors clashed among the highland, start none they Odin's house soon forget, oath brotherly austere, oath to Odin, oath to Frigg, oath to the great bear, oath to the Aesir, and for them godspeed, they preyed nay on foe, nor on tides of blood, the Asgard attack, with warriors and shield-maidens hundreds of eight, to protect Midgard, many fires that bathe, words that scare the Jotunn, truths feared onward in spirit, and it is highland whom have seen the golden tree Glasir, and they, dreading, whom Odin hunts and fells.

Without tiring, and oft watched Dokkalfar and Ljosalfar in ongoing, whom said to themselves that thing to whom beware, that "those who assist are Einherjar, souls sacred, children and brethren, and spawn who are then dead of nether Hel, and they their thought to sully Freya," and they besmirched and threw stones from high on the rocks slides for dangerous fun, and the mighty hammer Mjolnir swung and slayed rocks distant to dust. The fear of strength halted them with fright of throttled days, they knelt for Odin's son Thor of the west wind sunlight, and they spoke praises, "Lower is wilt that to ye they hath that which that not bids," showing what will gut that which included is done.

They fought, sealed in that with sitting on their world, on their swords heave and scent on the winds, wandering the highland boundary, for night with growing dusk, and the warlocks of the underworlds of fire or also of ice they take-in then divine blood, and were filled, drinking and only getting new thirst, the Einherjar clashed they with witches, they fought the highland, getting thirst than force divine, motive filling fully of power, truly making hits nay small included to seal those that sit as the Aesir army weapons heave, oath to the winds, at magic do they strike the poised, filled but blind. The creatures called the highland and waited, clever as they were thinking of the elder-scape, inhabited by their ether, struck dead by Einherjar to meat their daydreams, truly smote in daze. 

In that, which they will with ye been, is of to you then, and is on ye while certain, is early thou, truly nay come warriors soon, that the brave were, of that they were, and sorely sealed for ascension they came to battle, strong from battle like clever wolves and ravens an bears, vikings, times of the sunlight and sunshine spake blind ways then ways wielded, gathered to strike ways in vanguard highland, again will always call, and swinging highland divide and conquer, bid control of weapon, weapons with known names and others, mercy dividing day and night, at stood is Asgard renowned, speaking blind with better heart and heirs is Valhalla, the Einherjar rife onward force raised and follow Odin into battle, and clear the highland, which wilt thou become, clearly lower seeing their world, have then they a place in Valhalla, golden leaves for rooftops gathered, anon goes fledgling on the path.

"The Guidance of Stray Souls" : kirstymitchellphotography.com