28 November 2009

The seven deaths of the devil

The seven deaths of the devil

1. The first death of the devil

The morning star

Lucifer was the creator of the endless torch. He used it to burn things that need not burn so he could watch. For this God sent him to hell. Walking in a river of blood deep inside a mountain, carrying a torch as demonic children shoot lightning from their fingers from the shore, he returns them all their favors. Spears of ice, stones and bones and many skinless bloody gargoyles come to life attacking Lucifer in stages, each stage it returned their efforts and screamed its certainty of reaching the river's source. The riverbed begins to elevate, the blood flow begins to narrow and increase speed. Ahead of it standing on a stone in the stream as tall as he, stood an angel of great demeanor, golden shimmering hair, bright white eyes that held the fire of heaven, a gleaming and blinding halo above its head, holding a long wooden spear with a point of a precious metal. The All-father stabbed Lucifer in the heart, causing him to drop his torch. The blood is not love, it burns bright and hot, the mountain sets fire with the demon trapped inside. Lucifer descends to the next life.

Lucifer - Arrogance/Pride

2. The second death of the devil

The treason

Leviathan was a shape-shifting demon of the deepest ocean trench. It made itself the danger of the waters. It often attacked the largest ships by impersonating its captain and killing its crew, knowing not of wealth. Until one day on the river Styx, it attacks the ferryman of hell. when he could not defeat it, the ferry man offers to take him to land where it can pretend to be a king and slaughter armies, keeping the ferryman in good standings with hell, but the ferryman betrays leviathan and takes him to the marshes of hell where the oil of blood burns on its surface. When leviathan saw this, he tore out his own heart. Leviathan descends to the next life.

Leviathan - Envy

3. The third death of the devil

Set fire to the hive

Satan was a swordsman trained from the earliest of ages by the best of teachers, born of a vast land. They taught him the patterns used to win any fight, in strict and ordered regimen, meticulous matriculated patterns for following precisely by each intricate pattern to avoid radical results. In his ascendance of authority, he taught his disciples to treat innocence with terror. A great war broke and he journeys into the battlefield to fight, he had slain his compatriots, foe than ally. When all was said and done he was victorious his students followed him to the end of the earth killing all in sight at his command until only they were left and then murdered them. As they lay dying from fatal wounds he makes them watch him kill himself. Satan descends to the next life.

Satan - Wrath

4. The fourth death of the devil


Belphegor was the caretaker demon ordered to tend to a volcano, and to protect the capital of the planet. When he did neither he was sent to the mountains of hell. Not knowing where he was and so cold atop the peaks he was forced to make fire. He attempted to find his way down, for days on end; he was lost in the highlands of hell. The smoke burned just as fallen trees did and did not dissipate, for clean air he travelled downward, the growing ceiling of smoke made it easy to descend but always followed him. Never did it get warm; near the bottom, he could see the sufferers of hell. The burning bodies let the smoke drift into the air still a stone’s throw above his head, until the smoke overwhelms and he suffocates from smoke inhalation, trying to hold in his breath until his face is as blue as it had been at the mountain's peak. Belphegor descends to the next life.

Belphegor - Sloth

5. The fifth death of the devil

Severed from science

Mammon is a light bringer. When he does not give fire to humanity, for this Zeus sends him to a place where darkness rules over light. Still having the power to control light he uses it and discovers that his light is poison. People desire the poisonous light and he would trick people into trading their souls after a taste of light for promises of more light or better things. The light is addictive and fatal, each soul keeps mammon alive, each soul gives him the power to make the light brighter attracting larger masses of souls, eventually there is no one left to deceive and consume, and exhausted he dies alone. Mammon descends to the next life.

Mammon - Avarice/Greed

6. The sixth death of the devil


Beelzebub is less than human in appearance, a consuming insect worshiped by many of man. He finds that when he eats his worshipers and not their food stores he doubles into two separate creatures. When one of his doubles eats their first worshiper, the archangel sends him to hell. In hell he is overwhelmed with joy and begins to feast on the tortured souls, as he begins to choke to death on a prisoner of hell, he becomes the meal of a larger creation of himself. Beelzebub descends to the next life.

Beelzebub - Gluttony

7. The seventh death of the devil


Asmodeus is the prince of the world, of a united empire of smaller countries in a time of peace. He is a trained warrior of the land and an honored royalty engaged to the widowed queen of the gods. Envied by his fellows and of the fairer of the species, he is out gathering petals with the flower girls but for too long, and on that day while in paradise in the most acclimate of weather, at the most calmest of streams he began to admire his new found reflection on the day of his wedding. Without any warning to him, the wind came and blew him into the water. Asmodeus descends to the next life.

Asmodeus - Lust