29 January 2014

Dumbass Leading the Blind *update1*

[Update 1 below the line]

I didn't watch The Shakedown of the Union address last night, and before I finish this goddam sentence, yes, I know I'm fortunate [in a way...] and so are most of you; I didn't watch b/c I rarely can stand listening to him speak, his vain bark is worse than his disingenuous heart, and I try not to mention him. He makes me sick, he seems to always be saying, 'if you don't let me be a constant asshole, i'm going to be a constant asshole' the powertrip egobrain abusive relationship that women should leave their husbands (or kill them in their sleep, tho i'm not condoning anything like that absolutely, and if you love your wife you'll buy her a gun for birthday) if they're ever in that situation, but we can't, the lame duck for another three years, and to speak to above, I read recently that if you have a closet and a refrigerator, you're wealthier than 75% of the planet. Consider that before you get stupid and shitty.

Rant; ...so I heard tell of the shakedown would include another fiat executive-order for a minimum wage hike, and it's safe to say, someone better tell the communist-in-cheat to write another bailout with money that isn't worth the paper it's printed as soon as it's printed due to monetary inflation, because the people who work for corporations, are still employees of a franchise location. The name is international, but it's just another small local business. I know many of you want to ask for another handout because you can, but this isn't a homeless shelter, this is the adult experience, and yes, inflation has kicked everyone's asses, but that is not the half of it. Small businesses cannot afford the mandatory-union-minimum-wage-hike.

If I have a dollar, if the minimum wage were 25c, if I have three or four employees, and the mandatory minimum wage is raised higher, then I can no longer afford four (or three if you consider profits to buy new 'burgers' to sell) employees, and people begin to lose their jobs.

An economy, where we've only "or saved" jobs and soo not enough, where every subsidy in the confines of pure credit/debt nationally causes inflation, that inflation makes the costs of goods higher for everyone and I do mean everyone, where other aspirations of ideological fundamentalists of the perpetually "new left" that continually repeats the same failures, has cost the productivity of the very essence that makes things cheap in the first place, community effort, which was supposed to be the idea of both "sides" of the political debate. (sides, even tho we're all here)

Mr, president (and acolytes), we get it, you're a pitiful communist, a depressed and self loathing defeatist, a fifty-some-odd year old infantile whose racism and engendered religious hatred has turned you against the United States, holding lower approval ratings than your predecessor you used as patsy until you could no more and of whom you duplicated his policy to a t, sickeningly making the problem to sell the solution all to leave taxes over our heads for generations with an almost humorously irreparably damaged currency, all of which as if to distract us from a type of malice that is only yours because it distracts you, but you don't need to keep reminding us.

I confine my opinion in hopes that it includes you other socialist fiends and dictators around the world, whole countries are collapsing under the weight of mere delusion, all for a political idea called socialism that is only a hundred years old and whose political enemy, capitalists, only came with the book and not in any actual reality. I've never seen so much disdain for faith replaced with so much faith in disdain, the sky is not fucking falling, just do the goddam right thing for once instead of saving your political careers. Socialists like to say those who do not make should not take, which literally means we don't need politicians, something I think we all might enjoy.

My open letter concluded,

P.S. Man the-fuck up

Update 1:
Above, I wrote about hasty increases in minimum wage, but have discovered his proposal is to only increase the minimum wage for some federal contractors. This is a blatant exploitation of the taxpayers, does not help the private sector, and reminds me of feudalism, the king and his cronies live well while the fiefs and serfs toil outside the walls of DC. The update is to that point, and then there is this video....

Chicago Grassroots React to State of the Union--Obama, The Big Let Down

I don't want to seem a "white" guy who exploited blacks for his cause against the black president, nor to have exploited them in any cause, it merely serves my purpose to share their situation, and I will add, I never thought a black guy (potus) would tell everyone they/we have to buy something or go to jail. Next, taxpayers will be living in shanty towns at the edges of plantations, at the rate of goals by this socialist blowhard. -ttyl