27 October 2018


13 stars burned the desert until the sand was glass, 13 storms gathered over the forgotten planet for 13 days and washed the sacred homes of 13 kings from the mountains of paradise, and gathered into 13 rivers delivering the innocent to 13 swamps where darkness and moss grew in the night, 13 seasons passed the murky wasteland filled with the bones until 13 witches entered the swamp and made an alter for the gods of wind and blood, 13 candles burned as the wind god drifted into ceremony took from them 13 eyes as they tried to flee, from the blind he took their heads and poured blood into a pool where the blood god crawled from the red dirt and they worked to dastardly control 13 realms, from 13 meteors falling into the night side of the world 13 warriors would forge the 13 blades of vengeance, but cursed 13 times they carved 13 empires that went to war, 13 generations fighting for 13 venerations until the seas became low and the sun was distant, and with 13 bones the 13th descendants as the new 13 witches of hex and mordancy fastened bone crest handles to control the 13 star metal blades, until from hell rose many hellions and 13 demons took the blades and new names, the 13 knights of terror and their enjoyment of the insane took 13 of the maddest witches and made them queens against the sane, with the cursed wicked demons holding the world hostage they changed the day to 13 hours and had sacrifices each the same, offering 13 blades to exit with each dull against the skin, the 13th offering turned against one and survived and then the others ending the 13 reigns, and at the cross of 13 roads of as many realms found a mirror at the 13th dawn, time froze and his reflection gave him 13 heartbeats to live, but he killed his reflection and leapt into the mirror, in the reflection of 13 worlds light was dark was light and his body staying in the real world spoke to him 13 words telling him he is a reflection without equal and a vampire in the 13 shadow empires to live thru blood unless he has a 13th heartbeat or someone from the 13 shadows freezes time, where his skin will turn to fire dying as the 13th sign.

'Imje' beyngqS
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