24 April 2013

Ruff Giraffe

Assignment: Write a proposal for your uninspiring technical writing class, make sure to haggle for approval of your topic before you begin, and review a proposal of someone in your group with a checklist written by a zombie.

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Wi-Fi Implementation
Prepared for
G.N. Eric
X.M. Paul
National Venue Corporation
M.J. Banks
20 April 2013

Good Networking Robots
“For American Quality Unparalleled”
1060 W Addison St
Grovers Mill, NJ 08550
April 20, 2013
G.N. Eric & X.M. Paul
Office Complex Megatower
1718 Rhode
Downers Grove, IL 60515

Dear Doctors Eric and Paul:

Given to review is a Wi-Fi implementation proposal for NVC locations. Within this document is the information in regards to your RFP. 

In this report, you will find the listed corollary sections as listed:
- Product Specifications pp. 3-4
- Operating Instructions pp. 4
- Qualifications/Experience pp. 5
- Cost pp. 6
- Warranty pp. 7

We are much obliged to have you take interest in our information networking solutions, thank you for providing the opportunity, we will check within the week to finalize arrangements.
Matthew Banks
Marketing Director
Enclosure: Proposal

Table of Contents
1.1 Purpose
1.2 Problems
1.2.1 High Costs
1.2.2 FCC Subsidy Absence
1.2.3 Diminished Quality of Service
2.1 Implementation
2.2 Technical Description
2.3 Qualifications
2.4 Administrations
2.5 Cost
2.6 Warranty
3.1 Major Concern
3.2 Recommendation

Publicity has become a greater necessity as the digital era takes hold of the entertainment industry. Despite the short-lived trends, the power of the consumer while losing purchasing power has gained a near fanatical approach to live media, i.e. the ominous nature of social networking.
As the commuters attend events they can share their interests with the distanced internet community, the audiophiles, the ever-connected youth and the parents who pay for their children’s music taste. Bridging the gap from band tour to home tablet is a popular solution that provides trending and maintainable monitored commercial interests.
Using the best technology with the highest rated industry professionals to implement a metropolitan area network of digital throughput swiftly implements a niche network that opens venues and interests to profitable free advertising through voluntary public participation.

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Purpose
This proposal is to establish contract with Good Networking Robots (GNR) for full-scale assessment, design, and implementation of a wireless solution in all NVC locations. This bid to obtain a services contract includes the specifications of hardware, personnel involved, and discounts provided as subsidized costs to NVC by federal oversight.

1.2.1 Costs
As advertising costs increase, providing free Wi-Fi to customers is a return on investment that only begins remunerating when implemented.

1.2.2 FCC involvement
Internet access at current time the FCC requires purchase commercially; should a Federal initiative to implement national Wi-Fi occur, telecommunication companies have vied for options that sell services instead to corporations, such as NVC, in which case provisional or subsidized funding comes through them or federally. (POPSCI, 2013)

1.2.3 Diminished Quality of Service
Due to the cost of living circumventing cheap cellular network saturation, and the overall increase in population, a demand for the cheaper more common version Wi-Fi increases with time and impassable consumer interests. Time without Wi-Fi keeps the events hidden from free advertisement.

2.0 Discussion
2.1 Implementation
Because the price of internet Access Points will only slowly decline, a dependable hardware solution is the best consideration. GNR, a forerunner in achievements in all things networking, proposes the implementation of Cisco Systems routing equipment and anti-theft measures. They are an American multinational corporation that is the leader of industry standard technical excellence. The unit we recommend you using is the Cisco Aironet 3602I - Wireless access point.

Cisco routers provide access to applications and services, and integrate technologies. (Cisco Systems, 2013) All of which fall into the requirements of a metropolitan area network. The following provides an accurate technical description.

2.2 Technical Description

Compliant Standards:
IEEE 802.11a , IEEE 802.11b , IEEE 802.11d , IEEE 802.11g , IEEE 802.11h , IEEE 802.11i , IEEE 802.11n , IEEE 802.1x , Wi-Fi CERTIFIED
Connectivity Technology:
Data Link Protocol:
IEEE 802.11a , IEEE 802.11b , IEEE 802.11g , IEEE 802.11n
Data Transfer Rate:
450 Mbps
4T4R MIMO technology , Auto-sensing per device , CleanAir technology , Maximum Ratio Combining (MRC) , Power over Ethernet (PoE) , Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM) support
Form Factor:
Power Over Ethernet (PoE):
Status Indicators:
Wi-Fi Bands:
2.4 GHz , 5 GHz
Wireless Protocol:
802.11 a/b/g/n
Ethernet 10Base-T/100Base-TX/1000Base-T
Encryption Algorithm:

2.4 Qualifications and Experience
Good Networking Robots has been a computer network solutions agency since 1775. Starting with the player piano market, we have come to provide for the technological needs by bridging entertainment and technology to the point of satisfaction for many years. Our technicians are required to have both Master’s level college degrees and ISO certifications, which each employee is screened and delegated to lead and assist projects according to the demands of each special operation.

2.5 Personnel
Nerdy technicians rigorously trained in hacker prisons since childhood to install and maintain jukeboxes regiment each of our networking substations and other various highly technical devices, the following employees will oversee the implementation of a wireless solution at a single venue of your choosing before project assessment and plausible full-scale implementation.

John Camp, PhD Internet Sales Taxation
John Gomez, PhD Radiologic Sciences
John Jones, PhD Archeology
John Littlejohn, PhD Oriental Medicine/Herbology
John Omar, PhD Nanotechnology
John Smallberries, PhD Blacksmithing
John Kim Chi, PhD Aromatherapy
John Edwards, PhD Global Governance
John Rajeesh, PhD Comedy Studies
John Whorfin, PhD Enigmatology

2.6 Cost
GNR is pleased to offer these implementation services for merely the cost of labor at a single project cost to match the timeline requirements your company needs, this will portend a clean, efficient, successful, and timely operation. A full installation will cost $2,500 per venue, or five for $10,000. The Wi-Fi Access Points cost $1,000 each and will be included in the billing statement once quantity known. (CDW, 2013)

2.7 Warranty
Good Networking Robots provides an unconditional warranty, unless purposefully damaged, in case of accident for 100 years, despite any manufacturer warranty issued on the equipment we install. There is no additional cost of labor billed to NVC as result of maintenance of GNR warranties.

3.0 Conclusion
3.1 Major Concern
NVC may go without providing free Wi-Fi to its customers; this prevents free advertisement, and impugns the dissemination of NVC ventures and activities for the public to acquire and asses.

3.2 Recommendation
To bypass oversight by a digital era, we recommend the use of GNR to implement Cisco network solutions in all NVC locations.

4.0 Glossary
Access Point: Hardware device that uses high-frequency radio waves to relay magical invisible communication with the Internets.

Cisco: International networking hardware, networking, and communications company. (NASDAQ: CSCO)

Jukebox: A machine that automatically plays a selected musical recording when a coin is inserted popularized in the 20th century.

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