01 October 2011


I've never found a sinner in a dream
Before the blinding darkness takes control
Forever are the spirits full of lust
And demons are the ones you cannot trust
From river and the water make the air
To crush the bitter shadows of the land
For testing on the battle of the shield
An ancient lesson that they cannot yield
From sympathy to violence runs the wake
Of blood and broken glass and stolen minds
For trust I cannot hold w/in the fire
When souls are sent aloft w/ garret wire
I never speak of bliss I do not own
Or fracture future poison on the vine
Between the subtle futures that are lost
A death becomes a virtue for the cost
Should martyr side with heaven on the way
A silent cloud of Autumn over path
A setting sun behind a frozen ship
A mutiny of vines afore the trip

There is a gentle river in the night

From dust to ash to blood to broken vine
The mire is a coat upon the waist
The fog controls in swamp before the breeze
The poison of a bird within the trees
To say the wind was not before the flight
Infers a subtle absence of the sun
The devil is the object of the moon
The river of the tide begins to swoon
Excelsior rejoice the dark has won
A wise remark from beasts beneath the leaves
A journey with a gift inside the hands
Adrift because of life across the lands
A slew of branches grow on ev'ry roof
With grinding teeth festooned on filthy floors
The creatures who convinced the air is theirs
Begins to promise future to their heirs
The eyes of snake and spiders in the cave
The pitfalls of the leaps and bounds undone
The feast upon the swiftest of the birds
A wisdom put to rest with fewest words

The toll to ride across is more than fears

Faster them the light of a frozen time
The water is glass below aching feet
These minerals that keep the skin alive
Are compensation for the way we thrive
Examining the river in the grass
The trees afraid of fires on their way
The terror of a common threat unknown
The hearts of which are vastly overgrown
I dare to cut the dream world with a knife
A life that evil mustn't ever know
The pain I cause for criminals at dawn
The song remains the same without their spawn
A druthers have the dogs to drink my blood
A spirit to consume the empty soul
The fires of the night that love to burn
The chance to be a friend will not return
Enthralled by all the wicked in the sand
Without the cooler land to perish hate
Before demands of sovereignty conflate
The wars of less than men must now abate

To hell thru death when all the fire clears

When mentioning discussions on my mind
I sink into disgrace the world untold
For water cannot choose the broken well
Nor terror can escape the darkest hell
I dream of molten stone of waterfalls
And dogs beneath the sand that cannot rest
As mountains made of night swallow the streams
The greatest demon child consumes your dreams
A sphere of water lone in deepest space
Consumed by thoughts of sinners on the ground
As long as our new fears remain so plain
The fires on the sand will not see rain
A soul of scales is gently ripped away
As diatribe pollutes my second sun
The madness in the mind cannot complete
Where logic and your sadness never meet
With stories of the whips and chains aside
The screws to you whom cannot feign you pox
The future will defeat the crippled past
For murder in the sands is what thou hast

The devil waits to own your countless years

The better men en route will take your time
In time to live a freedom only theirs
From deserts of their own to pay the cost
With words alike revenge will not be lost
Within this land the earthen man my friend
His thoughts asleep are stronger than your soul
And northern if the winter cannot rest
Will put the battle to the title best
Agree with me you mustn't ever be
Repeat this in a separated fate
For tyranny to battle at the wit
Will be festooned with tragedy and shit
The days of old are passing to the night
The signs of plight are given by the storm
But tragedy amidst forsakes the sky
And slavery by dogs shall need to die
Accomplices to war will scorn the earth
A dearth of useless blood to cover soil
The messages of death are so absurd
That demons oft prefer to go unheard


another linux paper


It is a paper for Linux 102, even though I've taken 201, (state curriculum change?). I forgot to do it, and it was/is due to-morrow, so now it's done, after an hour. Enjoy...life.