11 December 2012

Lost in Time

Personal Log: Thule, Joseph, Dr.
[Interval 1] (27004-212-03) 8:3:3:0

The looking glass is deeper than I imagined. When I crossed through the portal it was like being between a cascading mirror illusion. Another portal in the world I have entered, a third in the one I was, it felt like any other step but I could only sense another me entering the world I was leaving, another door, another me leaving the world I have joined, as if a shadow of matter passing in harmony, saving space between infinite worlds. The portal closed as if it weren't open, so indistinctly that questioned whither was my memory. Reading this I'm sure you can't imagine how I reckoned to my memories, surreal, using the portal again I the time code incorrect, portal has standard tempus-fugit affect, the timecode for this entry is accurate and further ahead than I have physically experienced by almost 3-130 0:17 from the first temporal-dimensional bridge. Nearly a parsec-joule by my arithmetic. I'm sleeping for the night in a closed mine.

[Interval 2] (29034-994-02) 1:2:7:4

The Einstein bridge has put me forward in time, but with the particular spacetime returning to its natural state the new point I chose though statically unaffected had a dynamic momentum, like the sail on a ship returning to a natural state in the wind, with my location on the fabric of time subject to nature's discourse, historical events near me have remained as I remember them, but occurrences around the planet have drastically different outcomes. Further experiment has proven this true, further research related that leaving the log open during a 'jump' forced an error log in this file's meta information. (Error:Lx113377) to be paid or, evacuating planet in pursuit of mutagen. As for the revisions of what I knew to be history, I am either suffering neurological damage, I have crossed not only temporal but dimensional planes as well, or tje prior assumption that using the device alters reality may be true.

[Interval 3] (29034-994-02) 11:2:7:4

My experiment was recreated by the military, it failed with an outbreak just as it had before, just as I or a potato could have predicted. According to sensors the lab is overrun and the moon will soon be deemed quarantined and purged, if not may the gods help us all. Quality points for visiting a clean lab are inappropriate as I won't have time to wait, mission on schedule, rendezvous High Council destroyer is here to burn the rock. I'm headed to Mars on a cargo freighter, for a timeline marker, the Americas have become a sovereign state.

[Interval 4] (29987-777-56) 1:9:7:9

History seems to be a pattern, Mars is in the early years of feudal conflict and secret monarchies, as is to be expected. I went to buy parts for my watch and discovered I'll have to make my own parts, I don't have to buy a new watch, or comm for that matter, but if I do it'll be a federal tracking unit, these are certainly the Orwell years of Mars. Due to technological advancements the portal device carries in a smaller case, nearly all the metrics of equation are ignored, I would offer a reason to go back and warn myself not to create the error, but in paradox I wouldn't be here to do the warning, something or someone put the contagion to a weaponized use, I'll be leaping forward until I know, or do not. Note: when despots teach people that property and identity have anything to do with the other, beware women bearing gifts, I nearly lost the device and my life, her name is Sera. 

[Interval 5] (31900-683-01) 11:7:6:4

Sera followed me through the portal, our relationship is amiable, better than one but less inconspicuous as multiple traveling anomalies. In furthering my research, entropy, the nonviability of energy to do work, conduit space, string theory basics, astrophysics, rocket science, FTL, weight, acceleration, transistor-superconductivity, it's all ten over six to crystallographic subspace transmission, velocity of light in free space. I need to build a mirror element structure, where layers of gravimetric sensors watch mirroring portals, the space between the parallels must be negatively charged by a constant rate of one third, but I need resources, and even if I get a quotient of conflict minerals, the industrialization of time and human expansion is an efficient mining process, meaning I'll have to find a source of capital, if you're the ones sent by the High Council who are following me and are reading this, your ship's dimming field was more expensive than elusive, like a bull in a porcelain shop, old tricks are the best tricks.

[Interval 6] (33218-960-42) 2:6:3:3

Inviolate is the mass of a planet it seems, it's harder to keep illegitimate money than I had thought, if I could jump back I could make a few good bets, for the eyes of High Command, I take full responsibility for the service casualties on Mithras 4, though it may have been a better of your agents, it only happened as the result of an agent in one of the uniforms that used to be worn, and coincidentally by one my pursuers at this temporal juncture, old threads, he is or was a hasty bounty hunter that seemed as perplexed by futuristic technology as I have been so many times now. It is doubtful that by my research or simply the guillotine of time, you've learned to skip across the temporal pond with me. By lock and key I'm holding hostage people who have themselves been hostages of tyrants or as occasionally possessions for ransom, by the misfortune in all senses of the word, a heavy jump can devalue currency once viable for a mansion into a lowly meal, this piracy will deem me a tyrant or a ghost, from what I've read in fairy tales, I can be both. Stop chasing me, I plan to go to the beginning of the end.

[Interval 7] (33419-390-88) 9:3:7:4

It may be poetic to say the future is history, I know now that man will forever look into the past and see the darkness, the future holds so much traction for scientific potential. I've seen the progress in as many steps. I understand it would be a tactical disadvantage to come for me and not exploit the advancements, but I would be remiss not to mention:

Gravity discovered as the cause of dark matter
Unification of nuclear physics
Linear relativity w/in trans-dimensional quantum mechanics
Subatomic entropy and communication
Quantum parallel interference windows / bilateral planes
Sonic fractal communication frequencies
Electromagnetic, gravimetric, EM V 5 combustion
Point-to-point displacement teleportation

These in their independent times scientific breakthroughs, destined to be utilized by the people of the cosmos, yet one after the next, stolen by High Command, even my LCARS patent, hidden, they are meant for all, so I have taken the research of each discovery, the advantage is undoubtedly mine, as they can hide it, but cannot know every mode which I might attack, this time jumping disasterpiece allows not only patience but a powerful way to infiltrate an organization. there are temporal agents after me assuredly, but I destroyed my own records every chance I get, should I discover a way to use the portal to go backward. These advancements have humbly shown me how small tech can make the universe and how young any civilization truly is, I worry that with the spoils of war I may have already damaged my chances at returning. 

[Interval 8] (33644-224-18) 10:3:3:2

I'm sorry in a way that I wasn't there to see my kindred to their ends, in reverse, I plan to see them again. I could curl into a ball as soon as it is inevitably invented, until then, I am a space pirate, my file w/ High Command was altered to myth status, but a touch on a privileged file puts me as a critical threat to royal installations, I have been busy with my research, mostly exploring an explorable charted galaxy, but I may piss on their doorstep before I croak, unless I make it back. The contagion is rancid waters in the tides of space, remote planets and city-continents have automated contagion defenses, the universe is still big enough for the both of us, time and I.

[Interval 9] (33780-220-22) 1:8:4:7

I mentioned I was dancing w/ time, but I forgot to mention I may have repeatedly cut-in-on a few warlords and their grudges to get my resources, I have no fixed point and their belonging doesn't either, not until I'm home. I've lost two things recently, my home world was lost to a supernova, and my little finger from a markswoman with a, special anger. where was I when this all began?

[Interval 10] (34166-184-08) 2:7:8:9

FTL creates gravity, bending space-time, making distances shorter, so that teleported matter doesn't double-occupy/overload gravitational space, substances FTL fabric universe, subatomic relativity escaping gravity, liquid time becomes 'spherical' what is extrinsic of entity is one of the dimensions the famous Dr Bishop had mentioned, how I could use his eyes, universal neighbors I think he called it, thus quantum physics encompasses relativity's rules w/in and at FTL scenarios to create teleportation black-holes/wormholes controlled, light does not escape black holes b/c its space-time momentum, or string momentum if you will, does not allow light spectrum visualization, or perhaps the planets are protons, dark matter the refraction of space, absence of perception, such as magnetic blind spot of conceivable theoretical physics.

[Interval 11] (34518-383-66) 9:8:7:2

Using a particle accelerator, the parallel magnetic field inducer, a ring of custom-built gas-filled recoil ion separators coupled to a position-sensitive semiconductor sensors to identify reaction products I attempted to record the aggravated mass and field variation, to alter absolute zero into fluctuations, then calculate the ideal mechanical advantage of parallel magnetic field induction measurements.

[Interval 12] (34937-027-01) 11:3:6:8

The galaxy is still big enough to hide, but I worry that with a wrong jump the social universe will get smaller again. Supplemental to the log, 10^-32 concatenate weight deduction attached to one wall of field induction unit ore, weight measurements from large to small. easy to visualize as a chain of bells, each smaller than the next with each step from the shell of the wall, it's really two arches. indeterminacy principle counteraction, nullified interference by use of Einstein's cradle.

[Interval 13] (34908-029-30) 8:5:4:9

In pinch I had to hide my research by sending it forward, to keep a secret from the locals, with adjustments made it only went forward an hour, as presumed events near the portal do not alter, as they were there when I got there, watching the gate open and seeing myself made me sick, I vomited after seeing myself ahead in time, after the portal closed, knowing I will not have made it back. It was the first time I have seen the side open from the past that didn't have agents shooting at me, seeing myself an hour younger was disconcerting, when the portal closed I cried, then and now the thought courses me, would I have still cried if I had seen myself do so from the past?

[Interval 14] (55099-028-29) 7:4:3:8

Glitch in the device caused a long temporal jump much more than expected, not only had my home been razed by time, but I stepped in manure on passing through, let no one tell you that time isn't shitty. I though I had gone backward from the first jump, after finding city and realizing I hadn't, I stole one of your spaceships, bet you didn't think that would happen, I initiated a false evacuation and took an escape pod as it crashed into a star for good measure, this mentioning it is my equivalent to taking a picture with a a passed-out drunk and sending it to their wife. 

[Interval 15] (56808-024-96) 8:1:3:3

Prismatic illusion, isolated frequencies don't change when parallel refractory convergence, the point of which is absolute light, at the optical medium where the white light has passed through a prism and a refractory lens, just before the surface of a second prism used to re-converge a rainbow into pure/white light, event horizon, b/c distinction of color is insufficient, counter intuitive to the true nature of light.

[Interval 16] (56810-001-00) 8:5:1:2

Conservation of momentum is relevant to the smallest unit of subatomic structure, the impulse of velocity is centripetal force, gravimetric isolation multiplied by prismatic absolutes allows centrifugal gravity, acceleration mass bridges points of linear space, if escape velocity is deleted; light traveling at the point of mass creates temporal vacuums; black holes are traveling civilizations.

[Interval 17] (56811-001-00) 0:3:9:9

Achieving exact precision in temporal crossing, I may never return, but now by my own choosing. The escape velocity for light from a black hole must be many times faster than light, enough to have momentum in parabolic potential energy; dark matter is trans-dimensional frequency, using the deconstruction of covalent bonds for subspace communication, nontransferable to different subspace stratum; thus beyond comprehension or defiant transliteration, no reflection w/ current filum technology; poetic: line of sight for a three dimensional equation/view.

[Interval 18] (56911-002-00) 0:5:0:1

Apparent weightlessness, electromagnetic magnification impedes thru structural delineation, pervasive to the anomaly, which if perfect an base gathered turns bubble at event horizon becomes spherical fractal compression folds the bubble when layers touch beneath thermal dynamic emitters the wormhole between universes is created, to which an estimable level of radiation exists w/in it, as is the reciprocal of conductivity is insularity.

[Interval 19] (57911-015-00) 11:4:0:0

I'm still having trouble with harmonic multidimensional rift buffering in polymerized emitter arrays for compression signal transference, it could have something to do with the theoretical subatomic particle photovoltaic dimensionality of subspace harmonics w/in retrograde spacial cooling.

[Interval 20] (19840-024-96) 1:1:2:3

Followed or alone, invading the future has been more fun than I though possible, I may or may not have learned how to return to the past, if those of you from the High Council following me have discovered the secret to successful reverse time travel, stop trying to erase me, or at the very least, let us be to discover our own future.

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/09/26/4858723/search-for-element-113-concluded.html#storylink=cpy

Read more here: http://www.sacbee.com/2012/09/26/4858723/search-for-element-113-concluded.html#storylink=cpy