16 July 2017


It has been a long time since I'v ebeen here, and i closed my eyes, i can't feel my skin, these opinions of me, i start to doubt if i'm crazy in my philosphy of syndicate and agency, and i am so, so many crossroads here, the mountains gather at the shore to keep the dark wind from landing, i am already a fire in this realm, i am a wave of autumn heat, peering in autonomy a sunrise of winter, a rain of of arrows from the stars, they chatter still, boxing my voices as i had once been, everything to no one, to none anything, nothing to myself, having trouble defining what is sacrifice to the selfish, back to the back of wit i have to bring myself to attention, altruistic amnesia, memory of this instinct to war, alone in the wilderness, what would a wind mean to them, this primacy, as the last thing i learn in the next, what has been lost on me, this place give me imagination to remember why the bad breaking the patterns of reasoning for rationality and why they did, and yet the world speaks, i lose myself in mystery, changing feinds to fowl from felon makes light work of loud tongues, a job that should not even be, rage fills my ears until the dead forgives me, longing for the the wicked woods, my hands, the time i cannot take, this is the song of the celtic frost, i run from truth, i come into a darkness to find the familiar sound of silence, there will be talking shadows, without the light i feel the time slip thru my fingers, without water my skin boils and there is a darkness to the sun, the others vanish even tho unseen the smokey ghosts of veils and rings and fingers, the edge of darkness is not day but a nother world in day, the spacing legitamte, the season  in predicate a reflection of all that the darkness is not, is night, is naught of hell and ignorance, purile fashino0n and sinister ration and thinking without the wildness of all counted in burden, and when the good world becomes night, it has happened again, it was just now, it was earlier, it is later, i cannot tell you what none have lived to remember, the ghosts, they come into the new realm where the sunlight hides and fire guids, beasts walk with them like windows and reflections and lies, i walk with them to the gambit, trading trinket locket ring and drifting slowly sifting thru the trees and walls of time like shallow shores and honey wine, i cannot control the wizdom listened here from line to lie, tyhis reality holds me, do not accept these pices of promise that cannot be remembered, do not take the gifts that cannot be remembered, unseen i am darkness bound, and when the mortals cannot fathom darkness will it soon come back to ground.