28 August 2011

Humble Brag

I'm going to eat humble pie, as I admit your errors and wait for you to apologize. With a flash in the pan, whichever type they are called, certain politicians are promising at the start but then disappointing. The better of two evils to sword of Damocles, now because of incompetent communist controls our freedom is sacrificed leaving us indefensible from any imminent danger. The dangers were merely hiding on Skid Row waiting to kill the sleeping giant, we have become under duress of a failed politic the David that must end Goliath found in the disreputable part of town inhabited by derelicts and charlatans. There's only one place to find crocodile tears, would we feign victory with insincere tears, for the lowly predators cannot hasten the instinct of predation. There are those among us who are bad and those who are idiots, some of them are both, they have put a wet blanket on our natural growth, so that the curious may grow freely we must be the one who spoils the fun of anarchists. There is not one amongst who should be taken to throw down the gauntlet, resistance builds strength, to challenge someone is only the first question if any other, discordant revolution comes to despots who ask questions of the needy. This Socratic irony delivers Hobson's choice, nature dies if it to have no choice at all. Those who have stock in trade will not trust thieves, the goods, tools, and other requisites of prosperity cannot be lost to those who need loans to keep promises. Thieves want to pass the buck so it is important to never pay someone to evade responsibility. The naive will buy a pig in a poke, after letting-in swindlers with a handshake and a smile, only to suffer a poor purchase and a blind item in a specious pretense. With conservative intentions as they try to pour oil on troubled waters, a predator waits for opportunity with patience for the moment, in order to make peaces and calm people they must be alive and not savaged. It is time to carry the day, before denial moves to win the approval of the majority. When solutions choose to go up-in smoke, it is due to problematic persons choosing to come to no practical result. Nature always wins because it cannot suffer the first of any Pyrrhic victory, unfortunate and ill fated a battle with no war is too costly a victory. To beard the lion in his den, where the darkness is without light, a claimant moves to visit and oppose a person on their grounds. They will speak of a place where they are feeling no pain, but drunk with power they will not show you suffering. If you choose to rule the roost your mind must choose to be in charge, but logic must choose to be master. As the allies of heroes become strung out and need to be taken down a peg, remember that there is nowhere to take the conceit of a braggart and certainly nowhere to hide it.

25 August 2011

Basic Connections

Describe a real-life situation that uses at least five of the network connections described in this chapter one. (ISBN-13: 978-0-538-45261-8)

LAN Center: A computer center for PC gamers grants access to an intranet/LAN for multiple users to play a web game. These computers access the internet for maps and access to gaming servers to verify accounts which have purchased the game as well. This also allows other LANs from outside, to access their game. Smart phones in the center can use a wireless connection to view their fantasy 'football' scores or do some online gambling, or even use secure verification to access a MAN for public sector or news-media jobs. The internet connection provided by the computer cafe can usually also connect to general internet services email, etc., to access mail servers anywhere in the world. sometimes DNS branching can interrupt a direct route. new apps on smartphones can use sensor data in streets or even nightclubs to inform a user, where satellite tv's broadcast media and have interactive weather services. cell phones use the atmosphere with microwaves, and in short distances around essential areas of the city, like hospitals and governmental buildings, a shortwave microwave tower transmits high-bandwidth connections for emergency services, in some cases. they look like wide drums turned on their side, i read this is how New Zealand gets their internet from Australia where ATM terminals can verify global financial data.

19 August 2011


Here are some great typos and incorrect words.

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12 August 2011


The Associated Press: FACT CHECK: Republican debate strains some facts
Associated Press writers Erica Werner and Alan Fram in Washington, Brian Bakst in St. Paul, Minn., and Philip Elliott in Ames, Iowa, contributed to this report.  By CALVIN WOODWARD

12 August 2011 circa 3AM CST      [more like they strained some facts]

Fact: The writers of the article are a bit slow, I wont be surprised if the article disappears so i clipped what bothered me. Here are some excerpts made by team "Impolitic" from the derisive article concerning last night's GOP debate, followed by my retort.

1. their statement regarding Mrs. Bachmann: "THE FACTS: Nothing is unconstitutional until courts declare it to be so."

this implies that the President and any supporters/advocators of the legislation have the right to remove personal freedom from purchasing action when it does not harm others. Incorrect.

2. their statement regarding Mr. Romney: "But that proposal had no chance of becoming law and settling the crisis, and leaders in both parties knew it. It was one of several initiatives brought forward by both Republicans and Democrats for show before both sides got down to the authentic bipartisan negotiations. During that process, Romney did not lay out a prescription that was achievable in a time of divided government"

this is simple conjecture, this quote's 'chances' are theoretical, and knowing what others knew is purely hypothetical-logic. I think mentioning 'authentic bipartisan' was fairly honest if not biased, if these items are untrue then mentioning Romney's plan as not 'achievable in a time of division' is purely partisanship.

they continue writing, "Supporting the earlier GOP bill was a far cry from stating whether he would have signed or vetoed the final debt limit legislation,"

but Romney gave an official statement opposing the action, and in the debate had mentioned it just moments prior. A clear case of prejudice by the authors.

3. Their statement regarding Mr. Santorum: "THE FACTS: The former Pennsylvania senator might have been mixing statistics on federal spending with federal revenue. The White House budget office has estimated that federal spending this year will equal about 25 percent of the country's $15 trillion economy — the highest proportion since World War II. But federal spending has averaged nearly 22 percent since 1970. In fact, federal spending has not been as low as 18 percent since 1966. Since the 1970s, federal revenues have averaged nearly 19 percent of the U.S. economy. This year's revenues are expected to equal just over 14 percent of the economy, the lowest level since 1950."

federal spending cannot be 25% of a $15T economy, because the federal government doesn't collect 100% in taxes. classic liberalism, i was pleased that facts were presented in this portion, but very disappointed that they were irrelevant. simply put, case in point any one with a foot can tell you that the federal budget is in deficit, if it were merely 25% than the entire debate would be in 'Back to the Future 4: Ancient Future'... to mention percentages of revenue as federal spending omits that of what is collected, public debt consumes the remaining revenue (and in this case, more money than we have) + they are missing statistics.

- the impolitic article is volatile and detracted into leftist propaganda - i think their school of thought is 'if you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with bullshit.'

4. Ombudsman:
(Wikipedia) An ombudsman (conventional English plural: ombudsmen) is a person who acts as a trusted intermediary between an organization and some internal or external constituency while representing not only but mostly the broad scope of constituent interests. An ombudsman is an official, usually appointed by the government or by parliament, who is charged with representing the interests of the public by investigating and addressing complaints reported by individual citizens.

(Merriam-Webster) One that investigates, reports-on, and helps settle complaints.

I guess these FIVE liberals missed the memo, or they shouldn't write/post papers at two in the morning desperate to slander republicans. 

"...Wicked-minded, out of control, And guided by their hunger, They will find new ways to betray us, Your corruption is like a cancer growing inside, You owe the world an apology, You've been taught all your life, That truth is easy to hide, You face your judgment another day, And suffer eternally..."
Innocence - Disturbed

10 August 2011

The Conscription Act

The Conscription Act

Herein includes propositions of entitlement reform and circumstances regarding social service benefits to be recognized as the conservative conscription act, and economic principles defining monetary socialism parameters for remaining within the boundaries of the Balanced Budget Amendment.

Upon or during the removal of welfare and entitlement programs, welfare funds are no longer to be used for commercial items, entitlement funds received by individuals will be solely used for government food stuffs, whereas provision unprovided will be acquired by personal employment.

Social Medical Services, better known as Medicaid, will under mandate provide birth control options, of which include optional surgical birth control methods for both genders. All recipients must be tested for illicit narcotics, alcohol, nicotine, and also full dermatological topographical records taken for tattoos and piercings. Violations to existing drug laws will be prosecuted. Consensual relations and casual drug use beyond limitations of the Conscription Act will require employment and documented dismissal from social services. Children born during residency may be subject to physical evaluation for youth academy military conscription of no more than one month if a valid conscription law is applicable, only after the child reaches an age of 16 years, upon which time both parental and pupil consent can be made for full enlistment.

Public housing and housing entities leased by investment groups for rental purposes will be subject to inspection and police regulation, by which all activities therein are considered hostile thus disregarding need for a search warrant protocol. During each inspection by a survey officer each unit shall be clean and serviceable, each designated residence is subject to inspections at any time required and during regular inspections that each and every resident must be notified at time of dorm assignment. As a ward of the state luxury items will be inventoried, domiciles will be cleared of any luxuries deemed possessions of excess, if these luxury items wish to be kept, employment, documentation, and rent must be charged according to property value or energy costs to improve campus quality. Residence can be refused by any citizen at any time, if employment wages surpass the poverty level each resident by rendition will immediately be referred to a community relocation program to find suitable housing in the private sector without haste.

Recipients of social services must have documented employment, verified electronically or by physical documentation, or be subject to public labor and/or social work. Labors required will suffice the encompassing community requirements of sustainability and repair where that person lives or works. Adaptations including luxury items to a communal environment, though permissible, upon appraisal may be instantly deemed public property and removed at any time for funding purposes. Objections can only reverse this process by documented employment and dejection from the social services program, upon which time items must be reimbursed but not replaced unless said item is available. Children under the age of 18 not receive passing scores, or if educational requirements are not met, their households may be penalized by reduction of services, these reductions are not to include emergency or humanitarian services but may include all else.

All privileges, services, solutions, entitlements, and vocations are entirely voluntary, upon receiving financial aid recipients must be notified of above conditions and by documented approval verify the terms of social services that are neither reversible nor subject to alteration. All payments by condition of rule are to be fully volitional, standards of productivity may be spoken against but shall never change, dissent to working standards is allowed with comprehension that Social Services regards inactivity as demeaning and degrading, and may result in rejection from the project community.

The definitions of crime and punishment shall not be exaggerated for social service recipients. Offenses against social service residents by official capacity or citizen will be immediately be subject to the criminal charge of Summary Offense or "Felony". Where the gathering of people in unfortunate circumstances occurs the criminal element of society shall be persecuted by the full extent of the law.

Recipients of Social Services or government subsistence shall not retain rights to vote unless documented employment is provided establishing verifiable wages above poverty levels, or if a voting license is purchased, thus voluntarily providing a distinction between citizen and civilian. This provision provides the necessary distinction relegated to avoid a conflict of interest for Social Services recipients who may be haphazardly intent, knowingly or unknowingly, to indefinitely extending and/or exhausting the welfare state.

Compulsory military enlistment, commonly known as conscription, is not a current requirement of this clause entitled The Conscription Act, unless at a later time amendment legislation is written and passed by two-thirds of both the Senate and House of Representatives, followed by approval of the President of the United States.

04 August 2011

New Millennium

Personal Log:  
(22265-795-22) 8:1:1:7

after being able to verify repeated molecule teleportation i've been granted funds by fleet to continue my research in proper conditions; after choosing a distant planet in Colony 3 for its long years that last thru long seasons - extended climates for experimentation as needed - but as my quarters have been submersed on the winter side, for now i have taken the easier route and moved my research to the tropical moon, transferring if necessary from the surface is usually easier than surface travel -

(22265-799-19) 8:2:2:4

the possibility of returning teleported molecules depended on creating an isolated region (tunnel) to transfer i still need to discover an inoculate of sorts to protect the transfer and send packages larger than single molecules; coating costs are exceedingly intricate, add weight, and no doubt cost ineffective -

(22266-105-04) 7:4:6:9

teleporting molecules with different chemical substitutions has increased speeds but without tunneling the transfer, time travel still a no; today one of the lifeforms showed itself, moderate intelligence and crude dialect; i tranquilized it and took a blood sample to see if there were any compounds from the region i had not discovered in the dangerous regions and possible undercaverns - creature two feet tall at most, spine on the back peaking like tent, perhaps evolutionary tick, blue blood

(22266-997-01) 10:5:2:4

sample from the indigenous humanoid yielded several unrecorded compounds and a few new elements for break through development - i can now teleport elements with comparable atomic weight in 1000 range - will greatly benefit laser weaponry, a veritable success for funding undoubtedly, very exciting, tho it greatly slows the transfer rate it is a step of progress - isolated research requires more variety of teas, ordering more seeds already from fleet - always bring a traditional book, you can read it over and over -

(22267-409-01) 10:9:9:8

local moon 'critters' seem interested in the facility; sometimes they stand on shoulders if not in distance where i see the quaint vests of proto-society; after great duration i've seen no hostility an have taken interest again in wandering, which in recent they have, if not tediously shown me one of their higher order creatures - highly humanoid reptilian - as tall as i - very secretive it was skittish and fled, it was harvesting moss - nutritious and was good for tea tho took some extended time to dry - also taking an interest is fleet - i've become a top priority for govt and been granted unlimited funding - for security interests and granted one month leave, heading to earth for some carnal interest -

(22267-410-02) 4:9:0:7

a research facility has been built on the planet surface, more of a weapons facility so they can ask me things in secrecy from communications, it has its charm, it all came to mind when i found a ship well holding in deep orbit - big fucker too - i spent some time watching dormant plant life on the planet grow into swamp, quickly on the edge of winter, then the accident

during my tests for load balancing and thresholding an inverse collision particle stream exploded, a brown gas resulted that made me sick, but with a drink i was well again - danger - the gas caught the lungs of a miniature thimble bird and killed it, i brought the dustpan, the newly brown and discolored bird was eaten from inside out and lashed like a virus - the bird then clumsily flew at a second bird until it caught it and the larva contagion consumed it - i soon froze the creature zombie - upon examination, gestation occurred in skull at explosive proportions - i'm calling it the flood - the critters left en masse eventually alerting, accidentally, security forces - my research has been confiscated and my facility neutralized with a few personal chemical photos left behind intentionally - i've been moved to the planet's base with only my secure logs - and i was just getting the tea right -

(22267-888-02) 5:10:9:6

resonant memory imaging took place on a local test subject during an exploratory mission on the moon today - i needed to know for sure if there were any other lifeforms, i found brain images of what looks like weapons - keeping record secret for now and asking base security to capture alive one of the humanoid specimens

(22268-898-21) 0:0:2:8

a setback of no progress; genius block; tests with the 'menace' as the soldiers call it by the military research team shows the 'flood' does not affect plant life and shows fungal traits, further research has been halted unless done in the planet's permanently frozen core after discovering its cancerous spread at mere cellular levels - on my order; also discovered an animal that looks like a porcupine but ejects its quills in defense, ages slow like ancient turtles, but defenses of a different terrain, requires low light to survive -

(22269-707-14) 10:5:5:6

bored and off task i took the touch sensor from glass panel control system that i broke earlier this week, modified it and added pieces from an infrared portable keyboard and a rustic military grade holographic emitter and was able to begin a floating touch panel; i don't know the first thing about graphics beyond what i learned in HS, crudity suffices; the glass panel mechanics serve to essentially filter holo-tech rather than from the IR; it can be wireless and works quite well, after showing it to fleet and telling them mobile units could be retrofitted for security clearance tokens and locks, earned me some vacation time and my own private research team - they gave me a list of potential fellows they've hand picked and deemed all-stars; i have their files and i leave tonight - some of them are old school friends, and i'll be home in time for the solstice fete - sometimes a little break is necessary -

(22274-700-02) 11:4:7:2

team is all settled with a late arrival of some whom i suspect include fleet intelligentsia; considering that one of my anonymous team makes an excellent red wine from the local growth without incident, i'm fine with having a 'good-ole' soldier in the pack - we've been ordered to commence our research on all three ventures -- the particle research, the control panel, the flood -- the latter i'm not too appreciative, as death and military research isn't historically melodic and i am lacking in biological wit; the team is brilliant, we're making history -

(22274-999-00) 10:2:7:7

particle transfer speed increased but not to required minimal safe transfer speed to avoid manageable-fusion (MF) and definitely not fast enough to break event horizon - scouting team reported seeing the reptilian sacrifice a critter under cover of darkness, i'm yet to be convinced -

(22275-515-07) 1:1:2:4

with heavy winter over the base we've moved to the jungle moon and for now focused ourselves on the floating controls the team has begun calling Air Deck; while fleet builds a second base on the warm side of the planet for access purposes created by the weather; because of his focus on the panel and management initiative at the 'resort' as i've been calling it, i'm almost sure Smith is a soldier or officer, but his wine is the best among us and with the grapes from the moon we've all unspoken rested on that being a redeeming trait

(22276-000-04) 8:2:6:4

3D input panel is done, we're calling it an Air Desk for now for when commercial advantages come to fruition - unless we need music then its back to Air Deck;

tunnel-free particle teleportation has drawn to my personally feared inevitable impasse, particle acceleration to mass has hit plateau, the delay in relay is close to minimum, close to echo relay "transporter" but size has reached limit whereas package reaches destination at randomly fixed-distance radius of greater distance relevant to transmission speed - Smith has been expelled from the group after protracted attention to the 'flood' project i asked to leave the group after he revealed to the others his enlistment status, reluctantly -

(22277-004-04) 7:3:1:1

the remaining soldiers embedded on my team have been quintessential to our progress, being allied with the supply unit and well versed with energy containment great strides have been made if they haven't been made already; target destination narrowed and speed increased

(22277-616-21) 4:7:3:1

breakthrough terror, upon reaching desired parameters, particles telemetry-temporal dispersal occurred - added result, varied destination zone created a very bright plane that allows particles to be put ahead, which by my estimates was why the original accident that created the contagion - which i have long been adamant that a mutagen be developed against it for today was necessary, it was gruesome today and i have now seen a soldier of great torment - trying to recreate our experiment's success, one of the enlisted men transported the flood thru the device, with some sent back and some sent forward nearly a minute after the machine went silent, became a horrid accident that took the lives of three researchers

as #7 sent the material took him from seemingly nowhere, and as #4 checked the machine and was also infected, they attacked #6 with tentacles like living ivy that quickly began to break the skin; the bodies were coated with polyurethane gas (Amber) and frozen with all haste; i've asked for uniforms to be on site at all times; tho i have been drinking i believe something menacing spies on this installation -

(22278-211-13) 4:7:7:1

moon lab, random energy source from teleporter allows projectile porcupine needles to quickly regenerate, has potential for military application, it crystallizes and magnetizes needles -

(22280-411-09) 9:3:1:4

a secret beacon from the moon has signaled, i didn't know what is was until censors detected a ship approaching from deep orbit as the fleet warship was losing its battle planet defense attacked - scout ships made it to the moon base as i thought large humanoids w/ cloak armor came to seize both bases and my research i killed 3 that came for me and took the simple cloak and attached it to my shuttle - depending on energy and stealth if i escape i'm hiding all of the research logs and destroying research then returning to fleet command for fame fortune and fealty -- at all cost neutralize this moon and the planet whole and do not let these enemies escape, their ship's energy signature is MD5: GJ 22000.77^40 -14000Hz

[Current Status] 
Doctor Joseph Thule returned in a bruised and battered shuttle craft some months later nearing Colony 1. He was intercepted by 1st squadron destroyers, with a broken cloaking device incompatible to our cloaking tech. He quickly began spending his time drawing his contagion we know as The Flood so that we could identify it until recorded data could be acquired. The researchers and soldiers of his log have been purposely omitted at the request of their families, the enemy ship frequency was decoded for public record, and general Smith Ambrose at the time answering to his undercover persona Mark R. Smith is to be forever shamed thru history. Admitting no knowledge of the cloaking technology Dr. Thule mysteriously disappeared  22293-401-01 after accruing great wealth and infamy, leaving behind undiscovered research on the subject of phase manipulation for rudimentary compound heavy elements, specifically O3 and H3O. Despite reports indicating success of Thule's technology and several random sightings, there is no indication that the tech survives him, tho there is a standing reward by High Council for any information regarded as useful to security services in the investigation.

02 August 2011

Balanced Approach

Balanced Approach

like withered incest replicas of their braver and unintellectual ancestors, they plan to kill all things republican - the name implies nothing of interest, the idea is quite profound, it is not the people from all of time named republican that defended freedom, it was the citizens of any nation, by any name, that protected themselves from the lacking visions of ideologues and warmongers - it is again that era, today the republicans take stand against oppression and caste ideology, tomorrow it will be our children - welcome to the second age of humanity - the WH issues terse fiats against GOP plans - issues veto threats against balance budget amendments - and rejected bipartisan deals made for resolution and compromise, playing chicken without a parachute - this is why some call him "Walking Eagle" - the president has created an abusive relationship with the people, that i knew was possible, but i never knew people made a career of it - those who defend abuse, are no less than aiding it - what's with the press secretary saying it's crazy that people want a plan written down, despite being hours away-from default - what a bunch of spoiled brats - politics would ruin my relationship, if a matter of opinion were in conflict, however, i would not sabotage my success because of bias - 'that's just ignorant' as the Dixie say - only the liars don't write down a plan - perhaps they're waiting on me to not support the R - too rich for my blood - 20 banks are meeting with the treasury, to buy some of our debt, finally not printing the money, they borrow from the banks they slandered for ages, in the past one American bank would do, now its all they can do to borrow from every sleazy outlet possible and spend, with their eyes closed, hoping for an atheist miracle - indeed quite pitiful, "my kingdom for a horse" -

for our exceptional strength, coveted by politicians and celebrated by democracy, the American redemption remains with returning America to an independent, free, and accepted nation - job creation, balanced budgets, limited and powerful government - United States of America - liberty needs and wants support, justice is the perseverance and preservation of freedom, tyranny is for the weak - and when will Washington stop squandering everything - stop borrowing money that no one has, so that the future is indebted to a lost legacy of the past - we must deal with reality, or suffer dark times - i don't understand, the democrats helped the republicans craft the budget deal, then the democrats don't vote for its ratification, then the democrats attempt to pass the exact-same bill, in order to take credit, thinking that that republicans will agree to such a farce - wouldn't it be easier for the democrats just to vote for the bill the first time through - the lack of fiscal discipline, and lack of gusto for reform, harkens to classical villains of literature - someone should let these communists know that we are not peasants legally bound to the land we work - we are not serfs or wage slaves - and if you think we are, you are a true communist pig -

drafting new taxes outside of congress, is dubious, the Finance Committee approves new funds without open debate with unfounded resolution, and the Appropriations Committee allocates the funds in new taxes on specific castes, or requires newly printed funds from the Federal Reserve, the Budget Committee (or its house of reps counterpart, just as the others) is there to provide legitimacy and circumvent fiscal action that is inappropriate at that time - checks and balances that are completely nonexistent in a system without a myriad of redundant councils and committees - no more blank checks for those who would subvert the process by allowing parameters to be later determined, fascist autocracy is not feasible - there is only one way to stimulate growth, and you need a permit if you're under eighteen years old - the plans of liberals are fundamentally different than conservatives, because liberals have no fundamental elements, they are radical by choice and reactionary unto alarmist levels - never meek they are often wrong and never unsure - the notion and utter comprehension of political corruption is not new, it must be noted that it can be simply stunning to see elusive sociopaths so openly malevolent interacting with passive aggression to the unsuspecting populous, as if desperate to be caught in the act of treason - basically, the insane politicians are running the asylum now - did you hear about the official from Canada who was fired for not having his balanced budget ready on time, now that's efficiency, and they say it's nice this time of year, don't ya know -

flat taxes are out, because they have never been the simple solution, and the results cannot be measured because the outcome is dynamic, an average does not make a logical variable, cutting from the rich, adding to the poor, even if plausible becomes nightmarish/arduous - loophole closing creates such an equalizing effect, but is ultimately ineffective if said loopholes are not redacted - no new taxes, the abject permanence of alternative minimum taxes are worse than protected classes - why do people elect commoners to do the work of intellectuals - tax cuts are not tax expenditure, that would be bad math, taxes do not inherently belong to the government, this is our founding principle - just say no, to extortion - eliminating deductions is bitter, if these needed to be cut, wouldn't they have been on the chopping block before now - since the earned income tax credit goes to some people who don't pay taxes, and promotes assistance dependency, belongs to the category of entitlement programs, which are spending programs and not tax cuts - neoconservative cuts to life in excess - spending cuts to defense should be funded by cuts to foreign military aid, keep your friends close, and your enemies closer, if they want a civilized world, they can be a part of it, we can no longer afford to subsidize terror (or treason) - domestic spending cuts must counteract the deficit policy of the left (Marxism, communists, liberal-socialists), debt ceiling extension are enacted to curb bankruptcy, yet only if actual cuts are being made, also, cuts cannot be scheduled allowing progressive politics to pollute democracy - cut accurately, not fiercely, if growth occurs, "coast" - hiring people to count the money you save, to hire people who find waste, is redundant - civilized is conservative - altering the consumer price index, unexplored territory to my understanding, you'd literally be changing the price of things as a spending cut, but the size of personal deductions, loopholes, would be newly massive and certain to occur with steady growth correlative to the population, this classified exemption would include a massive portion of the general population, as in the entire lower and middle class, negating any deficit solution enacted - it's a tax cut, that's a tax hike - if unconstitutional mandates exist, dismantle them by the largest pieces possible -

the W. tax cuts were progressive and ineffective in this very fashion, though being the largest tax cuts in US history, by altering the lowest tax bracket, without incentives increasing of entitlements to child tax credits, and alternative minimum tax was increased, this is similar to Obama's $700 stimulus checks, or the adamant socialist belief that debt ceilings without financial reform have a positive effect - no one said you couldn't blame the last guy, we're just saying give over and do something about it - not all socialism is the good kind - future discretionary spending cannot be estimated and capped completely accurately because of population growth, natural disaster(s), and market fluctuation - (for the record, following the Clinton era tax increases, the unemployment rates of US during W. went from 4.7% in 2001 to 6.2% in 2003, but back to 4.6% in 2006, after progressive/moderate tax cuts - it was not until deficit Keynesian economics that all hell broke loose) - partial privatization of social security (accounts) are no different than an RothIRA, both are a good idea - socialists aren't bad, "feeding the multitude", the idiots that try to follow them are - no exceptions for philanthropy, a conservative capitalist philosophy must not be complacent for small victories, only to be circumvented by a liberal filibuster, the statue of liberty will not light the way for our allies if her torch is lost in a foreclosure - a balanced budget amendment is the high road, insufficiency is the low road - what if liberals renege on tax cuts, they already repeal every act of solvency - whales will fill the sky before hypothetical long-term savings will come to fruition, the liberals have a gambling addiction -

did you know that there haven't been any new jobs in 11 years - it's called a lost decade, a consistent percentage of the country employed- when not collecting unemployment, people aren't recorded in that demo anymore - people were paid, on average less than ever, and inflation - even those good, albeit inactive, years of O. - it seems that being attacked from the west wasn't only physical damage, it was emotional and regrettably economic - say what you wish, a contagion of hate and malice fell upon us on that day in September while the innocent were writing poems in the park - for some it was never serious, for others the terror may never end - and while we attack each others souls, unemployment rates are somehow perpetually down more than 3/4 million jobs a year, but government jobs steadily more than 25K additional per year - Welfare Entitlements wouldn't change a growing unemployment rate in any situation, a growing population is finding there are fewer jobs - we've all seen the half a million jobs lost a month, and the liberals devoted to the protocols of failure, ever doubtful roving lunatics - if you consider unreported income, economic collapse could stretch back as far as 25 years - farming jobs on a steady decline, self-employed have almost disappeared thanks to the tax code - i thank those of you who want to pay more taxes, and i despise those of you who pay nothing yet want them to pay more, it just doesn't help a thing - those that are in a dream believe that payrolls can't get any lower, aside inflation, many have awakened to realize the economy is fatally broken and needs consolation - neither more of the same, nor less of the ne'er-do-wells will do, we need a functional government -

did you know that govt jobs are up, 2.4 million since Jan 99 - you should first fix the broken healthcare act before its bylaws are set into motion by a corrosive bureaucracy - rubber stamp automatons - there would not be cuts without enforcement - Dems have always lied about spending cuts - heroes want tort reform, weasels want malpractice reform - mandating triggers does not provide procedure, leaving massive tax hikes (why do socialists rebrand taxes 'new revenue') as the only option - the process that is budgeting was the inspiration and outward motivation for ObamaCare, since neither of them successfully exist it's time to fire the liars - ensuring a varied approach it was/is a packaged tax increase that in no way significantly reduces spending - program integrity, curb entitlements, fraud, abuse, and wasteful spending in government office and program recipients, through research co-ops with AMA, FDA, EPA, IRS etc., - ballot initiatives can cut any program, at any interval - social service cuts are taboo, but qualification requirements are not, i.e. drug testing, literacy, graduation status, etc., - i'm three minds about immigration, for it, against it, and where do i put the idiots now that Mexicans are taxing agro jobs - stipulations of the budget process shall not inhibit or prohibit any existing part of the legislature - social security reform takes place after super majority budgets have been passed or defeated -

you know how to reach me, how do we reach them - expanding the welfare state made the tax cuts useless, because no public works program was created, socialism doesn't create jobs it creates help, and unless your job is helping people this way you haven't seen private sector job growth for ten years, it is similar to the way the catholic church ran for centuries, and if you weren't godless heathens you'd realize all of this on your own - the unemployment rate was higher than this during the Reagan administration, his tax cuts brought down unemployment numbers 5.5% - job growth in this country has been of opportunity and not privilege for a decade - Reagan's predecessor Carter did little for the economy, despite being a wealthy peanut farmer, *perhaps he wanted people to work for peanuts, leaving the federal government in deficit every year of office -

the timeline, Nixon (shame to country, looked like Ed Sullivan) tax hikes horrible deficits, Ford tax cuts slow recovery, Carter tax hikes horrible deficits, Reagan tax cuts massive recovery, H.W. Bush tax hikes deficits, Clinton tax hikes focused on growth and education were well enough but combined inhibiting tax exemptions and excessive taxation eventually caused a massive unemployment rate climb (starting at the time of his impeachment - absolute power, corrupts absolutely), G.W. Bush tax cuts slow recovery negated by Katrina September Dodd/Frank Wars III and the expansion of the welfare state (people who don't know how to save, the unfortunate do need help, the inept though will always take it) - with an expanded Welfare State the upper class was required to pay again, now taxes bring with it 45% of people not paying taxes, and 5% paying 55%, this removes job availability and creates a 'poor' economic recovery - largesse expansion of government -

but these reflect employment numbers, up and down, one measured value of a country is called the gross domestic product (GDP) - the GDP has always grown, until 2008, when the largest redistribution of wealth in American history occurred, facilitated by O., accompanied with the largest debt increase in the nation's history, accompanied by that largest deficit spending program, followed by the largest Welfare State, followed by the largest Entitlement Program imbalance - half do not pay taxes, rich paying more than ever, Keynesian economics without an era of prosperity (which is needed to support these actions) - pardon the pun, but I believe O. is a market-bull in a China shop -

Current timeline - Obama deficit, working through massive debt by incurring debt, void economic policy adamant Welfare policy, oblivious followers who are increasingly annoying and naive - nothing worse than a useful idiot - he gave a lot of tax breaks, but never paid for them (like each of his predecessors, though in different fields), and with an expansion of the Welfare State all taxes are useless because welfare does not pay taxes, not paying taxes (as a registered citizen) is why illegal immigrants are second class citizens - deficit spending never stopped, unemployment numbers didn't drop for years until 'stimulus' ended - tax burden incomprehensible and irreparable, all previous economic movements have been more certain, on the scale of years growth is either up or down, circa market has volatility and disorder among the unions - incurring such debt at this rate could take down not just countries but continents - and the late blooming austerity measures do Nothing to even remotely address entitlement programs, nor do these plans protect the nation's credit ratings - possible plans for infrastructure banks supersede the authority of congress, mandates only serve to increase premiums - biggest middle class tax hike in history - the two largest debt-increases in U.S. history both under president O. - no defense initiative - no control - no respect for taxpayers - no plan for recovery -

the false politician - usually in this order - campaign lies, fearing for the future partisan recruitment (liberalism, corporate pandering, class warfare), voter mobilization (consolidation w/o scope), collusion, voter placation and promises (a dichotomous trait) to achieve party funding, rhetoric and propaganda filled with plagiarized ramblings of successful speakers (demanding voter action while omitting personal responsibility, intentions, fascism), feigned democracy with ulterior motives -

selling treasury bills, borrows money to pay back to other countries with interest - these borrowers will then treat their investments as personal wealth and not waste it, as opposite to all social welfare which is readily and verily wasted, outside funds then buy American goods and creates growth elsewhere - living paycheck to paycheck, as it were, still postpones the inevitable collapse/relapse into deficit spending which indefinitely will have liberals wanting to spend and avoid responsibility and conservatives wanting to conserve and protect, thus the conservatives will be exploited by the liberals perpetually - soon the naively begin believing money grows on trees and unfortunately stagflation and recession ensue - often in vanity for others and a cult of personality -

inflation is a lateral move of stagflation, new loans causing commodity prices to rise ahead of wages - borrowing money from major banks will take funds from public loans (student, mortgage, car, etc) because mandatory socialism disadvantages the responsible - default causes low interest rates and loans that become bad assets in the financial sector, another bubble would kill any benefits gained -

if the debt 'ceiling' is not to be raised without corresponding cuts to the budget, then shouldn't any closing of a loophole or end of a tax break be weighted against an equal or greater budget reduction - i wish i could tell the politician who is spending the most money of all, that they are fired, then give their responsibility to the anyone else and fire them if they become abetters to the deficit - i know the debt consolidation and reduction plan belongs to the congress, because it's a taxation issue, but it mustn't undermine the 14th amendment to the constitution, and the delegated committees mustn't abridge civil rights - it is so mediocre for anyone to continue trying to raise taxes during recession - Yay, we kinda did it! The debt exists, the deficit is smaller, the Balanced budget amendment is missing -  does recent austerity plans completely remove the deficit and does successfully addressing the deficit take any focus on the nation's debt, or does it merely provide more taxes for naught - congress should be granting the principles of growth, and not seeking and procuring new taxes - this includes you liberals - government protects society, not projects society, for it is a reflection of society itself - government cannot think and provide for the poor better than they can provide for themselves - if they could we'd all be the richest person in the world -

such a big house, such a little man - capitalism and laws are by far better than lawless communism - if the left hates economic reform, it has to be a good idea - $1T in cuts over ten years is the same as what the govt spends in 10 days - capitalism makes people humble, communism makes people hungry - there has always been a balance between liberal communism and conservative capitalism, but seemingly overnight the balance has shifted to end an age of growth - beholden to redistributive welfare economics And foreign communism has for the first time in the country's history, defeated growth - make no doubts about it, without free-market capitalism the economy will collapse -

microeconomics (explaining trickle down economics) for idiots - if A has 1 dollar, and B wants/needs it, the dollar has worth, if A values the dollar than it now has two natural appraisals of worth - this is called an economy - if i give a dollar to A and he buys a dollar worth of federal insurance I've subsidized and given A something for free that a tax payer does not get, unfair this is called abject bias or communism - if i give A a dollar, Welfare, and it is used to buy food, the state gets the sales tax and the store pays taxes at a regular interval thus funding the government to do it's job of providing Welfare to people, the sad irony is that if the tax payer were to buy the food A could be employed selling the food, the government wouldn't need to siphon funds for operating costs to provide A with assistance - lowering taxes allows B to buy more goods, allows A employment from economic growth, and provides a positive growth rate -

fractal is an epithet, time is a place, truth is a vision - you can legalize weed for tax revenue, but i thought getting away with it was part of the enjoyment, isn't that why a good liberal will hold their breath to get their way - make significant reform now, have these trigger councils all acting as budget committees designed to find specific financial gains with their respective authorities, one cut per referendum, and cut cap and balance manually until the goal has been met, as duly needed to not cut vital services from innocent people - if it's not balanced, it's broken - Washington is full of snakes and other rat-eating bastards that swallow everything whole without moderation even if it slows them down and/or kills them - there is a tea party, in the 21st century, somebody screwed the pooch - if conservatives are dangerous, liberals are pedantic - only taxpayers should get to vote - tolerance seeks limitations, intolerance seeks to set them -

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A Letter from a Thief

A Letter from a Thief

evil theocracies lurk in the darkness singing of evils in the light - demagogues of redistribution absolutism and intellectual elitists swimming in the deceitful propaganda of cronyism, oligarchy, and confederacy, will not take from the society they have despoiled - the right to pursue happiness allows a free world for all to enjoy the most opportunity to prosper, logically, using work ethics, making money, and providing for our families, despite the placating falsified subtle nuances and destructive effects of social engineering, by creating entitlements that threaten to bankrupt the nation, irrefutably a failed ideology, by spending tax dollars directly trying to improve the lives of the less fortunate creates entitlement society and threatens individualism and moderate entitlement spending because a broken system cannot provide anything worth having - school is money, knowledge is power, life is a lesson, if you are ignorant you are unfortunate - despite how big social welfare programs get, wealth requires a good salary, owning your home, and saving as much as you can - leftists , public unions, and those good enough for government work know this, they merely are superfluously/profligately/licentiously/arrogantly addicted to gambling and taxing and spending - entitlements cannot elevate the poor to prosperity, they can merely keep people from certain death, and even then... - in 1965 the poverty rate was 14%, after untold trillions have been spent fighting poverty the rate is 14.3% - America is bankrupting itself with entitlement that is merely philosophy -

we are supposed to carry our wounded, not callously justify ignoring problems with money spent while daydreaming of elitist utopias - know when to quit - be crazy, not stupid - liberals don't teach, they party -

if a bonsai tree grows it must be trimmed, it does so precariously, not enough water and it dries, too much water and it dies - bonsai trees grow painfully slow, it takes much patience to watch them grow, no more than some, no less than enough, if you wish to form its growth into a specific pattern you can trim its development until the desired result is displayed, if you cut it too much than it will die, enough light must reach the leaves of the plant, in the correct climate, in order for it to grow - if you take more than it can provide and remain alive, obviously it will die - this is a metaphor of government, the taxers are the horticulturalists, and the plant is the economy - taking the branches is taxation, taking taxes is taking the ability for the economy to grow - relinquishing taxes is allowing the plant to grow - patience is a requirement of freedom to natural elements, consideration is required for new life - as of late, the democrats are notorious for raising taxes, for an immediate reaction that results in damage and disaster - those that worship politicians (or those that worship D in this aspect) only see motion - awhile the Democrats have done nothing positive for society - as perilous debt incurred swallows feasible options, soon no amount of budgeting will solve the burdens of Tax and Spend, or the woes of deficit spending - letting the economy grow allows governance at a later time, should the taxers understand this simple concept or have patience just once in their impetuous lives, they would realize the errors of their faulty actions -

the actions that diminish growth are making the capitalist world sickly small - this is why i call opponents to capitalism communists - a label really - but they know that not using the dreadful names for things that the simplest of life detests allows them further subterfuge, perhaps they have sworn to a life of anarchy long ago, there is the possibility in this vast ocean that they have turn to predator with tricks of silence, eager to destroy the world as we know it true - this is forever if ever an opportunity, to make money worth, to make charity possible, in an ancient order of freedom supported by the every willing soul and purported by the able, to make morals an ethical establishment once again, removing the ideals of radicals and reactionaries in the history books with other revolutionaries, so that our senescent country can remain a home to the chosen freedom fighters and not the desperate pontiffs and placating servants of disregard that now plague the innocent -

meaningful change, successful reform, balance budget - without it a single shadow cast will make a house of ill repute - open discussion allows growth as a unit in times of peace while true soldiers fight righteous wars of freedom around the world against foes many and more between each venture - irony unveiled - the liberals without solutions defame others, so that they, themselves, may feel better about doing nothing - the time to act is now, inaction is an example of volition, as ambivalence leaves all without anything -

"Come senators, congressmen please heed the call, don't stand in the doorway, don't block up the hall. For he that gets hurt, will be he who has stalled, there's a battle outside, and it is ragin'. It'll soon shake your windows, and rattle your walls, for the times they are a-changin'."
Bob Dylan - 1964

vague ideas of "hope" and "make a difference" in what was not named brought the battle with liars to a head - reduce the government that provides nothing - if the private sector loses jobs faster then the public sector than something is wrong - if people lose their jobs more and more often than government employees, the system is broken - the insults, assaults and punishment to the people of a democratic society is unwarranted - if effortless evil awakens an enemy, what will the hands of the world do to you - a world of liberty will carry the torch of freedom every day it meets the communists, disarmed with deceit we were felled by lies, our pain concatenate as our allies are then deceived, but we are not defeated and we watch your hatred pollute your soul and corrupt your actions, as your endeavors become simple we will wait, as your aspirations become inept we will forever wait, until you are gone - live in your dreams with a cult of intellectually apathetic, the despotism absolutely denies life, mark you incapability with the casualties of war, the souls returning to crush your heart and feed on your blackened soul, controlled, blind, and pacified - do you understand, life, liberty, the pursuit of happiness, nothing is immortal, and time hast things indestructible, our freedom was achieved with blood, sweat, and tears, in battles won and lost before the threat exists, in our minds - do you understand your actions enough to tell others where you began, or where you're going, what you have made, what existed, what lies ahead - existing in relation to each other, a dynamic system exists where change will come to ebb and flow over time, until no growth or division -

do to others, as you wish to be treated, this is how it is easy to spot the promises and lies of untrustworthy politicians who want something for nothing, never desiring their constituency to be with them, but quaintly asking reluctant voters to do something for them - chess players know, you cannot castle out-of check - we are America, inspiring the world with what can be achieved by free peoples -

objective individuals have attempted to balance our policy, but the administration has broken the parameters of compromise and made demands and ultimatums, exploiting bipartisan commissions to take credit - without responsibility or onus - for the work of others that are making great strides in their attempt to correct the fiscal policy of our country - the fringe supporters are anarchic, the moderates are bolstering support - complete deficit reduction, possibly in measured portions - profligacy cuts, austerity measures - remove tax loopholes, review alternative minimum tax stipulations - raise debt ceiling 50%, lower taxes 50% - focus on growth, not on lies - 1% of U.S. growth creates $2.5T in 10 years - instead those desperate for power (which are worst people to have it) from the WH and beyond are trying to use intimidation and other fear tactics to manipulate the rating agencies to accept/allow the inadequate plans of fiscal misconception - a conservative plan being written by a socialist from LVNV - albeit to hide behind their political posturing and slander of existing progressing solutions - don't put all of your eggs in one basket - raise it a little now, and you might not need to later, the issue is easily resolved later and a debate can bring attention to any further pertinent needs for restructuring, reform, and repair - the higher the ceiling, the more kids want to play indoors -

the first year of the federal income tax in the U.S. was 1930, the first open display of the communist party was only two years earlier in 1928, within four years, four workers parties had arisen to defend the welfare state that had not even begun its dismal process of ineffectiveness - i recently read that there was much ado with a democratic-republican party for some time, and the republican party (GOP) at formation was a member of the international democratic union, yet the democratic party was beholden to itself with its only alliance to international democracy wasn't until 2005 - more interesting is that political parties in this country only survive if they have simple names - if GDP were healthy, and it surely isn't, we know that it does not necessarily reflect job growth, things like automation and CPI allow corporations with access to international markets to have growth, while the 80% of businesses being small and start-up suffer diminutive taxes - the u.s. has the highest corporate tax rate in the world, i know we have a strong bond market with shitty yields that Americans cant or wont buy, so the over-spenders don't worry about the country's credit rating, but the free market has accepted this with an understanding that the democrats lie, cheat, and steal - without a plan the R was blocked, by the D until they could create their own idea stolen from others, as if to say that approval of success is unacceptable, and that the D would only steal defeat from the jaws of victory - the plan they submitted would not make the cuts needed to proceed successfully, as if making cuts would lose them a reelection, if you hate tax cuts stand and deliver a better option - as the D moves to save the Welfare State and redistribution to save the middle class, yet it must be noted for all the obsequious taking from the rich and giving to the poor, all the 'socialist' stimulus that they so adore, that America's middle class is a bit fat - war on the middle class my ass -

when @BarackObama spams "The time for putting party first is over," he's only tweeting people that follow him, so that they put party first - and when he says taxes are the lowest they have been in fifty years, it's the low count of average tax rates, anyone over the progressive tax rate line $250K (small businesses and corporations, both job providers) paid 89% in 1960 - even Lyndon Johnson's 'Great Society' cut taxes 20% and saw 10% growth the first year alone - prior, the New Deal of the second great depression, near the end of WW2, did not raise taxes in recession, in fact they were lowered - there are workers and there are groups that exploit services - the public works programs of the past were just that, those of the present are redistribution of wealth - and yet the communists cling to power, as if true democrats, red-blooded republicans, freedom-loving libertarians, and all good people are going to suddenly disappear - even a con artist wants the system to survive - alas, indictments and impeachments are due to those without contrite -

its obvious that the left is a two headed snake - the first end steals and promotes communism, the second attacks the victim in attempt to please the first - the destructive power of deception, first mentioned with rhetorical question, 'is this the beginning of division for the tea party and the republicans' as soon as the democrats had their asses handed to them in the 2010 elections - in this case the left has no problem with showing their true colors, but the right has a problem with forgetting transgressions and mistaking sincerity for honesty - a liberal steals, and the three headed liberal media defends - the conservatives will survive in defense of our good name - and if the country defaults, there will be hardship, and the democrats will still slander everything else with all their breath, but they will have no more free money, they will be without the entitlement programs that keep them elected, the country might be without the welfare state -

there will always be a cornucopia of political schools - in turkey vast amounts of military have been replaced by Islamist militants who have established a theocracy which does not support freedom of religion, in the name of conservatism and what is ironically called Republican Monarchy, just as Syria, Iran, and Lebanon - liberals/socialists deny problems and create new ones, replacing law with persecution, bringing their system down and taking all the others with them, all in the name of Democracy and the people, not survival and the future, just as the Nazis (fascists) or the old Soviets (communists) - extremists have no plans, rebukes of delusion, no refutation -

those who wanted to tax all these years to save entitlement programs and those who receive them are creating a danger by not prioritizing government spending - there is already a congressional budget act to which the democrats are refusing to comply - the political arguments of philistine liberals who reject the fact that spending must be cut to control the growing debt - the liberal catastrophe would have liberals granted control on spending as it sets once again a bloated disaster that cannot be funded - bringing us closer to a communist revolution, sedition filled with control - would have this run around last two more years without a budget, having already gone two - they provide excuses for not providing budgets, violating the congressional budget act for the third straight year with plans for an additional two, "this is an abrogation of the responsibilities of the Senate" - the Senate Budget Committee is at odds with the licentious Finance Committee and Appropriations Committee - this problem with spending has been long lasting, when the demands of the people were not met, the T.E.A. party candidates and conservative republicans took house majority, in 2012 i sincerely hope that it happens again to the existing liberal seats - less talk, more balanced budget amendment action - the debt we have pulls down economic growth, had the senate adopted a budget in a timely manner, as did the house year after year, we would not be in dire crisis, orchestrated for maximal leverage for career politicians, who slate themselves against solutions and slander all, who wish to not vote in public forum against ideas and alternatives, to protect the partisan-elitism of the democrat party who avoid the very primary responsibility of elected officials, before the world, with renowned votes, and accountability to the electorate -

a democratic response is made by those in representation of democracy, not to say that democrats are not democratic, its merely accurate to imply that the comments of democrats are more partisan than democratic - debate is open democracy - undefined provisions weighing thousands of pages in legislation that do little more than collapse systems and support corruption - i used to think that was the fault of corporation, but it actually the fault of those who have been compromised by greed and love to accuse people -

if the house passed two bills that solve the problem, in the past week, why would i wait for the democrat bill - if the man who wrote the nauseating healthcare bill is writing the budget bill, why should i wait for the democrats - if this problem has persisted for 100 years, why should i not file with the tea party freshmen - if the dude writing the budget bill is from Las Vegas, why should i file for the democrats - yet for sake of pride the D oppose every solution landed - and now we wait for those willing to forsake citizen's rights - a slap in the face of social justice, from the hand of social justice - democrats have choices to stop a default in this moment - the house has passed two plans, with two substitute alternatives, that would increase the debt limit, needed while deficit spending persists, and effecting deficit reduction - the plans developed were done so with bipartisan and ranking support, yet the ranking support has moved for opposition to claim full responsibility for the demands of the people, ignored until hours before default -

without support, without solution, pushing a deviant corporate sponsored legislation that has no chance of passing the house, and where is the supposed president's supposed plan - the white house of ill repute - with a year of debate, only the democrats obstruct our progress in support of default - the retentive left always repeals budget control acts, no one knows why - search for reports on the budget control acts in the us - the republicans pass a bill, D say they support it, then opt to provide a stolen plan to solve a problem they created, and then posture as if national heroes - opting out-of a plan they helped develop - all to raise the debt ceiling, but making no cuts - "We're trying to save life on this planet as we know it today." - the life they know is seditious and deceitful, totalitarian, communist, etc - the senate plan isn't tangible, it includes cuts included elsewhere, and penalties in place of blatant tax - D-Nev. senate plan still lacks the 60 votes to bypass a filibuster on the floor of the senate, when the people learn what they are attempting, the D will be put farther from their task - every election in democracy, is one that ends communism - the despots do not respect the slaves they desire, the worshipers do not know what honor is as result - do they care for you, or do they promise you things, as you do all the work - even if apt, they are useless as radicals -

Zen Beyond Control

Zen Beyond Control

unions collect dues, socialists give them back, communists don't know when to quit - civics, not social justice - communists want to make us live in fear - they take your ides and corrupt them - they call them posers and fakes, and they take office like their waiting for someone - the intelligent ones are nearing worse for wear, without fail the communists set entitlements and expectations on the shoulders of other, hoping for a free-ride - we must be heard, our message is freedom, and it also must be free and fostered by a society that does not rival for political capital - the song of DC must change and the politicians who contradict themselves with spite before and after, must not be allowed to sing with wretched voices, or they will kill our dreams - forthright fundamental changes in how we spend taxes, and return to liberty from tyranny, embracing destiny - by incompetence or treason some of our leaders have today shamed and failed us - demand the tenets of our faith, even if it is nationalistic, family freedom fortune - restore fiscal sanity, and give the saboteurs a single term to pack their things - promises are broken, to cut taxes or to cut irrelevant spending, their I.O.U.'s are not worth the paper - the life support is killing lady liberty, pull the incompetent from office, impeach, indict, ignore, the failures of humanity - adversity is a part of time, but corruption is politics - changing the name of the executioner doesn't stop consequence - we must work together, we must train ourselves to witness the ploys of imposters - they are a threat from within our border, they lie with they liars, and preach lies to the general public, without fact, without notion - terrorist fight while tyrants amass armament - while fair weather politicians dance with the devil, our people are beginning to starve -

reality is captured and tortured by liberal media, allow me to retort - inflation is considered important in the process of usury, populists who are increasingly dependent on communism or socialism and the state advocate conjecture that intends to damage lenders and lowering credit costs to the point of relaxed lending practices, the problems with this is that when interest rates are raised, the effect is countermanded, and those hoping to attain wealth to relieve debtor stress are flush with devalued currency in any event - witting or ignorant, politicians supporting this idealistic principle are placating but unfortunately ineffective - this might have theoretically worked, had they been the bank and borrower - unlimited campaign contributions and endless lobbyists make a breed of politicians worse than communism - communism is what a nuclear family has, if done properly the child is desperate to leave at legal age, eager for new opportunities - the sign of populism/communism are simple to identify, a branded fascism (in the case if family this is called a credo), an opposition to comprehension of common or experimental sciences, and ironically amongst all that, a desire for heavy regulation, often inciting belief in representative support hereto providing none - imperialism in the form of free trade with suppression of crime and intrinsic programs of rehabilitation solves anarchy, yet as it is called antitrust, the fascists would have you deconstruct all establishments in lieu of state ownership and heavy tariff - evidence keeps public opinion vigilant and vengeful, whereas communism provides a swath of corruption and citizenship from the status of privilege to right, republicanism controls power insomuch keeping it from deviation and corruption, granting rights to those who obey the laws of the free-world, unfair to populists for they believe their providence to cheat came first, and should be honored with the privilege to do so, the irony belonging to the fact that, either by malice revenge or stupidity, they do not offer it to others -

caveat emptor, carpe diem, just something you should know before you buy what you see, the rest of the world is not truly waiting for you - 14 Million unemployed - 30+ Million need a rope - monetary inflation, meets austerity - only the incompetent need the government to dole insurance for the welfare state, as if they're Uncle Sam's unexpected minority babies, in these times anything but -receptive or creative or diminutive - if the public sector is unique then it is a monopoly, therefore tax collection is an antitrust issue - there must always be someone to break the bureaucracy and disguised autocracy of the left - thoughts speak louder than words, social media, the internet, is a place for communists to hide and share a collective mind - society is a place to learn, it must not be a cesspool of intolerance and defamation - purely amazing how a little cutting taxes can create jobs and surpluses for war-chests, to a society that does not of volition exploit the system when charity is available - live within your means, and enjoy success, or suffer the veritable next populist insurrection - balanced approaches by unbalanced fools leads to profligate spending, gambling addiction, and corrupt taxes - a trigger to raise taxes on the rich would be tripped by the growing "welfare state" at every opportunity, likely unintentionally as the leading condition of failure is incompetence - if you need a Balanced Budget Amendment, anyone who doesn't want one, cant count - no appropriations that exceed the budget, (Counting, The Book) you cant spend money that doesn't exist - printing money becomes irresponsible, which becomes opportunity for usury, even at the highest level, even ironically to those with the printing press - encompass the idea of incapacity - if you see a book with the words, For Dummies, on it, steal it and read it in your home - cry wolf, or cry wool - program structuralization, restructuring, not program amassment - accumulation is hoarding -

fund our options with more taxpayers, less payroll collectors - change the way spending occurs, occlude waste, include transparency, implement fiscal verification - capital punishment breaks a divine commandment and nears populist rage, it is but one option, which becomes viable as repeat criminal offenders plague a system that will eventually not afford social justice (charity, socialism, welfare; fraudulent) for those who break the rules, yet choose only a life of crime - they have taken capitalism to throes, repeal the mandates - "raising the debt ceiling is a failure of leadership" - leadership is not spending & tax cut promises, the quality of leadership is action and solutions enacted -

Equal taxes means equal sacrifice, progressive taxes penalize whom works harder and saves more, and is accordingly a mild form of robbery - economic depression is caused by inept-leadership stupor, pitiful leaders, always needing to begged and coaxed and coddled into doing the proper thing, egomaniacs that cry when they can break their toys and break them because you wont let them do whatever they want - unprincipled children, unbridled anarchy - no control, how quickly the kings fall, without mentors, how quickly the students move to make masters of themselves, dredging the pools of disrespect for despotic melody - forcing communism on employees, calling it something else, taking their naive ingenuity and corrupting it - the greatest fiends are swayed with the truth - as they make to control it, you must control what the truth will become -

unemployment still 10%, underemployment 30%, while trying to wish jobs back to the economy, federal layoffs and furloughs affects the American people, the same failure as it is in any other instance, a continued flawed logic of firing employees to create jobs and furloughs that don't stimulate the economy in any fashion - collapsing economies desperately need ethical development, political economics and not sectarianism, an opposition to unlimited state control, created by the logical solution that are based on confirmations established in reality, refutable by those unable to cower in the shadow cast over the land by communists - the content produced by lackluster people is the result of contact with failure and the erroneous support of incorrect shared beliefs which in thought and action cannot be reduced or forgotten - old fascists die hard - capitalism that doesn't scare intellectuals is called utilitarianism - an item's ethical validity is based upon its utility - needs are usually greater than dreams in value with this philosophy, no one needs government nursing people until their death, those who think it should, are only good enough for government work - it really quite simple, those who believe in autocracy are more than easily influenced by the power of suggestion, they do what they are told until the moment of suffering then rebelling destructively desperate for fascism and a diet of pathological lies - capitalism is a classical economic view of production factors, the public unions that act like roving anarchist communists have been a part of society for many ages, such as the armies Attila the Hun, or Genghis Khan, (among countless others) whose deplorable actions were result of chaotic rationality, unreachable demands without intent for civility followed by all the wrath of war, for a cause that they could not even do and would choose to threaten the welfare of the entire republic/society until they were outrageous and overcome - those were the depraved, this corruption grew on ancient Rome and an empire burned while the perpetrator Nero played a stolen violin - ashes, ashes, we all fall down -

when you balance the budget there is no desperate need to raise the debt ceiling - when rationing resources to a growing population one cannot manifest a solution - the adversities of fate confront redemption, solutions must be enacted in response to aversive procrastination - some unions today will strike entire sectors, demanding federal pension, employee pension, deposit insurance, and taxes on the job providers while reputing nationalization, all the while, one in four children are in hunger, in the rest of the world far worse - greed happens to be most displayed and denied by profligate pathological liars - can a company hire non-union workers, yes, if unions weren't so bigoted they would represent the ten million farm workers, but they don't, they only take hostage easy targets, shutting down commerce, to service their greed - union membership is at an all time low - Danny Green, Jimmy Hoffa - i saw a man walking through a union protest of a plant that would not staff union employees, they screamed and chanted to rally cries of atrocity for a port that though processing a rich amount of goods, only employed 50 workers and turned a minimum profit - yet the protesters wanted pay that would force the plant to close - a man approached the crowd with a poster he had made at home, he nudged his way through them keeping the poster closed and when he could make it to the freight container they had surrounded at one side, i'm supposing to worship and bow to their leader, he asked another person there to help him duct-tape the sign to the metal wall - wide as his six foot six arm span they raised and taped the poster that read in all red letters "YOU ARE ALL - COMMUNISTS - GO HOME" - he smiled of his accomplishment prepared to laugh as he turned to the protesters, and surely did when he saw their slack jaws - they screamed and pushed and riled - he did not work there, he did not work for anyone of there, he had considered the non union people that needed the pay, and decided to put the sign - when the mob lost control they attacked him, he hurt many of them drastically as many others were arrested by the sheriff and his men -

problems with Obama/PPACA - though it guarantees coverage to all and provides exchange brokerages it fails in the following ways - purchase mandates and small business impediment (Section 1501), extensive inappropriate coverage that underwrites actual conditions, if you don't smoke, you're still getting the smoker's package (Section 2701), denial of basic or limited coverage for a lower cost (Section 2711), mandated preventative care regimens with options for cost-sharing and maintenance prohibited (Section 2712), employer plans must cover children until 26 (Section 2714), fees for external services (ex. abortion clinics for single men fees)(Section 1302), (monopoly) exchange prices are determined as 60% of actuary evaluation, (Section 1302 (d) (1) (A)), patient deductibles cannot exceed $2K or in family $4K (Section 1302 (c) (2) (A)), $750-$3000 evaluated fine for not providing insurance when 50 employees or more, if fine is less than coverage cost, employee does not receive the difference (Section 1513), employees of any company cannot set aside more than $2,500/year from salaries for health-flexible-spending-arrangements, but no support for employer deductible limits (Section 9005 (i)), in violation of doctor patient confidentiality rights, HHS has been granted authority to measure practitioner resources with specifics to patients, issue evaluations of procedure, and contrast results to national database, providing utility for regulation (Section 3003 (i)), no new hospitals or private practices that do not accept Medicare-Provider-Agreements prior to last year (Monopoly)(Section 6001 (i) (1) (A)), no campus expansion without meeting communal development requirements, even then only as big as regulation allows (Section 6001 (i) (1) (B)) (Section 6601 (i) (3) ( E)) (Section 6001 (i) (3) (C)), insurance providers cannot raise costs to achieve fiscal solvency without HHS Czar approval (Section 1003), pharmaceutical industry annual operation fees $2.3B-$2.8B times percentage share of consumer market (Section 1404) (Section 9008 (b)), medical device maker operation fees $2B times share percentage, detracting from research and development funds (Section 9009 (b)) and eventually a blanked excise tax (Section 1405), heavy excise taxes on insurance companies creating a climate that forces everyone into the welfare state health exchange regulation entitlement program (Section 1406) (Section 9010 (b) (1) (A and B)), .5% payroll tax for over $250K just for government funding (Section 9015) eventually 3.8% (Section 1402), cosmetic surgery and tanning tax, even if considered vital surgery (section 10907),and lastly, though large companies have been accused of hoarding their assets (to protect themselves from unjust taxation), deferred compensation below $500K is prohibited, you forget to cash your check, that's your fault (Section 9014) - and that's not the half of it -

the other 2,600 pages are for you to wipe your ass - conservatives are orderly, liberals are haphazard - entitlement programs will only allow welfare recipients to not improve their station in life - if they do not learn how to walk, they will fall - rofl just to name a few - there are those who have given us this debt, and the presidents who allowed this farce to continue, we honor the conservative leaders, we disown the abuses of liberal thought concerning destruction - the solutions have met with confrontation by those with no answers even for themselves - we cannot afford to ignore society, nor can we indulge in destruction - the enemy of my enemy is my friend - defense is priceless - how long must liberal elites avoid humbling honest labor and sneak their way through politics eventually hurting the people -

there was an act of domestic terror the other day - make no mistake, it was terror - he was/is opposed to migration, perhaps the country from which they originate is uncivilized - multiculturalism is a natural element of life, there should be now law supporting it, nor a law against it - multiculturalism is required, without it i would be worried - the freedom of religion is protected as a necessity, without it despotic religious theocracy would ruin the world as a chaotic poisonous idea that corrupts society - radical communist leftists support secular ideas, denying the validity of all opposition - reactionary communist rightists support sectarian ideas, destroying all instances of confrontation -

there was a massive undertaking of the house of representatives by the republican party in the past year, the movement is the result of careless accounting by Washington - no liberals won their election campaign, unless they were RINO - the zero hour of debt regulation has come to fruition, liberal democrats in Senate majority maintain positive that they will not approve the republican plan, of which are Cut, Cap and Balance, or any budgeting efforts whatsoever - it is disgusting how their opposition is traitorous or ambivalent - the republican plan is currently the only winning solution yet they are opposed, two plans set forth by the conservatives facing democrat opposition, no legislation of the democrats - if the country defaults, than cuts to the welfare state that typically votes for democrats, out of dependency or dumbness, resulting in further republican wins - because they oppose republicans winning - the cuts that republicans have submitted are not as deep as cuts that will be necessary after the economic default - inflation becomes an exponential catastrophe at this point, as it has in every failed communist regime - loans to be made in secrecy or salience will not come at cheep prices, and the money borrowed for redemptive salvation, will be loaned by the financially-upper-class whom the liberals love to hate and have taxed for ages - if ever there was a situation where classes remain divided, its following a liberal/democrat/communist/populist mistake -

lets take a ride on the tax and spend time machine - populists like the liberal democrats and many radicals with one enemy for every solution favored inflationary monetary policy, thinking that it enables people to pay their debts with more ease, their rationality belonged to beliefs that lenders could absorb the loss - with no debts a worthless dollar only makes starving easier - once you pay your debts with devalued currency, a solution to deflation is not available - anyone printing money wishes to see money devalued so that it's collection can support special interests without equality, such as voter pandering, fraud, and treason - there is no regulation that can end inflation, capitalist economics must be supported and the quality of currency must be restored and strengthened through commerce - printed money goes nowhere - those that lose do so by volition, those that educate themselves and others create through freedom of expression and survive through success of accomplishment - something given is not earned - prosperity is a growth in rewarded success, yet there are many who believe that taking from others and then giving to others is offering salvation, and that accepting stolen charity is redemption - without wealth there is no production, slaves work without recompense, egregious and illegal, without employment there is no employee, nothing can be saved without economic growth - raising taxes may increase demand for the dollar, but it does not cut taxes to bolster an economy, nor allow small businesses to attain the advances needed to develop free market capitalism - if you want to be clean, keep your dirty hands off your face, and your grubby claws out my pockets, or you'll be treated like a mongrel -

"we wont be fooled again" - cuts can be made and the debt ceiling, being a fatal and severe issue, must be temporary, thus its raising/advancement must also be temporary - debt does not solve debt (see also: magnetism) - new laws regarding healthcare have denationalized citizen rights and given autocracy to regulation and those supporting despotic practices - to provide proper and acceptable patient bylaws, any law relative/pursuant to healthcare must be done publicly by committee and presided by an overseer vetted by Congress and confirmed by the president of the United States, and/or governing officer of HHS - HHS council, consisting of elected officials - each questionable aspect objectively and judiciously scrutinized for all it's worth, seeking the validity by sequestering the governing agency and verifying necessity of each item in question with the advice of pundits who support the action - from this then can we have representation for healthcare mandates -

control government spending, put Americans back to work - balance your budget when everyone is paying taxes, only then will you find compromise with conservatives - save money by eradicating fraudulent payments - a system of economic regulation should support controlling costs and not controlling freedom, a government should support choice and not partisanship, nor racism, nor secularism, nor sectarianism, nor class warfare - there are two freedoms, one is life, one is support, of life we have free choice, of support we offer liberation and calculated response - the private sector solution to death prevention should be to certify that life is priceless and protect it at all costs - healthcare laws only ensure that everyone buys insurance yet assures that none can afford it - lobbies should appeal for aspects such as patient equality and coverage for preexisting conditions, in the same way that doctor/patient confidentiality was established - mandates only increase voter turnout of those that are addicted to democracy - the right to choose in freedom is better than the right to freedom without choices, the prior is liberty and the latter is demarcation - America doesn't need public approval from the evil people of the world -

when the housing crisis started taking victims, the first company to go was Lehman Bros. - everyone who had made the illegitimate loans (Dodd-Frank bill was/is absurd, public houses, though not my favorite solution are a better idea) had created default loan swaps, they had sold the loans according to their property value if the borrower defaulted, which is ironically less then the loan amount, but chopped into little pieces, untraceable, unnoticed, until bad assets polluted the markets, whether those responsible were employed at the firm, Lehman was trying to buy-up all the bad assets, to protect this country - a bail-out it could not afford, when it went it took part of the ship with it, as it were - inflation supporters, and big spenders jumped to action and you know how the rest goes -

i'm pretty sure, well, mostly in belief, that liberal economists know the joyride has ended - are wounded beasts ever calmed - ever innocent - ever peaceful - the govt public debt doubles every ten years - with the current inflation and current monetized debt a currency bubble is next - please stop ruining the economy, i would not like to live in a war zone, i'm too close to Chicago -

“We should make the poor uncomfortable and kick them out of poverty.”
-Benjamin Franklin