04 August 2011

New Millennium

Personal Log:  
(22265-795-22) 8:1:1:7

after being able to verify repeated molecule teleportation i've been granted funds by fleet to continue my research in proper conditions; after choosing a distant planet in Colony 3 for its long years that last thru long seasons - extended climates for experimentation as needed - but as my quarters have been submersed on the winter side, for now i have taken the easier route and moved my research to the tropical moon, transferring if necessary from the surface is usually easier than surface travel -

(22265-799-19) 8:2:2:4

the possibility of returning teleported molecules depended on creating an isolated region (tunnel) to transfer i still need to discover an inoculate of sorts to protect the transfer and send packages larger than single molecules; coating costs are exceedingly intricate, add weight, and no doubt cost ineffective -

(22266-105-04) 7:4:6:9

teleporting molecules with different chemical substitutions has increased speeds but without tunneling the transfer, time travel still a no; today one of the lifeforms showed itself, moderate intelligence and crude dialect; i tranquilized it and took a blood sample to see if there were any compounds from the region i had not discovered in the dangerous regions and possible undercaverns - creature two feet tall at most, spine on the back peaking like tent, perhaps evolutionary tick, blue blood

(22266-997-01) 10:5:2:4

sample from the indigenous humanoid yielded several unrecorded compounds and a few new elements for break through development - i can now teleport elements with comparable atomic weight in 1000 range - will greatly benefit laser weaponry, a veritable success for funding undoubtedly, very exciting, tho it greatly slows the transfer rate it is a step of progress - isolated research requires more variety of teas, ordering more seeds already from fleet - always bring a traditional book, you can read it over and over -

(22267-409-01) 10:9:9:8

local moon 'critters' seem interested in the facility; sometimes they stand on shoulders if not in distance where i see the quaint vests of proto-society; after great duration i've seen no hostility an have taken interest again in wandering, which in recent they have, if not tediously shown me one of their higher order creatures - highly humanoid reptilian - as tall as i - very secretive it was skittish and fled, it was harvesting moss - nutritious and was good for tea tho took some extended time to dry - also taking an interest is fleet - i've become a top priority for govt and been granted unlimited funding - for security interests and granted one month leave, heading to earth for some carnal interest -

(22267-410-02) 4:9:0:7

a research facility has been built on the planet surface, more of a weapons facility so they can ask me things in secrecy from communications, it has its charm, it all came to mind when i found a ship well holding in deep orbit - big fucker too - i spent some time watching dormant plant life on the planet grow into swamp, quickly on the edge of winter, then the accident

during my tests for load balancing and thresholding an inverse collision particle stream exploded, a brown gas resulted that made me sick, but with a drink i was well again - danger - the gas caught the lungs of a miniature thimble bird and killed it, i brought the dustpan, the newly brown and discolored bird was eaten from inside out and lashed like a virus - the bird then clumsily flew at a second bird until it caught it and the larva contagion consumed it - i soon froze the creature zombie - upon examination, gestation occurred in skull at explosive proportions - i'm calling it the flood - the critters left en masse eventually alerting, accidentally, security forces - my research has been confiscated and my facility neutralized with a few personal chemical photos left behind intentionally - i've been moved to the planet's base with only my secure logs - and i was just getting the tea right -

(22267-888-02) 5:10:9:6

resonant memory imaging took place on a local test subject during an exploratory mission on the moon today - i needed to know for sure if there were any other lifeforms, i found brain images of what looks like weapons - keeping record secret for now and asking base security to capture alive one of the humanoid specimens

(22268-898-21) 0:0:2:8

a setback of no progress; genius block; tests with the 'menace' as the soldiers call it by the military research team shows the 'flood' does not affect plant life and shows fungal traits, further research has been halted unless done in the planet's permanently frozen core after discovering its cancerous spread at mere cellular levels - on my order; also discovered an animal that looks like a porcupine but ejects its quills in defense, ages slow like ancient turtles, but defenses of a different terrain, requires low light to survive -

(22269-707-14) 10:5:5:6

bored and off task i took the touch sensor from glass panel control system that i broke earlier this week, modified it and added pieces from an infrared portable keyboard and a rustic military grade holographic emitter and was able to begin a floating touch panel; i don't know the first thing about graphics beyond what i learned in HS, crudity suffices; the glass panel mechanics serve to essentially filter holo-tech rather than from the IR; it can be wireless and works quite well, after showing it to fleet and telling them mobile units could be retrofitted for security clearance tokens and locks, earned me some vacation time and my own private research team - they gave me a list of potential fellows they've hand picked and deemed all-stars; i have their files and i leave tonight - some of them are old school friends, and i'll be home in time for the solstice fete - sometimes a little break is necessary -

(22274-700-02) 11:4:7:2

team is all settled with a late arrival of some whom i suspect include fleet intelligentsia; considering that one of my anonymous team makes an excellent red wine from the local growth without incident, i'm fine with having a 'good-ole' soldier in the pack - we've been ordered to commence our research on all three ventures -- the particle research, the control panel, the flood -- the latter i'm not too appreciative, as death and military research isn't historically melodic and i am lacking in biological wit; the team is brilliant, we're making history -

(22274-999-00) 10:2:7:7

particle transfer speed increased but not to required minimal safe transfer speed to avoid manageable-fusion (MF) and definitely not fast enough to break event horizon - scouting team reported seeing the reptilian sacrifice a critter under cover of darkness, i'm yet to be convinced -

(22275-515-07) 1:1:2:4

with heavy winter over the base we've moved to the jungle moon and for now focused ourselves on the floating controls the team has begun calling Air Deck; while fleet builds a second base on the warm side of the planet for access purposes created by the weather; because of his focus on the panel and management initiative at the 'resort' as i've been calling it, i'm almost sure Smith is a soldier or officer, but his wine is the best among us and with the grapes from the moon we've all unspoken rested on that being a redeeming trait

(22276-000-04) 8:2:6:4

3D input panel is done, we're calling it an Air Desk for now for when commercial advantages come to fruition - unless we need music then its back to Air Deck;

tunnel-free particle teleportation has drawn to my personally feared inevitable impasse, particle acceleration to mass has hit plateau, the delay in relay is close to minimum, close to echo relay "transporter" but size has reached limit whereas package reaches destination at randomly fixed-distance radius of greater distance relevant to transmission speed - Smith has been expelled from the group after protracted attention to the 'flood' project i asked to leave the group after he revealed to the others his enlistment status, reluctantly -

(22277-004-04) 7:3:1:1

the remaining soldiers embedded on my team have been quintessential to our progress, being allied with the supply unit and well versed with energy containment great strides have been made if they haven't been made already; target destination narrowed and speed increased

(22277-616-21) 4:7:3:1

breakthrough terror, upon reaching desired parameters, particles telemetry-temporal dispersal occurred - added result, varied destination zone created a very bright plane that allows particles to be put ahead, which by my estimates was why the original accident that created the contagion - which i have long been adamant that a mutagen be developed against it for today was necessary, it was gruesome today and i have now seen a soldier of great torment - trying to recreate our experiment's success, one of the enlisted men transported the flood thru the device, with some sent back and some sent forward nearly a minute after the machine went silent, became a horrid accident that took the lives of three researchers

as #7 sent the material took him from seemingly nowhere, and as #4 checked the machine and was also infected, they attacked #6 with tentacles like living ivy that quickly began to break the skin; the bodies were coated with polyurethane gas (Amber) and frozen with all haste; i've asked for uniforms to be on site at all times; tho i have been drinking i believe something menacing spies on this installation -

(22278-211-13) 4:7:7:1

moon lab, random energy source from teleporter allows projectile porcupine needles to quickly regenerate, has potential for military application, it crystallizes and magnetizes needles -

(22280-411-09) 9:3:1:4

a secret beacon from the moon has signaled, i didn't know what is was until censors detected a ship approaching from deep orbit as the fleet warship was losing its battle planet defense attacked - scout ships made it to the moon base as i thought large humanoids w/ cloak armor came to seize both bases and my research i killed 3 that came for me and took the simple cloak and attached it to my shuttle - depending on energy and stealth if i escape i'm hiding all of the research logs and destroying research then returning to fleet command for fame fortune and fealty -- at all cost neutralize this moon and the planet whole and do not let these enemies escape, their ship's energy signature is MD5: GJ 22000.77^40 -14000Hz

[Current Status] 
Doctor Joseph Thule returned in a bruised and battered shuttle craft some months later nearing Colony 1. He was intercepted by 1st squadron destroyers, with a broken cloaking device incompatible to our cloaking tech. He quickly began spending his time drawing his contagion we know as The Flood so that we could identify it until recorded data could be acquired. The researchers and soldiers of his log have been purposely omitted at the request of their families, the enemy ship frequency was decoded for public record, and general Smith Ambrose at the time answering to his undercover persona Mark R. Smith is to be forever shamed thru history. Admitting no knowledge of the cloaking technology Dr. Thule mysteriously disappeared  22293-401-01 after accruing great wealth and infamy, leaving behind undiscovered research on the subject of phase manipulation for rudimentary compound heavy elements, specifically O3 and H3O. Despite reports indicating success of Thule's technology and several random sightings, there is no indication that the tech survives him, tho there is a standing reward by High Council for any information regarded as useful to security services in the investigation.