30 June 2014

Merlin 3:39 “Hateful Design”

Merlin 3:39 “Hateful Design”

Lilith walks into the fire, disappearing before burning, hidden before they can learn if it pains her.
Malachi: Who in hell was that?
Ana: Exactly what I said.
Merlin: If the queen of hell were to marry, she would be her maid of honor.
Crimson: Ah, Merlin, this is more fun than I remember it. This should be a sport someday!
Merlin: Pin it down, we shall interrogate it.
Crimson: (Kills the werewolf.)
Merlin: No, you fool, I said interrogate.
Crimson: What does it say when scratching at flees? Besides, you, and Ana, will come with us for haven. It would seem so much from these, mongrels, and we intend to leave sooner than later; you would not leave her with us alone, would you?
Merlin: Odin’s beard, of course not.
Crimson: Oh, do please worship another god.
Braden: We killed seven! Graces fie I got a werewolf paw!
Digr: And what will you do with it?
Braden: I’m going to show it to kings and tell them they need a, very expensive exterminator.
Katina: Now knows silver is needed have, shape shifter.
Crimson: Even they know?
Merlin: Yes.
Crimson: Does everyone know?
Merlin: No, shut your mouth.
Braden: How many, Digr?
Digr: Five, maybe ten, I became weak and had to hide.
Agnar: You don’t have the stomach for it and should drink more.
Digr: How’d you do, giant?
Agnar: Dogs fight like desperate men, biting, cheating at the knees, made to heel by my boot-heels.

Crimson and Malachi begin bloodletting the werewolf and drinking with their cupped hands. Merlin chooses to rest, to tend his lacerations about his arms and neck, sides and even back, legs and hands, daunted. Agnar takes the moment opportunely. Malachi begins cleaving to remove the berserker’s heart.

Merlin: What are you doing?
Malachi: His heart will tell us where he was born if he longed for home, among-
Crimson: Stop talking.
Agnar: Sit, it is time to rest, warlock.
Merlin: Wizard you mean, and have the spells cost me my age again.
Agnar: Yes, wizard, I have a potion to heal my wounds, which are rare but deep, it heals wholly, should you need.
Merlin: Thank you, but no.
Agnar: Why would you not?
Merlin: I try not to take gifts from former thieves.
Agnar: Do you know the secret?
Merlin: Of course I know, Braden only traffics with his own kind, and bandies about it, before he drinks.
Braden: You must be sore to reprove another ally after all this; he has never disappointed us.
Jonak: There was the time with the skylark witch.
Agnar: He looked like a woman and I was very drunk.
Merlin: No, today you saved lives, as only giants can, for that I am grateful, and soon I feel we will be equals, but until then at which I also owe you debt will I ever trust another.

Agnar holds it in his hand, contemplating, more confused, invalidated by refusal and reception, the opportunity has passed in confidence solemnly as many psalms portend, and he having not keens elsewhere to pore over the vampires holding puddles of blood in their hands to the rain, artifice of spiritual tradition, preparation to tradition and commonality of superstition. Together the vampires drink.

Crimson: The water makes the blood taste spiritual. Malachi, clean your face you are filthy. This is nice, but I will get some horses, we should leave before the locals form a new mob.

Braden and the others look to Merlin with confused faces, Malachi begins washing the dirt from his face and clothes with the blood of the slain creature, painting himself red, causing further signs of confusion.

Digr: Are we going to kill them?
Malachi: (white eyes from running blood stands ready to fight)
Merlin: No, no, they are sharp and fowl, but these two I have known much my life.
Jonak: You will go where it is safe, perhaps with us.
Braden: We are not leaving. Word of this raucous will spread quickly, any travelers, including ourselves, will be suspected as dangerous, creating more scrutiny than we need right now. Besides, we will tend our wounds and work honest labor for silver. 
Katyenka: Wolves will have scent; make comrades easy prey bones for big dogs, make silver stopping dogs returning.
Digr: They were not here for us; they were looking for something.
Ana: Or someone.
Braden: And they left in a hurry….together.
Merlin: They will not be returning any time soon, tho you are correct about the scent, another encounter in the near future and they will merely swarm you like cattle.
Braden: Even better, a nap and an easy swindle makes it sound all the better! I wish you great luck!

Crimson arrives with two hitched horses and Braden’s cheap cloth-covered wagon.

Crimson: So we agree.
Merlin: Are you going to cling beneath it in the morning?
Crimson: What city of carpenters would not have coffins? Come now, besides, we need only make it to the base of that mountain there; it will be sooner than you think. I will keep my pet in the box.
Braden: I would not trust him in a hole in the ground, of that you can be sure. Journey well, Merlin.
Merlin: Braden, of that we can, I would not have it any other way.

Merlin shakes his hand firmly, secretly passing a very tiny bottle of green liquid to him then departing, and Crimson helping Ana onto the wagon and Braden hiding the small potion. Leaving behind the scene of the townspeople cautiously emerging, Agnar showing people how best to stab a werewolf, Jonak holding his hands apart widely to emphasize the need of longer weapons, and Braden screaming the dangers of beasts that he will defend-against for a small fee.

Braden: (distantly) Waves of blood, a spectacle none other than for your demise, and we have slain those on the floor, look at the wretched bodies, and for saving ourselves we saved all, at no cost but of life itself. A Jotunn, descendant of Thor himself, a witch with the powers of the sky’s lightning whose mother spoke of that same lineage, the greatest trapper I have ever known from the darkest jungles to the south AND the west.
Townie: What do you do?
Braden: I can take great damage as had I done when the foul and wretched, beasts attacked your women and children in their innocent slumbers. Should the fear shake your bones, one of my allies can even calm your very nerves with only a word.

21 June 2014

A Waxwork Tower

Some say that 'deflation' hurts businesses, but this is not true because goods used in production will be cheaper, allowing profit margins to expand. 

Let's kick the can. 

Aluminum mining production becomes more profitable because, in deflation, the manufacturing energy costs are lower. If the profits of operation are larger than there would be no need to raise prices to consumers of the raw aluminum. AlCo's stocks hold or do better because of the profit margin, and subsequent distribution, although companies can devalue stocks by splitting them, multiplying like lecherous bureaucrats. 

Convenience, lowered costs, help the intermediary business interests, a cannery for instance now has cheaper or at least can comfortably predict near upcoming operation costs within a maintained valuation, has if any stocks that do well or stay still, not to mention a profit margin increase that allows them to fill those cans with cheaper 'beer' or better 'tuna' etc. Passing these benefits to the consumer base, who just as others, despite your belief in trickle-up, or trickle-down, bureaucracy, now can afford more things. The simple key to this argument lies in the reality that physics provides, and we wouldn't want to argue with science, less is not more. 

Here is where asceticism works best, doing more with less, it's also known as efficiency, ascetics in surreal and emotional senses works better to do less with more to defer attachment to things, and if I may touch on such in religious regard, to do without materialism and commercialism, (and any -ism) makes swift use of judgement so that we can avoid a dualistic perspective, so that we can leave karma to the gods, but more so to avoid always trying to defeat strangers. Though, in the world of the honorable, there must be at least a respect to gaining measures to operate business, to grow our responsibility to where it is demanded, to provide jobs to people who find meaning in work or are transient in youth or memory. 

Work, it's what people do. I'm always confused that the 'left' cadre can tax the rich for programs that incentivise people to not contribute, remember duality here, some people need help, but if there are those that do there are respectively more that don't, lest we would be in utopia. That is the philosophical debate of my time, in observance ironically, which if everything is perfect, do we have free will, if we are hellbent on fascism or enforcers of bad laws, if safe choices can be made without laws that apply to property or by protection of liberty. There are those among us that want the chance to use democracy as their weapon seeing election as a mere formality, and there are those who seek election to use democracy to protect us from those who would rule us instead of guide us. The bureaucrats, the first of those two, see errors as an issue of shortage, whereas the second in that list sees error as a mistake. 

So economically the owners of international banking corporations begin to lose their patience, which a business makes more profit from lower purchasing costs and consumers able to buy more due to having more/stronger money, can pay higher interest rates for loans (usually used to expand business venture), the monetary institution (or owner thereof) loses patience and wants to see the profit margin of itself grow faster and more immediate. The printing of money forces people to pay more with devalued money. Be it an electricity bill, the energy company now sees more units of currency, pays its loans quicker or pays a larger tax debt to its government, which makes banks very happy because governments without a central bank pay great deals of interest dues. Even neighboring currencies suffer from poor/poverty banking. Some of you disagree and you would be retarded. 

Banks usually don't care if inflation, typical of communist environments, floods currency into its accounts or if the balance naturally shifts back to a capitalist, socially expanding and uplifting, mode. They just want their asset, which is cash/credit, but it gets worse. As inflation hurts the consumer who is paying debts in an increasingly impossible situation, the "middle-sized" businesses begin to cease profiting, their commodity suppliers begin to cease profiting, and that's really when layoffs are mandatory. 

Governments that use inflation for this tactic, and the 'left'ists that support it always trouble me. I don't understand how they can hate the wealthy and raise taxes, then the companies raise the costs to the consumer, a double edged sword of higher costs and lower money. With higher costs, the ignorant (and sometimes unknowledgeable) consumers demand higher taxes on the wealthy, which compounds the disastrous cycle. Bad is the acolyte, worse is the bureaucracy. As the business and wealthy that hoist tax revenue above water begin to sink, bureaucrats began/begin administering subsidies to their local companies, "bail outs", not funded by the government, administered by the government at the expense of the tax payer. So not only higher costs and lower funds, but thirdly new taxes, be it by higher tax rates simultaneously, or a future of debt for the failure of base idealism. 

Soon lobbying becomes legal, I've said before that I don't understand why we live in a place that it's illegal to bribe a judge, but somehow legal to bribe a lawmaker. As inflation grows, shelves become empty. In an island near Florida you have to bring your own medicine to the hospital, it can only be bought illegally and administered in secrecy. The enforcement of bureaucracy there has come to unapologetic slavery, which in truth is an autocracy. 

Autocracy has a better definition in French, but I never learned, which apparently some of the French never learned it either, I say only because they raised the tax rate so high that it didn't work, one sentence paragraph. 

An autocracy is basically government of hypocrisy, thru inherent desires aspires to be or join the aristocracy, commonly ignorant of proper grammatical definitions, which solely exacerbates the problem. These places have what is called 'gunpoint diplomacy' and do not end social experiments, despite failures, until the wrath of the gods that they do not respect/believe. Foremost, wants equality, but only demands equality of outcome, particularly by the inequity of perception and defiance of logic. Some of you disagree, and such is allowed, think for yourselves. 

08 June 2014

Unos Teñir Distintos

Anti-monarchy protests persist in Spain - Europe - Al Jazeera English "On Saturday, dozens of left-wing political parties and citizens organisations came together in support of republicanism." 

Well that's a sentence you don't see in English very often........

01 June 2014


To faces, supposedly, all make the sunrise, without import itself fetching, or itself foul, its flight, be it jocund, plenty or petite, which verily you were. Sunrise, which if was a disclosure annuls all the pasts. Surrender to the moment, facades, tired eyes, fragile, deep reflections, call to arms thoughts of war, quintessence, secure and fearless. Sunrises, all begin life, domain of realms, sees without sight, renown, limitless, lifeless, unto itself more as does the light conquer, verily, veritable, upon life it caterwauls, sensibly, neither despondent, nor despairing or malign, resolutely, to fear only fear itself, wherewithal arising, if only to exist, returns as another vision.