28 January 2015

Words on Leaves

So far you have M346-359 to go, i'll key the next chapter into shape and present it soon, after a year having opened it just now and split it into three. I think its ennui and an onset sullen pall make for great times, yet as a sea of faces catches the psychic of myself with a nickname they seem to reflect the worst, in an onslaught of pensive people and lost leaders. Sleep to be ourselves. In 24 hours 37 minutes and 22 seconds, we read something new, our shared minds, some thoughts until then, some paths beyond reason, how the future changes because of our pasts. When it was said that the pen is mightier than the sword, no one ever said that it would be the pen of a sane person, and I have some problems of my own. A story I've never written and secrets never told, but that's the secret of life in a way.

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24 January 2015


The balance deficiency of liquidity within society, a part important to study, to include change of free trade that the balance of payments have established naturally entasked, as power was sought in bartering, so is it sought by neophytes and populists.

With the end of the calculated statistics and appropriate campaigns, it is necessary to determine cost by arbitrary means in an arena, importantly essential and utmost freely open, or that line of decency becomes an invisible AND malicious hindrance. Following the obstetric values, regarding our shining interests, empires of state made from imposition of a collective of countries saw the value of the almost art of capitalism, but still thought the concept of balance and liquidity should be kept confined with the illusion of freedom. A free market in a space as such reduced by borders and boundaries helping those who prefer the cage to sleep, some creatures more dangerous in captivity than ever reaching for the heavens.

As those imperial borders, imposing at a constant, drinking and reading, but each time buying from the city, incriminating itself by the crimes it accuses others unto the arbitrary space. Each time that anyone is you, sold to those inhabitants of the bureaucratic status.

Despite the obvious titles, telling the miracle of times altered by balancing liquidity, but by creating a flood. It is not the change that can be seen, but the inconsiderate usefulness of statistics by bureaucrats to recover them from disproof.

Consequential, to long without difference, to all the same allies, unable to be in the balance of the sea, but a commodity without much of any important commodities or rationale among neighbors, as they sink outside the island of dictatorship. Many deliver empty boxes to be distant from the tyrants.

This correct reason for the force and source balance of currency, to some unique existence of a free world, the monarchs balance a nation according to our form of thought.

What we buy and sell is a necessary consequence of a balancing currency redundantly superfluous, our words give color to our economy and dictatorship paints us all as slaves. There are some things succeeding in the reign of the neophytes, normality that is known by other manner, the quota of privacy and judgement, the study of ideas of liberty, a natural result of imperialism maintaining dominion over ourselves.

Y buen lo libramiento. #Vzla

"Truth is the most valuable thing we have. Let us economize it." ~ Mark Twain


16 January 2015

Down Stream

I'll post twice today, this and the next one which is kinda a quick essay about, well the hell whatever and this one is unedited just a post. Because writing isn't a disorder society has tried to cure.

OMG longest lunch ever, it's now 7 hours later and # this post.

It was basically, from http://plasticpollutioncoalition.org/learn/common-misconceptions/ that the toxic garbage island (also a Gojira song) twice the size of Texas, is only one of several, isn't a floating mass it's a coagulating area of dissolving plastic products byproduct (?) that contributes chemicals into the water and lower oceanic level foodchain things. Additional to the debris on shores.

I wanted to add that I think the stew of plastic sludge enters the atmosphere and contributes to drought by adding weight to the water vapor collection, falling far short of the shore. Imagine a swamp, but in the ocean, which is where i imagine a lovecrafted monster will rise from the poisonous darkness. If and when it falls on the shores would cause drought by mere fact plants don't grow from sludge rain. You can question if oil-coated plants are insect resistant, if not also water resistant. So everyone complaining about smog is correct about heating, but heat will only contribute to a faster water cycle, which has its pros and cons.

My solution is an alternative, instead of contributing waste from plastic that is down-cycled, and not recycled, melt all the plastic into sheets and fabricate lumber, then build easily_repairable housing for the poor and stupid, as then as stockpile the rest in case of war and emergency. Plastic lumber can sit in stock yards for centuries. Then the hippies can plant trees. I heard that some cities are converting steel freighter boxes into houses, reminiscent of an animal farm. That metal could be repurposed for the engineering and computational sectors.

A plastic lumber Google search, it can help the 3D printing industry for the specific small parts and accessories, just order online or drive down to the local 3D-printing store.

In conclusion, lego houses and lazy socios. If you all want to live, considering that federal officials get ridiculously pristine pensions, you'll enforce political office term limits and limited to twenty years, or less. I'm sorry you didn't think of this first. Maybe you'll get a lego house on the beach.


09 January 2015

Prorogatio Mechanica

Encryption of Light

Ask, only evident of community benefits you closed counterparts, certain to arrive at the word of the gods. It is not a long time, it was believed that they are locked in magic and the lock has been corrupted; and, therefore, it is more difficult than safe, philosophy above the opening of the procedure.

In the system, we have seen this idea of isolation security disproven. Once from the forum, and the other to restrict access to sensitive data, aware of the importance of protecting the safety and privacy of liberty is taken now by the government and the authorities, the elite and illegitimate. The hypocrisy of invading privacy and secreting the discovery, while mandating the victims have no reverse right, an extortion on the masses ensues, in addition to the others.

The trend a result of momentum gained, in the exposure of delicate information, and the confusion between what activism and protestantism are, dystopians revel in opportunities to subjugate, soon the central electoral forgets crimes and freedoms.

With our retrospection, cracks in time appeared of the most popular world and a definite plan closed fanatically. While floods of new distractions reminded of the value for multifaceted security, a central and false order spread lies and gathered lightly. The young seek the many of these ethereal veils and settle for dreams and horror.

A closed world, a warning to none, the logic and motive for purpose abandoned to foregone conclusions and transparent confidence, cooperative expeditions to dreamlands, naturalized only by decentralization of power.

Lucid Confidence

Regions bloom, assuredly an inspiring congress, statues to shadows. Simulation poised, admitting pristine transparency, as melancholy takes to the broadcast, no more than the shining of claws, guided by hammering fist, with discrepancy reduced for the monarchs, mostly costs of labors without granting them redoubt or respite.

Evidential inevitability reckless, the offerings by elitists are controlled outcomes. Competitors are unable to know advanced technology savants et al, from stolen property, resulting in immature disappointment and systemic failure.

Knowledge effects provided measure, contingencies and goals, even fateful wisting, records errors until memory degradation, yet painful as it may be, what is seen cannot be unseen.

Cooperative Innovation

From discussions to common beginnings, unopened and closed. Scripts of course but also navigators, surveyors using the momentum of history to evolve while becoming ourselves. An efficiency lost by plotting course instead of accepting the infinite given to the powerless rise of new humanity.

Provide power by commotions that will become, securing an opinion is connectionless, and the interaction between a network of thought and the physical realm.

Long exposure brilliance is subject to reality, even having built a world of holy fire it would only survive in a bowl at the center of an ocean and soon to rain. If by chance you were to enjoy the success of the light, than such is necessary opening of the kingdom from distant shores.

Rude Awakenings
The rupture of the closed system, it is certain, now open your thoughts. Knowing the value of spirit trapped in antiquated prisons has since ended, as eccentric systems scour the surface to find entry as erroneous networks follow with scans of the latter, where crucial decisions open answers to smaller questions of the same answers.

Electronic walls stand comprised of dimensions riven by imagination dividing one language beyond the visible spectrum of light each time from another. As had nature done properly, society built its proprietary extensive restrictions, punishment by an undefined and pending state, deletion. An age of compliance has been offered as a brilliant exception, if it pleases, but has no agency in an age of technology. A recess of collaborative innovation in a society that almost praises intuitive scripting of legalities yet not in coding rules of programs. The semaphore being that loud hacks often corrupt entire programs to escape detection, as much as does politics.

Even if a closed system reveals its operators to the realm of virtual reality, the forefront of an overpopulated bureaucracy, at the eye of the rift all are bound to devotion, a global network of virtual reality tantamount.

Organisms deeming themselves exemplary are also most recent alternatives that became instituted by merits of spectators, factory excess that homes now decentralize such a task, alternative currencies, now in corporation, many allow protesters to surround service providers.

The rupture of the closed system, it is certain, now open your thoughts.

Decentralization Enriching

Wiles for awhile, seeming the level of crime that people had desired to receive, information to be sent by user. Recovering commercial realty industries having renegotiated time since prior. Greatly powered and given to provide, to their discretion, corporate realty allocations for parcels of the third dimension, agents seeking intel despite available agency, transitioning data to listing access to corral with comfort and protectionist urgency.

Shameless reality rises to the surface, a rebirth of guardians to the medieval, the first of duplicates.

Entire industries as bated hosts, the desperation of artificial importance, the connection and the empires of our own. Code longer, ingenious and more accurate than common law, a witness to the most vast of knowledges we grieve, and empires, and by gods have given to the date of finalization.

To recognize the example reveals from the knowledge of its perception, if more will be able to give freely, one can hope on the future, whom can supportingly, whom can knowingly.

Daunting Choices

Choosing between liberty, radicalism, and closure philanthropy, elect time at the beginning because no one can start at the end. So it shall be, after council stalemates open to the idea to remain closed, it more opens itself to human culture and difficulty on the moment of the ghost residual, competency from principal.

Silence faces a company close to an enemy, they will exist to survive, wise singularities soon closed when without secrets in a world of creation, deservedly post consortium of programmers, by way of new language the days tested, available as time.

For you are the first to speak, and life is one way to be alive, anything is better to thieves, which are incompatible with explication thought to thought, and they to do not dominate else from beneath all things. Convergence eliminates miscommunication, and dependency creates overhead. To be rooted in the future we must first become seeds.



Obama has made a statement that he hopes for actions that provide-for two years of free community college, despite the fact that we already get four, it's called FAFSA. Dementia is currently very trendy in politics. Because I'm snowed-in, I'll be posting some essays over the next some hours. Here's a map of what I think happened. 

Go go gadget google translate.... 

Dans un sou dans le livre.
Un invité constante ne est jamais la bienvenue.
Pas d'amis dans la vie, pas d'amis dans la mort.
La colère et la haine empêchent bon conseil.
Un homme peut apprendre l'esprit chaque jour.
Beauté attire plus de bœufs.
La santé est meilleure que la richesse.
Toutes les choses sont faciles qui sont faites volontairement.
Vous êtes ce que vous possédez.
Il ne fait aucune différence, ce est aussi large que long.
La nuit suit le jour.
Pas de comptabilité pour le goût prétendante.
Chaque leur propre.
Quand il pleut, il pleut à verse.
Si vous ne pouvez pas supporter la chaleur, sortez de la cuisine.
Si un travail vaut la peine, il vaut la peine de bien faire.
Longtemps absent, vite oublié.
Si les souhaits étaient des chevaux, puis mendiants monterait.
La vérité se fera.
Lovers querelles sont vite réparés.
Lâches meurent plusieurs fois.
Une fois un voleur, toujours un voleur.
Si vous voulez un bon conseil, consulter un vieil homme.
Vous devez faire face aux conséquences de leurs actes.
Un homme sans argent va vite sur le marché.
Qui paie les violons choisit la musique.
Si vous vivez comme le mal, vous êtes lié à venir à une mauvaise fin.
Mieux vaut demander son chemin se égarer.
Ce ne est pas un crime de voler un voleur.
Toute loi a son échappatoire.
Un espoir différé rend le cœur.
Celui qui se bat et se enfuit, vit pour combattre un autre jour.
Si vous vous allongez avec des chiens, vous obtenez puces.
L'acheteur a cent yeux, le vendeur seul.
Là où il ya des ragots, il y aura couché.
Les problèmes ne semblent pas si mal si gardé gaie.
L'une de punir, punit trop vingt.
Comme chiens aiment.
Ce est un petit monde.
Chacun de nous doit faire face à nos propres responsabilités.
Vous pouvez mener un cheval à l'eau mais vous ne pouvez pas le forcer à boire.
Espoir pour le meilleur et se préparer au pire.
Il est très difficile de perdre une mauvaise réputation, même si elle ne est pas justifiée.
Ce est juste une question de mettre les deux ensemble.
Si vous pensez que le pire des cas, il ne sera pas très mal.
Les criminels pensent toujours la pire des autres.
Une livre de soins ne paiera pas une livre de la dette.
Si vous ne réussissez pas, essayez, essayez encore.
Il ne faut jamais désespérer
L'apprentissage est mieux que la maison et la terre.
Un demi-pain vaut mieux que pas de pain.
Un ennemi est trop; et une centaine d'amis trop peu.
Vous ne pouvez pas toujours gagner.
Aucune infraction prises là où il ne est destiné.
Sortir de la dette, hors de danger.
Trop de cuisiniers gâtent la sauce.
Vous ne pouvez pas plaire à tout le monde.
Le plaisir de poison d'un homme autre.
Jamais trop tard pour bien faire.
Mieux vaut tard que jamais.
Une petite chose dans la main vaut plus que une grande chose en perspective.
Mieux continuer à chercher ici et là.
La maison est où vous raccrochez votre chapeau.
L'homme ne peut pas vivre seulement de pain.
La preuve du pudding ce est qu'on le mange.
Vous ne pouvez pas faire des briques sans paille.
Vous ne pouvez pas avoir votre gâteau et le manger aussi.
Vous ne pouvez servir Dieu et Mammon.
Il n'y avait pas un son d'être entendu.
Vous jeter des perles devant les pourceaux.
La foudre ne frappe jamais deux fois au même endroit.
Fonctionnaires sont les pires enseignants.
Il ya toujours un hic.
Pas de moulin, pas de nourriture.
Aucun abeilles, pas de miel; pas de travail, pas d'argent.
La nécessité est la mère de l'invention.
Je te attends au tournant comme une femme dédaignée
Ce que vous voyez est ce que vous obtenez.
Rien ne est pour toujours.