Essays and Abstracts (or, Politocracy) by M.J. Banks, 1st Amendment supporter.
Please don't copy my papers, sample or rearrange them; writers, do what thou wilt.

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≤ 2009   The Power Plan    Interrupted by Thought         Self Medicated Addicted Videots    Free Peace Advocate    Happiness on Fire    Since When Do Bulls & Bears Go to the Market    die auf Papiersteuern     Amnesty Blue    American Rights and the New Ecological Order    A New World 1    A New World 2    A New World 3    A New World 4    A New World 5    A New World 6    A New World 7    A New World 8    Historical-Fiction of GWB    A New World 9     Endless Nameless    Obama Ebonics    Starfleet Guidelines     Windrealism    South of Hell    Left Right Here    theDemocrat    Plague of Empire    Nordiscular    Life w/o Borders    Constant Change    Greyland     The Nation's Service Program    Infrared Rain    Calico Albatross    The First Fold of Crystal Excelsior     Socialist Hate Initiative Treatment    Cannibalize the Carnivores    Have Gun, Will Travel    Neglect of Respect and Resolution    A Wealth of Health     River in the Road    Executive Division    Alien Nation    Going Green    A Decade in the Balance  

2010  Obloquy Calumny    Public Speaker Critique    Post-Modern Politics    Central Dogma    A New World 10    Americana Democracy    IPv6    Open-Source Software: Peer Production Technology    Analysis of an Abstract    Socioeconomics: Capitalism and Socialism    GNU GPL FSF    National Allegiance: The Takeover    Nationalist Allegiance: Persuasion    W/ Friends Like These, Who Needs Enemies    The Warming of Global Debates    An Old World    New Sorrow    Propensity    

2011    Death by Entitlement    For Future Reference   *Barn Burner   That's Not a Blog, This is a Blog    Conspiracy Tea   Feet of Clay   Zen Beyond Control    A Letter From A Thief    Balanced Approach   The Conscription Act   Associated Press Fact Check Republican   Basic Connections  Poseur Education   Misinformation Disinformation   Another Linux 101 Essay   Clad in Capitalism   Doublespeak  Occupy   Capitalism by Example    No Surprise    Neocon, I    Playing Favorites    Intransitive Deployment    What Fuck Just Happened?    

2012    Federalism Abject   Kid in a Candy Store   Din    Dote    Dour   This Is Your Captain Speaking...   Argot Incommunicable   Resurrection Inquisitor   Mercenary Nation   Rules of a Dream   I for an I   Economic Entropy    Ransom the World   Massive Dynamic    

2013    The Skalding Truth    Doth Light of Light Beguile   Nothing Tangible is Worthless
   Enregistrement    Joined at the Hipster   Ruff Giraffe   Et tu, Brute?    Hero's Eye   Crash-Course: Econ 1   Peter Principle Progressivism   Ex Filtration   The Talk of Shame   4 in 5 in US face near-poverty, no work   Courtesan of Public Opine    Facinorous   Political Maneuvers    Caution: Content May Contain Words    Throw Down the Gauntlets    Post-Structuralism, I    Lyric Subtlety    Architectural Genetics   Budding   Sleeping Dogs and Politicians    Go, I   Cataplasm?    Modraniht    Dialectic    Vogon Poetry, I   

2014    Accretion   100 Things about Other Things    Cross-eyed Piper    Exordium, I   Supple and Mental   Day of the Asp    Beneath Contempt    My Cozen Is Rushin'   Rencountering    Hetoimasia  Unos Teñir Distintos   A Waxwork Tower  Poly-Sea  Live Long and Prosper  How to Solve Some of the World's Solutions   In vino veritas...   Discommodiously   Devil's Night with Vermeer's Ghost   To Infinitely Split  Psyop 433a

2015    Afterfuture   Cult of Lack of Personality   Disordered Chaos   Simulant Manifesto I   Nero's Stradivarius   The Ballsy Move  Interferencía Multirayecto, Distorsión Retraso   Al César (esp)  Downtown Hanlon

2016    Improval  Politicarse Cautelosa (esp)   Misappropriated Requisition  More Commoner Sense  Even Duck  Get Your Ass to Mars  Unprofessional Solutions  Nostrada, K Nobis Tradamos

Virtue Signal, I  Contrivant  Coliseum Hipocratica   RE:Death  Verily, I  Moogle Ganifesto  Contractus Socialis  Coarse and Closed  Hayseed Rant