24 June 2016

Even Duck

I'll play with the page layout; still don't understand why I can't fix widths in percentages in the control panel, it is stupendously unimportant btw, then I'll post something; i almost didn't post this month at all.

Loud noises:

there was a shooting by a zealot, who was then not called that, and ppl blamed weapons and re-proceeded to attempt victim disarmament, i'd like to think that i don't care. My advice; if you didn't run things so much like a prison state, then the individual abandoned by society (state), wouldn't need rehabilitation, which in whole was played by those that plague us. A law does not exist, our understanding of it does.

let me add something on the coach; if you're going to have amnesty, and release the undocumented in trespass if arrested, then give them dole, as is repeatedly the case, we can always make their source a better place instead; we're not proud that you don't support our creativity, but the world keeps turning.

the politicians stopped making laws and sat on the floor until they realized the interns wouldn't be sitting on the hard floor for them, it was wonderful, no shitty laws, no new deficit spending, awesome.

The UK is Texas, or something:

Brexit, not when a woman slips out the bar, wait for it. (or bro exit?) First, if there were any Celts wanting to be part of a larger empire, you're not. As a gringo, what do i know about Britain. Ireland should get a king/queen and marry into Britain, that way they get their north back, you can do that when I'm dead. I can see that I'm goi!ng....hang on a tick. Okay, formatting error.

Slippery slope, at the end of the day, all or nothing! Give it a rest. Okay, if "Remain," a FRENCH word, won while I went to sleep, disregard the vote and leave anyway. Here's the skinny. Let's start with the crudity, Britain is not Europe, the Pound will only go down if investors either pause to see what happens, or people are punishing the Pound pettily, heretofore the Britons are the same as they were yesterday. The argument was made that there would be no more free trade. A specious argument, a fallacy, there wouldn't be free trade, if the E.U. decided to be assholes, which serves as another reason to leave, extortion. The argument to stay for security reasons, is timorous, in America liberals won't report on ISIS, so I don't know if troops of EU countries are fighting them, or if it's just not Obama. If a homeless Londoner loses their gender-same and/or cybernetic life partner to terrorism, and the EU doesn't help him eradicate evil, I'll bring the pain on general principle as an outside party.

Forgive me if you heard this already my psychosis and all.

I heard that the EU is a council of illuminati, and a huge voting membership that only serves for opinion polling. I know if UK is the 5th largest economy, that the EU should be joining you. I mean, I'm not really a fan of France, there was that period where the existential writers (Jean-Paul Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir, etc) were chill before modernity, I'm almost happier to live next to Chicago, so maybe not them.

Britain isn't going to turn into a spaceship and leave, so let's not start acting mental. I believe that England is in Britain. I could be wrong. And that's where English was created, and soon it became where people would go to get away from Europe; we don't think about it, but the anglosphere can be very poncy at times and we love it and they love us for it, awhile not being anything more than hicks and whores, that's what we do and the, emphasis, entire world speaks English, so i wouldn't worry too much. Also, the UK didn't, even, use, the euro. Remember the whole emptying debtors prisons into Australia thing? That's what the EU is doing with refugees, and treating the UK like a relocation reservation. Now, get some fireworks and keep inventing new profanities, you mulligans.


Contention!..about who's running in American politics. Firstly, public workers don't run, they overpay to be carried from one bar to the next and sign anything in front of them, kinda like the E.U.

There's this idea that you're supposed to have conviction and choose left or right, doctrine or ideology, and I'm here to tell you, fuck that noise. I almost could call this section "Tragic: The Blathering."

These names of governments are just the names of campaigns. Communism isn't an ideology, it's the campaign goal of the government; capitalism, socialism, libertarianism, idealism, journalism, individualism, centrism, those are each no more than campaigns of a government. News Flash: We have the internet. I've made the case that some of you should do what you do best, but for some that's be a pain, for me it's be useless.

So my idea, a card game.

A very boring card game, The Isms (pronounced: IZMZ) is just like other role playing card games, but instead of ROYGBIV like in MTG, the groupings are the things i listed above. Let's say you play a capitalist card, it costs three lands (resource, facility, market) and a laborer (just one), and it's weaknesses are to one of the other isms, for example, it could be weak to 'instant' cards from the socialism group when your opponent plays the instant "popup rave party with the other gender" or something, i'm making this up right now, as i write, but you get the gist. A libertarian is weak against the military-industrial-complex, a communist is weak against an industrialist, a socialist is weak against a fascist, and so on and so forth.

Cards in games as such have points and reserves, which would make it possible for professional statisticians to start calculating the possibility that we were completely lost without logic for centuries before the internet. Did you get a degree in a dead subject? Then, bling, your casting cost is 1/1 and you're a blocker for the next attack.

Review the fuck out of this:

1) Guns, we don't outlaw dogs biting people, we train the dog. 2) Britain, join Scandinavia and/or Russia and cowboy-up, start acting like the federation you are. 3) Politics, a game not worth repeating.

Locktwarr danalora luatha danu.