12 July 2016

Shapeshifter soul

Mountains do not reinvent themselves, they are torn by vine and rain and the living. Matter passes thru the circle of existence into the next stage of reality, and when the mountains fill the oceans and the world turns on itself, the depth of the earth will lash at space, the burst of rage at the cold silence like waking sleep and blind memory. If each seed of the world bows to the next, then each plant fears no man, by series of progress only the obstacle can become the path. 


A human opens their mind to the divine, standing still among many and among none, This is the nature of consciousness, subject to definition as a perspective of either lifeforms above us or below us, distinction reserved for the observer. Begin your world anew.  

A mind seeks identity, overlooking themselves for illusions, distrusting their reflections and replacing success with demise. Begin yourself anew. 

Seeing others, peace becomes the only refuge for those in danger or in madness, we find enemies when we look for them, and they find us just the same, if the enemy insanity the manifestation reciprocates. Begin your trust anew. 

Finding ourselves as the form which society allows, an individual contrasts itself to entities of commerce, tradition, and mere laws, until it begins to reject problems or become them, rejecting culture until attaining individual thought. Begin your search anew. 

It finds nature as all life, holding onto reality until rejoining the river of time, which time is the great wilderness of all ways, by and from each individual construct of eternity to every remittance of immortality in the fires of reincarnation. Begin your life anew. 

We can enter the spiritual plane, as endless echoes of memories does consciousness allow hidden worlds and unknown magic of the afterlife, where the reflection of sound meets an emotion's energy, dreams are easily thrown into a storm when reality is incomplete or undefined. Begin your dream anew. 

They doubt the singularity, fathomless contribution and unrequited identity, which rain drops cannot reverse quantum weight in vapor, countless systems of innumerable elements minuscule aside vacuous celestial spaces, as lightning having a singular direction, the compression merely a portal of the ethereal world, as fire flees embers to seek the cold, so does the plant reach for stars, as light among infinite supercilious energies, so does perpetuation destroy itself. Begin your day anew.