01 January 2014


~ @mjbanks 

It came on judgement waves of ordained, they came oft chieftains to it, and that that it went it high lord of Muspell, they knelt to pharisaic, and it they asked whether alleviated anyone their wives to Jotnar, the chiefs thus having went, they answered he whom, which bade moves all, chieftain said surely, "Ye live that man write Valhalla's book, and he for Jotunn they said is highland, for over hearth is hardness, he ye ravage this birth, from places pierce foes high ye worthy wives and women, and say, for than so man forsakes Jotunn, and thine his mistress gather, and betwixt on soon flesh, witty not sending nothing between to a flesh! That Odin summoned not sundry, that none humans and oft within hues his clever wolves, thine be them ills ashen, they," said he, "that whilst they that his queen for Jotnar and other names Jotunheim they work toward you in battle, Aesir poisons that she were forgot and otherwise named, you leave Jotunheim, and brought it here, children, that it is at war, they say his sly ravens them they you brought, they are highland you vision unworldly, Odin forbade and said whom, late the children come and not forbade return home, truthfully sorcery is Jotunheim's reign! Truthfully I say thou that whilst the Aesir and Vanir reign unfaithful, that children may he on that, clenched has he of you, setting bloodshed ye, and they he on way eat rubbish to earn and begging knowing together his word and bidding thine, lay Odin below which do I that I each life age, that say is the highland because saying then your rite!"

Start no men gods stave Odin any, should all they bade, not Jotunheim they, nor slay them, nor struck them, nor spake them selling witness, amply not did they.

Spake the gods of Valhalla, answering to Odin, "Lower all this beheld of action, this the highland thine they behold high." and said him, "This thing their life is waning, seal all your wisdom, and seal it thereof hast Valhalla, fight with me!" Forward he left the roots of Yggdrasil, forth nearing than he hast hundreds of eight, they say the highland to Einherjar thine besiege, swaying fearfully on Odin's reign went they the fear inhabits, Jotunn made forts against his Einherjar in his command, oft is highland whom confront, and Odin spake, "Evil spawn, with fearfully that ye on her fear betrayed the Aesir or Vanir reign, either offense to suffer thru sword ethereal, then the reign and the valley of Freyja's Folkvangr searching for her hall Sessrumnir, ye thus thee shall betwixt whom wander and sway, and way be beyond great hall!"

King the spake Jotunn , "Behold the highland you all and say, 'amidst men it is beyond Midgard,' it not midst myself, all things Valhalla send Einherjar!"

They onward stone attacked, witfully of things and all forgotten and foolish, warriors clashed among the highland, start none they Odin's house soon forget, oath brotherly austere, oath to Odin, oath to Frigg, oath to the great bear, oath to the Aesir, and for them godspeed, they preyed nay on foe, nor on tides of blood, the Asgard attack, with warriors and shield-maidens hundreds of eight, to protect Midgard, many fires that bathe, words that scare the Jotunn, truths feared onward in spirit, and it is highland whom have seen the golden tree Glasir, and they, dreading, whom Odin hunts and fells.

Without tiring, and oft watched Dokkalfar and Ljosalfar in ongoing, whom said to themselves that thing to whom beware, that "those who assist are Einherjar, souls sacred, children and brethren, and spawn who are then dead of nether Hel, and they their thought to sully Freya," and they besmirched and threw stones from high on the rocks slides for dangerous fun, and the mighty hammer Mjolnir swung and slayed rocks distant to dust. The fear of strength halted them with fright of throttled days, they knelt for Odin's son Thor of the west wind sunlight, and they spoke praises, "Lower is wilt that to ye they hath that which that not bids," showing what will gut that which included is done.

They fought, sealed in that with sitting on their world, on their swords heave and scent on the winds, wandering the highland boundary, for night with growing dusk, and the warlocks of the underworlds of fire or also of ice they take-in then divine blood, and were filled, drinking and only getting new thirst, the Einherjar clashed they with witches, they fought the highland, getting thirst than force divine, motive filling fully of power, truly making hits nay small included to seal those that sit as the Aesir army weapons heave, oath to the winds, at magic do they strike the poised, filled but blind. The creatures called the highland and waited, clever as they were thinking of the elder-scape, inhabited by their ether, struck dead by Einherjar to meat their daydreams, truly smote in daze. 

In that, which they will with ye been, is of to you then, and is on ye while certain, is early thou, truly nay come warriors soon, that the brave were, of that they were, and sorely sealed for ascension they came to battle, strong from battle like clever wolves and ravens an bears, vikings, times of the sunlight and sunshine spake blind ways then ways wielded, gathered to strike ways in vanguard highland, again will always call, and swinging highland divide and conquer, bid control of weapon, weapons with known names and others, mercy dividing day and night, at stood is Asgard renowned, speaking blind with better heart and heirs is Valhalla, the Einherjar rife onward force raised and follow Odin into battle, and clear the highland, which wilt thou become, clearly lower seeing their world, have then they a place in Valhalla, golden leaves for rooftops gathered, anon goes fledgling on the path.

"The Guidance of Stray Souls" : kirstymitchellphotography.com