14 September 2011

A Serving Imbroglio

As not for oft I've sat and wrote in prose
but many times a root for all the leaves
a circumstance the matter of belief
a post that cannot dwell for it is dead
with certainty a love to soon forget
like basil in a bush or mint for tea
the wars have come and gone like rain on fire
a memory foreseen to nevermore
a kingdom quenched at birth has come undone
perhaps a new awakening at dusk

Forsaken are my thoughts close to the seam

I scatter to collect what dreams await
but pillage me usurpers of the night
and blasphemous these symbols on the wall
by windows to a dream below the sea
but I digress of lessons in the light
to use how learned matter can convey
these battles in the vicious tenet mind
with visions of a cold and metal soul
possessed with demons feigning for the heart

These actions better never left unsaid

to message for the slaves below the deep
the pressure by an ocean made of tears
by fears of angels lost without the light
forever is the maker quite unclear
the secrets in the blood of those who've died
these masters are bereft among the plants
or happenstance to dance among the weeds
while working with their colors for the cost
the bones to grind and toil among the trees

Remember of the farmer in the breeze

the shadows at the edges of the eyes
a discontent for creatures at the mass
deliverer of sermon to the skies
a land surfeit to treasure on the march
awakened by the tears of heaven's joy
the wars of blood decay on mortal soil
betrayed the rivers wash eternal sin
a glare at every growing tare and tret
authority to tame the summer storms

The roots of time are digging in the dark

the host of wealth is  covered oft with ash
advantage of the hedgerows and the thorn
as mysteries unfold and clues unwind
with spears and spades into the frozen north
and now usurpers burn for forest myths
adults afforded grace at lesson one
betrayed by many youth of ignorance
with battle to the wall once more again
continue to the heart of traitor war

When talking to these stones I fell asleep

to keep a single thought within a cell
complete with stolen sight beyond the bonds
a struggle for a thought wont to exist
where kings have better hold on former thirst
and jesters are the patient slave of choice
combined our efforts breath for aqualung
the essence of complacency at best
a test of trial and wit before the bones
a phial of shooting stars and stripes will do

At speeds of light the carrion erodes

the gathering of roads completes alas
as bastard spies disown their stolen nests
their stolen thought are rancid in the mind
belayed by further fracture of the muse
another not myself to lie in weight
as open waterfalls attack the ebb
the crops are growing deep into the air
beyond mine eyes that dream beneath the sleep
and wash my soul into the buried sands

I could not drink for weeks before the war

nor start my heart without a drumming feud
reports of mountains washed into the sea
the spoils of gathered soil has bound my wings
the strings control the shadow on the hill
the laurels are the spires of old guilt
the swill behind the hilt is second best
the scrolls of beasts with empty rooms unclean
escape the straightest path beneath the rust
with warmer thread they beg that morrow sows

The decadent seductress taste of steel

while all the seasons battle at their wit
to court the talons of the algid shore
with blades above the eyes and fires deep
to keep the song of age from curse and hex
survive the fiends and mercenary march
the midst of ides is sharpening the dawn
the movement as our future fights our past
with friend and foe all felled and thawing fast
the waves of falling oceans take my all

The bluest morning sky that can be seen

of softest thorns beneath my broken feet
as sweetest air entreats my every need
a flower made of sand becomes my mind
the sharpest hair completely made of blood
the king of wolves in forests made of time
between the warring mountains made of lust
the rust of shadows dying in the night
the swords of heaven falling to their death
to save the air of maidens at last breath