25 August 2011

Basic Connections

Describe a real-life situation that uses at least five of the network connections described in this chapter one. (ISBN-13: 978-0-538-45261-8)

LAN Center: A computer center for PC gamers grants access to an intranet/LAN for multiple users to play a web game. These computers access the internet for maps and access to gaming servers to verify accounts which have purchased the game as well. This also allows other LANs from outside, to access their game. Smart phones in the center can use a wireless connection to view their fantasy 'football' scores or do some online gambling, or even use secure verification to access a MAN for public sector or news-media jobs. The internet connection provided by the computer cafe can usually also connect to general internet services email, etc., to access mail servers anywhere in the world. sometimes DNS branching can interrupt a direct route. new apps on smartphones can use sensor data in streets or even nightclubs to inform a user, where satellite tv's broadcast media and have interactive weather services. cell phones use the atmosphere with microwaves, and in short distances around essential areas of the city, like hospitals and governmental buildings, a shortwave microwave tower transmits high-bandwidth connections for emergency services, in some cases. they look like wide drums turned on their side, i read this is how New Zealand gets their internet from Australia where ATM terminals can verify global financial data.