04 August 2013

Cloud Sick

I mean to bore you with this. Here's a glimpse into my hideaway, how I operate select folders in my dementia, dimension, etc.

So my cloud service (computer process) was hit with something and I couldn't synch my dox unless I disconnected my account from the service. So I did, disconnected and restarted the program. After restart I signed-in and it said something to the tune of can't synch into an occupied folder, so I moved my shtako to a local secure data point and started up the synch, I selected folders to synch from the standing cloud configuration and initialized that process. When it was done I decided to go for broke and copy over the files i dumped into the temp, only to have to replace the existing files and resynch.

Then the crazy hits, I thought it would see the filename the same and not notice a change, but somehow it wants to resynch the new (over wrote?) master files, something in the cloud made what you see below in the pic, i think it copied the new up, then copied the doubles down, matching one of two, resulting in three down, checking the cloud for redundancy it begins to log the errors, apparently twice for three (1 and 2 duplicates as I just mentioned?) now five files in some cases.This is only one folder of MANY, so call me yenkitso, most of the other folders contain closed files and pictures, you can see there is n't much rhyme or raisins to the whirligig, I will spill the beans that the neighboring folders are M4 and yes, even a few in M5.

 Click Image To Enlarge

Let's take the tour. 2013.

/Stories/Merlin [closed files, transcripts, artwork]
/Stories/NT [closed files]
/Stories/Essays [closed files]
/Stories/Space [closed files]
Ideas/Fiction/(here's where it gets messy, loose files)
Fiction/3Coven3/YOU ARE HERE
Fiction/4Shadows4/(all pushed and procrastinated plots, events, places, etc)
Fiction/5Nature5/(possible preface, intro, cover to cover outline)
Fiction/Galaxy/(in progress "Starhand" and "Jumper")
Fiction/NT/(many scraps, and the complete outline for NT. Mostly this is where my stories come to terms with their endings, the story itself began as an actual memory dump of intense dreams and hence it's name, now it serves as a place for chapters that I want to close, or haven't been able to end them cleanly, or break into syfy, or the unacceptable hybrid, sometimes you just hate a fucking chapter. M comes from an eerie amount of the facts in my life link to Merlin, like the number twenty three, and as some of you rightfully assume, I have my reasons. the plot for NT sorta ties itself to the Merlin and Space storylines in a nice ribbon bow, so I can't say too much except that it's [Section Censored: Code 22E: Extraterrestrial Rights Act: 234784-033-09] certainly doesn't think so, not in any professional measure anyway)

Tho it's certainly nice to peek behind the veil, toodles.

à tout à l'heure, vive la résistance