29 April 2012

Argot Incommunicable

"All professions use technical jargon terms and acronyms. Professionals such as health care workers, accountants, and lawyers can frequently be difficult to understand, why should the computer field be any different?"

Another oddly worded question involving immersion, in a highly technical professional environment computer specialists should communicate with the proper terms and acronyms as opposite to talking about 'things' and 'stuff'. In an environment typical of interaction, which is often the case, with a user and a support specialist jargon is highly ineffective if not completely useless. Jargon is unsupported by those not in-the-know and is an inefficient way to communicate if then only to be defined, and, put into context for others. Describing items in a common understanding and within a simplistic explanation of purpose provides an understandable and open form of communication.