26 December 2013


Verily, it is what might not be the person strongest, neither the most valiant or the most decided. It can, which one equivocates many times, perhaps far too many, be that as it may, realize our wants when one has not, that our list of caprices be a large one, what one's paranoia augments day to day also. To the malice moments they are many, although the goodnesses supersedes. It may complicate how easy, what facilitates the difficult, and also may make any trip countless times on the same step, but have for surety that always one goes to rise.

For the sage, the diversity of things and events contradictions to our environ they are justly those different manifestations of the all, the unchanging reality. Then, to those diverse aspects of the divine ones, giving in life antique distinct names of various questions that themselves are not more that reflections of a unique ultimate reality, which so to speak, the destructive and creative forces they are two manifestations of this reality same.