16 June 2009

printing press

-this economy collapse is possibly causing everyone to enlist, because America is, soo, very fat and ugly and off track etc, including the illegals who've entered, but selling us all down the river?...come on!......isnt the religious rule not to have taxes above 10% percent or something i think.....and yet they've put it more than 100% percent, an immensely overtaxed level, not to mention taxing the unborn....aren't republicans super-religious?

I hope the blind money printers, the deaf taxers, and the arrogant politicians die an excruciatingly horrific celebrity death to entertain the taxpayers who likely need arenas having a gory fill of violent deaths for criminal offenses against the republic, sending a message to the other political criminals and lenders across the world.

forget the elephant, leave the mule, toss the pigs.