09 February 2013

Purge RE

Maledicent: One who is addicted to abusive speech.

In the 21st century, the democrat party has never met a tax it didn't like.  They fanatically endorsed the PPACA, forcing people to buy health insurance or use it thru the dole. It is both a tax and a penalty, the prior for the redistribution system and the latter in violation of free will. Consider it as such, you've bought a car and insured it, the manufacturer warranty has expired and the time of you owning your vehicle is born, and in this scenario your insurance will pay for any intentional or accidental damage. The idea behind a healthcare mandate is that you are the car, the gov't is paying your healthcare bills eventually via medicare, and they are mandating that you get regular checkups because you burden the entitlement system when your wife wants to trade you for a new one. The irony, and massive flaw, is that every legal citizen pays a medicare tax the duration of their working career, and against all logic this impetuously lauded socialist system denies the obvious, the want of the public to afford what they use and their ability to do so, be it by current affluence or systems of capitalism that build wealth and plenitude.

You can't have socialism if you don't have capitalism, there is no shade without the work of the tree. If this wasn't de facto incompetence on the behalf of liberals everywhere, it gets worse.

I read recently that the democrat party of Califruitcakes, besides being more morally bankrupt than a crackwhore in the White House, having lost a party-wide political campaign for victim disarmament wants gun owners to buy liability insurance. I propose an isolated tax of my own, I call it the Maledicent Tax. 

The immoral unthinking majority set a bad example for the formative minds in our society, the result of such licentious perpetual forays in to minimizing, denying, or blaming, in matters of culpability, has beyond lost them their honesty and accountability, but it has influenced countless generations and indefatigably countless more. The resulting trustfund hippie and legislator vandals alike, mindless violent unions who've become the long-fought company thugs, the party heads that despoil prosperity while defiling and corrupting the very language we use to spot their lies resulting in social division, and the communists who in their belief that man is god denounce Him in a sadly hilarious failure to self-promote, the protests of solvency, the calls for equality by those who detest being evaluated because YOU SUCK, but I digress.

The financial cost they have incurred is undeniably in the trillions, and the private sector losses are immense, but in terms of security this tax will recompense the abused capitalists, for the thefts from the productive, excused by liberals with derision of success and employers, for the mass-shooters and serial killers who were/are in the majority registered democrats, for the digital breadlines that could be multitudinous hefty happy workers, for the taxes stolen for pensions that subsidize inflation, for the nearly 50% of American highschool students who drop out to find work, for the other half of highschool students who graduate only to not find work, the collegiate deluge, for the illegal immigrant on slave wages who, tho forgivable, unwittingly stole a job from each - the children, youths, and the aged; for them.

So.... about 70 million democrats championing about 50 thousand militant atheists. If you open your dumbass mouth again, pay the price. 

I say $20K a year sounds fair to start, for now, we can always raise it later. Right comrades?