29 September 2009

Ravenous fall

burn your house down to stay warm
in the middle of a massive storm
hows the air at the bottom of the sea
or your prison you built to be free
laying down in the middle of the road
with your free time right after it snowed
there's a heaven so far in the sky
where are your wings you never learned to fly
you're an angel and learning to sing
light as a feather from your wing
in a fire just out past the shore
the air is thick, there is no door
empty spaces behind your own line
and bored to tears for all of your time
there is a mirror to see your face
to help destroy the civil race
you're an outlaw w/ wasted eyes
w/ tooth and nail and bloodshot knives
in an evil alive to me
why wont you try to let me be
medicated pictures glowing out
old emotions scream and tawdry shout
post apocalyptic youth sitting on the floor
waking thoughts through one more door
popular crashes of mystical trees
and tyranny slashes of leaves from the seas