29 July 2009

neglect of respect and resolution

a risk-free education portal into the trying times of the liberal hate machine, and the fascist oppression of socialism in our modern political climate. i do not hate capitalism, i hate gambling and wish it was opposed as the 11th commandment so that one of these idolaters would remember.

"change" we can believe in, has come to people who already pay taxes. the president has blamed the past for a debt he adds to, and admittedly will not attempt to fix, awhile passing legislation he daren't explain without having read. never have i seen such subterfuge, it must be because he's half-breed.

anyway, bailouts from insider bureaucrats, the A.I.G. bailouts, belonged to W. and his oil tyrants, Katrina, i think was a catastrophe waiting for anyone to avoid, and because it was such a calamity in the cross hairs, it costs ever so much, than tarp, a reparations program for bad asset banks and irresponsible lenders as well as loan recipients, all having been made because of civil action groups who demanded self indignant entitlements with their hands out and their jaws hanging open, that would not desist until everything was 'equal', even if it meant breaking the proverbial camel's back, and most recently the "vote early, vote often" approach to campaigning that includes, a public payoff check that has left the public appeased as they wait for their next voter bribe, a so called one way ticket to the eye of the storm.

change we can believe in, but never see, was all administered by the federal reserve chairman and the federal reserve liaison to the white house, remember our serfdom lies waiting in the limbs of old hatreds and caste resentments, as we pay our taxes to the federal reserve and much less the treasury, as it in fact we should NOT be.

limiting greed would take a wise man, which so many over the legal age to run for office cannot do. never trust anyone old and fat who never smiles, and ask your self not only what is right for you, but how many thieves are left. perhaps i am cynical, but think of this. why in one hand, is it illegal to bribe a peace officer and judges, but at the same time, in the other, its legal to bribe the officials that make the law, so long as you're a lobbyist?

these incorrigible dissidents have resentment crawling through their essence, that is seeping from their genetic foundation. they are the over-caste oppression so many would assume of a war chief or a heretic. illogically they have been trying to add more people to their cause, not particularly knowing why, logically their compatriots at the other end of the spectrum, have been fighting for freedom since they were born, in and out of sleep, not knowing why, but letting the diminutive grasp of central government grow ever powerful and fatally intricately woven, both never seeming to be in the right place at the right time.

its not my mission to make things a better place, i just want my solar panels, my helical wind turbines my hydrogen gas generator/torch system, to run my car on water, purify the water better than the city can, heat my home, possibly illuminate my home, grow food, for a minute fraction of the exorbitant costs that this seductive society of convenience, have so seemingly forgotten, in place of slavery and sycophantic monotony.

our machines that benefit us need, parts, tools, maintenance, operation, and specific parts to be crafted, intricately as well as accurately, these should be the items we base our caste system on, not a spiteful opposition of who has these things or more so who arrived lastly. we need food to operate in our daily rigmarole, and we should be sharing it to aid and abide the progress of society as a whole, this is what we must build the foundation of judgment upon in a society that still uses money, the capital of criminals. expect great reaction from oppression because the slower prey will not go quietly and the faster are always watching you with your hasted family.