10 December 2008

A New World . article 8

Anarchy into Archives

Great strength becomes the greatest weakness. What may ultimately destroy is great strength, which autonomy and creativity is to the individuals. As collective civilizations, we have created many of the worlds greatest works, but randomly by the hand of dedicated, genius people who vanguard the efforts to organize and understand the needs of a civilization. An individual who can visualize the concept and execution of task, while opposed by those who do not understand or care about its necessity, is superior in all aspects of inspiration.

From this we will become wiser as well as stronger each evolution by the encroachment of bureaucracy and standards and history itself, as we have an aversion to both authority structures and collectivism. Destroy the ruling bodies and rules, and be free to do what is necessary for preservation. literally doing what is unique to our race and possibly beyond that of our future.

Between tyrants and terror, everything has moderation in varied amounts, including independence. In conviction choosing to take control is the vital action that commands respect. It becomes the resolve of everyone from independent thinkers to skilled artisans of every age in life. Before despising the collective you must enter the fold.


Triumph will come to individual efforts, wealth and class systems divide our populations against themselves. Where we fail is in trying to make a collective system out of individuals and not educating them. The past will come to vicious vengeance in the midst of a population united only by satisfaction. Money, stature, religious morality to the secret network desensitizing the individual is no conspiracy. These ways simply support self-interests, and put family and community value asunder. Internally culture collides in a class war. Competing for natural resources for independence or survival depletes supply faster.


All opinions seek to become predominant through gaining more converts and those by social force will exclude all others. With no malice, our majority influence would have eliminated unwilling students. The question is more complicated when the philosophies are directly contradictory. Morality is more important than focused collective action, and is a popular issue. Failing to come up with a sensible collective plan, the world suffers - but it is no one's fault because we were all concerned with tolerance for all parties and all forms of thought and not finding a sensible outcome.

One example of this is in the endless slander against members of the militant society. If there was a valid argument against it, it would be clear to all, but instead most arguments center around violations of individual rights and come from societies with no collective goals to speak of.

Imagine law enforcement without security.


Offenders against the state like to point out the hypocrisy of modern democracies by repeating these points: there is no freedom of speech, there is no freedom of press, and there is very little individual freedom from the controlling hands of capitalism. Their methods of control are far subtler than the more honest methods of socialism echoing all types of governments supporting capitalism.

Perhaps time comes from upon the mountain. Maybe the cold comes from the depth of space, perhaps it does. Human society has always been in turbulence, forever seeking the perfect answer to the question of self-government. All of this replaces societies of great learning and character, such as those of acclaimed innovation.

We must find a replacement system of values for that of monetary self-interest, must reconcile the masses to the elites by finding a way to pick elites by ability, and must stop the cancerous expansion of humanity and consumption of our ecosystem.

Luckily, we have allies everywhere - some who are aware of our allegiance to a traditional way of life, and others who are blinded from seeing what we have in common by their affiliations. We win, in part, by reaching out to these groups and not denigrating them, but explaining what we have in common and how we can work together.

The first groups for this inclusion should be those who believe that each population is defined by both ethnicity, heritage, and culture, and that without both, the population is diluted. A self-sufficient economy separated from what, to any student or otherwise being, is a regime of death: liberal democracy, free enterprise and the internationalist capital values that dominate the world.

A Foes Alliance

Commitment to an Empire requires government unified by democracy and capitalism which are both forces of opposition to tradition. While nationalist groups have had limited successes appealing to a broad movement, while new leaders spring abundantly to guide with illusions of capitalist democratic society, and have influenced groups worldwide with their rhetoric. As they teach beliefs about the prosperous equality within society and achievable harmony among humankind, they assume that a lack of subordination, of correction, will also address underlying issues.

Most call for change from historical oppression overlooking the innovations and success. Teaching that revolt and faith are acceptable motives, in direct opposition to teaching trades and skills. Such facts must be accepted as a foregone conclusion to the similar problems of all societies despite the respites of progressive democratic society.
Our natural environment and our ability to mend it are within bounds of realizing that the most devastation to our environment comes from culture and free enterprise. Teamwork makes the dream work.


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"your getting into an area that even largely untapped is chaotic.
Most of your thinking is trash.
Trivial thought.
Saying emotions about things that might be done.
Relations that might exist.
Always measuring, is a jumble"

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