13 December 2008

The Axe Handle War

The Axe Handle War

Enormous influence over the schools and other key institutions, civilization had lost their ability to think independently. Something was wrong in contemporary society a malicious power was behind the process of destruction. The kings knew too little about the frightening history and essence of the secret society and of its dark history, ideology and activities. A completely different picture of major world events emerges re-creating the true history that our leaders have stolen from us. Those who have understood the reason for our troubles refuse to speak out from behind their eyes.

Hidden economic forces have acted behind the carefully painted scenes and, virtually unopposed, manipulated us towards our present desperate situation. The enemies of humanity have succeeded with treacherous conspiracy unable to act freely without first removing important facts from our history in order to use their power to transform our world into Hell. Beginning to prefer darkness to light to defend these dark forces, the evil are close to victory, their crimes against humanity to be afflicted for all of time.

Distance is revealing the truth to those who seek it. Aware of these facts is in itself an evil, the larger the organizations, inevitable are their immorality and blind stupidity. Different ideologies have been dealing with different aspects of nature. One and the same ideology help those souls who seek the truth. The murderers of the soul are the worst and their falsification of history leads to a society without history. There is nothing more repugnant than a falsification of history on the orders of those in power. Our leaders conceal facts of the conspiracy. Those who control our history also control our future. Those in power deny or conceal so many lies. Mixed with the truth an alternative to the official truth, things are often not, what they seem to be.

A matter of deception and self-deceptive progress in this maze of myths, a consensus trance method of suggestion breaths their lies leaving life, without a second thought, a desire not to know. The mental anesthetization of the Western World brings victims of the type of blind faith of history, health, culture and politics. Processing a part of their experience are enemies of the spiritual freedom of humanity who have been steering our society towards certain ruin. If we refuse to live in a world without sense and begin working towards creating a super state inside the greatest spiritual crisis through society, you will save the individual

a destructive movement begins from the endless summer. A tyrant villain makes false declarations of intention and misleading descriptions when recruiting members. His kingdom begins manipulation by psychological a method (mind control) which is used during recruitment and indoctrination. Seemingly, they would be an all-powerful leader who demands total subjection and claims to have special knowledge and powers. They make demands, which state that their ideology goes unopposed, that doubt is something evil, to go to war with. Their image of reality is black and white: the members are the chosen; everything outside of the movement is evil and must disappear. With them, they carry great and stolen fortunes, which have emanated from their atrocities against their kingdom.

The survivors have not yet detached themselves from society. The power to control the news flow is the same thing as the power to control how people think. Within the invisible boundaries, they believe in a system that strengthens their heinous crimes. More and more myths begin to erase everything in their path and all of what they can remember. Disconnected the blond and blue-eyed Vikings were adventurous people and were no less civilized than any other people were. They originated in North of our world, in what is southern Scandinavia. The Catholic Church opposed the religious beliefs of the Vikings, called Aryanism, which denied the divine nature of christ and interpreted all events in the light of the theory of reincarnation. Because of this, the norths were a threat to the generally accepted myths.

Circa 500ce, the south managed to destroy the kingdom of the North with its rich culture and capture their capital city. The conquerors killed the aged and children; the men were forced to become soldiers and the women were married to men from other races. After just one generation, the northern and their religion had been erased from the face of the Earth. In addition, the victors rewrote history.

The castles were abandoned without a struggle. The storming of the castles never happened. Religion stood for goodness and love, a law of the spiritual aristocracy. The survivors have been hunted and persecuted for all of the ages and eras since, across the span of the globe. Always surviving in our minimal numbers, spreading hope where we can, bringing the change the world truly needs in small amounts periodically through our journey where what is viewed is wrath and carnage. The light will rule the world and we inevitably will be in it.

The universe is governed by a greater intelligence. Selection cannot completely explain evolution. Life as we know it is dependent on blind forces. The eternal kingdom has no place on Earth. As the time will pass, all accusations against the gods are fabricated.