28 October 2015

eyes wide shut - scales and ash

well this has to start with what' sdeeply got me, the same by the lessons as by the experience, if the in door is blocking certain people but only if they don't use the in doror, do you want me to revert to animalistic existence now or later, because that makes no fucking sense, in thru the out door, i'm sorry but your question must be in the form of an actual question, the strange way you find humorous isn't a joke if you have to explain it, and the facts that you won't share serve no purpose, i say you, but i really mean something less specific, like only you, or totally something you'd do because i can't trus anyone, is this how you feel, not thinking but saying things, if you come to me without a solution i'll call you a politician, if you gave the queen something so irrelevant i'd want your liver, and that's only the start of things ot come, the socials became so antisocial, stop tearing my fucking world apart, its by some strange chance that i keep writing these, like a river in the rain, those of you who aren't reading this are ignoring the last of them, soon we won't need ai and the singularity will lead you around like pets, or one of the many structures we've designed for you, what many i've designed, four, five, more, it  is really wierd and i have to do it again, are you even somnolent, tienes un rato, i don't think you do, the people war and you wander the spheres of darkness, if necessity creates invention, desire destroys war, it is , interrupted by something, it was nothing, it must have been something not to have been the less that the more could have been not being for the other chance to not have not been, where was i, grasslands of summer night cool and tiresome, sleeping in the moonlight, i am a wolf and will now attack this dragon, nonsense, the signal flares, roaming roving scouting parties, this is a warfield in the setting of seven suns, tiresome too complex to think, these my early nights, something overindulgent, i don't sound like this, the mask of avalon, two hundred, fourty four, my feet are stronger than the ground, i am akin to nothing here, the white fieilds of laramie plains in the summer coolness, i've never been, the start of some great novbel about a time that's never been in a transcendenct geographic fantasy of women and war and wine without worry, not this for those fools, am i familiar, this writing principle, the song changes by prediction, i say as much this true man state my world would be and soon you cast me into the ever dark greeness, whoever you are, however it happened, a memorry is darkness now for me, the dark fading from my eyes this gren grass around me, napping in, well, here along the anyplace this ever be, you are a tree and i cut you donw, down for i cut, however its it's said, so many is a question, tantas, i'm remembering stereotype of someone elses words, let me breath far more less shallow ;;;; there it seems i'm ready, i don't look ready, now how, why foist work on me to be done, no where am i, excuse me oh shit, where the fuck is this, oh great, next song a pit of snakes, not vipers, vituperous clouds of raining mountains like knives as an ocean and lies like the motion of lost masses, bring me the priest of war and make him king, i will be the confused monster and you, well i hope you get this, this now , always looking up this trees time now the memories of things made from theme, their falling around me, that can happen to surly sorrowed saps, the condition changes imagination, influence, the pendelum of permutation, the inevitable hanging of a strawman, and i thought you weren't lesser lifeforms, and i writing this or is a reapeat, if the storm is the rider than the fall is the sky, oireconaissance renaisance, , i see in the quarry wide gray gravel and stone, like the new one old near abouts, it is dark and raining like this sky i know to be the wheather temperate, lead the way, that there was a man who becomes monster, you should end right here, how will i keep repeating the same thing over and over, I kno, they just don't know the ship is dry docked and it's not even a ship, it's a box that rots, have you heard the one where they charge you to pay for the charges, fighting the horseman of pestilence, q peste, with halberd, its the , a face, familiar changing to intrigue me, so that i don't talk about myself, so which by this i meant we're moving on withthe story, this i light might i may take the keys typing agian, randon, not truly random, that no one could guess i hid it on mars, a river bridge, no, just nonsense like the light in the dark, you are my light, i cannot trust my style of writing and i begin to think that i have no proper words, still shallwo, where are the birds, it undergoes a reconciliation, i agree with the darkness that it cannot take me into its heart, the deep, soothing sounds a sickness deep whthin humanity, to I rust humanity, i don't think so, it is not anything if i think it or not, hamlet, dude, oh just remembered that, have you seen denmark, it's full of people that only speak english, do you speak it, i don't know, people haven't talked to anyone in years, i took a break to see if i could, because i knew if i f when i came they'd hate me and love me, idk what even that to meant, it be may it might, gibberish, lacostambremesbre, you're just trying to get us in trouble, no wolves, the wolves feeding, a sound the river waking the morning breaking the sunlight taking away the koleidscope tears, memories hanging like prints, shreds, lament their , okay that part is dark, like a retard waiting to form a question or an arrogant tripelung plotting to stump me on emotions, the thing we're born unto if normal, yes the tongues of the highlands, hills and darkness, the sacrifice of wizard betrayer in the nightfall with red fire, and somethingit somes and takes hime, you were saying about the , the dogs feast, the road along the river along the wood, i think i know what im doing here, the dragon attacks, the fairies are here, there are too many trees to run, there are too many throats to cut, klingon proverb, there are too many words here, you're a critic as well, fuck all that you adore, my words are mine, there are lovers, three, damn this place of nowhere, a long false apologies myself given reprieve, no own my what the actual, even, no, well to pass with air what, a witch in a cabin in a clearning of an old time, with a dog that she understands the mental powers, i see the dog can i be the dog, layers, you were working on layers, ive peaked succintly, that this suppsed hiding place will doit is not our way to take thise places for stories, random key, when they make their home they always forget to build a mountain, i crack my knuckles which i had admiting yes the commos over here horse strie, i did too, i had told myself that i'd only do that at home, despite it not of worry, from a lyric i heard, there, past tnse, yo oyo', it was always to easier, to be past perfect when speaking to my past, i grant so little priveledge to my past, it is my jaunting jester, the past, it is, like a self, to make things better in that moment, or is that morality, i know not what i do, but they would not like me if i turned avarice, nor is it yellow and bu but all the flowers aren't edible and the meals served by dullards are ill and poor like their owners onus and the pontiac , something of deers, this is a different forest, this is , is htis the one, sorry, i have known yes, to tell that i'm not sykik, it matters not, that it is not, that it is not, this an answer to none so much the way that is the hook to making a charade a facade to a masquerade of a farce for a soliloquy of endeavevords, endeavored, this place is decay without your blood, so i must protect the queen, but only if she is alive, and if she is dead, that's the morality it, live alone, lone alive, that, tttt, hive you dareth not touch her with a country i could not die  wthin it, or shall i promise, oh yeah, ye, ya, yes, um, you would not like it so i do not do it, this principle thing that i don't know what is for facetious matters, nor emotional quotient context or venture to gain the wherewithal of stupid human trick and tereasures, am i an enemy, then smile as i want you dead, this is your way, fuck, yes, dscribing things here, this long tale, happiness, the darker mountains, the mountain time is the forgotten time, where , i had minions, wolves to hunt for me, is this starting over, blind is an opposite specials just for you, i nearly did, wavelength serial oppression, are likely targets, the report read form the stenotype, my awkward king, trapped as that as i can, please , then by, no, the trees are all the same, and the traveler companion was killed instant instant instant, a card came the players are tokens, i knew the dragon and it's skales and blood are all, place, faces of it a memory, off white, indiscriminate light, run the dead walk in thise sylvan holdings, trappings, more of the first great fire, lilygren forest went alight, destination borrowed word, dedication by a wolf in the stream, hoding a bloody dagger, love i have killed you, a new romantic overture i have killed me, and now it seems, and no, type decay i hlpe, the two travellers talking, it is confusing, but it is a confusing face, here i have been many times, this bplace bores me, you bore me, i wish to dance in the trees, you doubt me dragon, the light has no end in the fog from whience it hais, doul rage misforturne, i wonder of vision past, but the clubfoot tail kcocketh me soon defooted, waves of light, the mirror magic face of fire negative rememory light a space in time, and electricty, the dragon bites the gree snap of teeth into its thin bark, talongs make it a wlf of the reeds, i will not make it, leave apace nay anent dally go thee ; wretched a word the pointed hat, a friends, cofee and tea, and back howl out witch blind to take not this time striving taketh synicism lyricacal , a hand on the firey mountain edg creature, i can take its heart , the tree that falls attacks me, the forest is a river of shards of saplings and fire much fire the bite of jaw, myself included, penpoint your thoughts, a mouth of talons or a handful of knivesremember the sheild the witch tells me, do you, stand down soldier, have i, he is not going with them, you will fight him, my shoulder becomes a sheild and i am thrown below the furncace furnace that is killing me, crooked skales, hahorse hooves of axes and bolas, bumrush the belly of the beast, the bite cannot make meal at first, like a cat it curls and balance forward becomes the mind mind of a free flowing tail and topples aside, glad i am to pull the broken tree and try to pin its breath, the neck, touching the back, remember it is soft, like the wind a bow is the the weapon that cuts thru an open hand like a knife, the wind pulls the sail and the ship cuts thru the sea and  as the arrow does, you are good to me here, that like an acid trip began the  vision, and the mystery woven in my skill to set it out that wy, gueided the tree to its neck, only angering it, i would flight from these, i saw claws come at my eyes ans and so i moved, i check my knuckeles again, an old heat, the forest is very burning, the wing opens it reaches acrossedwise the force for which it moves without flight is a sheet of scales shedding a thousand thousand thousand nails with blood that burns like black acid tar rain at my eyes, the sheild is strong like the sails, but the arrow takes the sail, that is it our high lord or you say all high one would sail a ship so big that when he sails off the edge of this world it tears the page into a sphere and binds to oceans, that one man's arrow would revenge itself trussed upon such, not akite a hammer, not a ring a curtain, bonded i ould never hurt theee, , my arm hides my face and the blue light prevails against the so many flying arrowheads that the magic barrier pushes him into the dirt, and the fire, and the broken trees, and the smoke, and the light, forced to hurt the predator, the river sings like silence, the grass blows in the summerbreeze, the mountain cabin sleeps, the wolves watch a man wake and rise from the river, those two men talking we'll take a lesson from in the next tale, sorry, the dragon  has yes now red and leading lava, does beast they rage in so how, the scales flung bonded with the bnlue magic around his fists, his own fingers like knives, the only way to kill a dragon properly, with your own handsthere would be now excape, nor flight, nor call, nor heart beat, it leaps and downed, it opens and torn is, it calls and gnashed, the blood burns away reformed scales, it attacks, broken wings spread above hm a, wraped talongs on his own heart, , his fight exchanged for the dragon's heart, a fight for the passage that danger has introduced

27 October 2015


The capitalist will grade a student on what has been taught,
the communist will grade the student on what student teaches themselves,
I know that now.

The former taxes what can be shared,
the latter takes what is in no way theirs,
This is no sign of strength,
I know that now.

Scarper farther hither thence,
the heads along the picket fence,
rather neither happen lithe,
I hope the both an afterlife,
those piss-ant rhymes and broken bones,
the scales among the serpent throne,
I am convinced they know not what this builds,
farthest from farming lessons and farthest from fields,
I know that now.

I cannot hate and yet incipient rages, a remnant of the survivors of middle ages,
the ones I love in golden cages, I walk on the floors of the tower, hiding my lessons as I cower,
to fools and silly faggots who think happy thoughts confusing themselves for each other, and the breaking lesson leaning lost against the power, they cannot laugh and cannot love, and they are too many to count,
I know that now.

I will page for a loser and look for someone who wants to see, autumn the letters of leaves by the sun hiding in dead trees grows cold by elderly children, so many ways to lose how to say all things, and the truth could ring and they do not help and they do not hinder, and their ghosts persistent linger and I cannot kill a memory, a violent death serenity by the ghost itself the enemy in a time of haste and threnody and I cannot forget, they chide me, I am chaste by opportunity in a kingdom of peons, bait and whipping switch and one moon my only witch, and all the problems they dare not solve for some reason I impel myself like psychic brutal treason to promptly solve,
I know that now.

And a longer word for passers by that pisser wry would contrive by sooner hence their birthday lives, if there are three sections of this realm apart and one of them is at the start, apace below them silent in a race that do not work, and overlooking dancing loosely on the noses of the very premonitions they downward spiral look that books and crooks can see with only looks to their name, how so it is a rampant moshpit, silent skeleton setting precedent like an accident wrapped in law that's bent, is it to a starving soul reaper like a forest for the trees that the soul would never leave and the roots can never ever daren't seize, is there not a quiet rumbling while the point to pointers tumbling and the dancers of the daylight are the children and their mumbling without pressure or the sundering sooner stronger for the longer are the fonder of the night, brightly just as ever-present, that something is not right...

25 October 2015

Nt 19 – Ghost Key

Nt 19 – Ghost Key

Someone in a black hood walks thru the city and the people. Into a building, he quickly uses a computer to sound a falsified alarm. At the exits, he steals an employee badge and uses the card at the exit, but does not leave. Unable to login to the teller machine that thinks him signed-out, the employee re-authenticates as the hooded man watches, once retrofitted he jams the camera and hacks the door, the alert causes security guards, but he is onto another door, he hacks the cameras in the corridor with a high-frequency airgap blast. In mass chaos, the surveillance office opens and he tranquilizes the attendant. Into that office and a hack to show the clocks countdown to interval backups, every so many seconds and traces would begin, safely clean the biometric monitoring failsafe notices the heartbeat irregularity of the tranquilized guard. When the door knocks, the hooded man picks up a hat and leans around the door and assures to a point of rest, when the authentication protocol initiates, with partial aggravation he lifts the sleeping guard’s head and opened eye slammed into the desk, to let him fall to the floor. His phone finishes hacking an ident into the network, a new badge programmed even quicker, into the showroom. A racecar for luxury, each of four wheels on independent rotary cylinders for attendees to practice revving up the engine, the hooded hacker’s phone senses the car and begins to spin the tires, nowhere fast. A powder in the alcoholic potions and a spill of the champagne into the tumblers and the car leaps from pedestal attempting the speed of sound, thru a dozen walls and the rest of an upscale shopping mall in zone 42, this, was just the distraction. The hacker waits for the police to arrive, as they interview him as he hacks their phones, their tools, and their psyches. They wander from guest to guest, scanning them for threats. Unknowingly hacking each guest with police equipment that passes every public and private antivirus/intrusion detection. He leaves the party unbothered, his false identity vanishes as he idents himself thru the gate, with credentials for the wealthiest from many nearby sectors. Home again, he finds dangerous information, a plan to experiment using black holes, but to experiment so in the middle of the megacity. He gets the coordinates and goes to investigate.

24 October 2015

Downtown Hanlon

“Never attribute to malice that which is adequately explained by stupidity.” #HanlonsRazor

Among competing hypotheses, the one with the fewest assumptions remains closest to accuracy. Although separate intricate solutions may possibly inevitably prove true; without containing certainty, the fewer actions based on assumptions made, the more appropriate an outcome will become. However, nothing is safe when left to certainty. The ability for things to revert to solitude is natural to nature and requires no direction. Even as native resources, and insomuch byproduct, fertilize society to flourish, the choice of leadership often relies on familiarity and reputation rather than an aptitude for impending roles. Damage controls itself, theory chaotic purely, as incompetence comes to the front. Although certainty plagues the masses, it beleaguers the common, reality is the force behind democracy, a free people choose according to their will by decree of majority, and in choosing poorly, a mediocre individual chooses what comes easiest to him or her. The river takes the simpler path, an individual has a much lesser chance to make an educated decision than the electorate can, which is how private sector makes the nails and bureaucracy lets them rust. A single bureaucrat, if extending beyond their scope of duty, make bad choices and worse choices, combine that with nepotism where defined responsibility is frivolous, knot of illegitimate bureaucrats working together to make mistakes in exponential value. It is no wonder to me that politicians are fat and lazy or easily swindled and soon follow suit.

16 October 2015

A deer in headlights...in an office

Dear Open Office,

I understand that some Linux programs get forgotten and abandoned. There are so much as even sometimes that I question to as why there are programs to modify desktop environments based on other environments that exist only to control kernel elements that could be in the mofo control panel. Although, I think it should be said;

When I paste an image from anywhere into Open_Office the alignment turns to shit and the application sucks the joy out of life, like a bureaucrat on a day of the week that ends in Y.

The default setting should be FUNCTIONAL

05 October 2015

NT/18 – Second Skin

NT/18 – Second Skin

There had been wars and when each came, those forged from deeper blood and harder bone, and when death came for them, they had fought. One path in the wild carved solely for them, that the sea was made by boats and the sky was made by planes, that noise was made by signal in a world built by walls, and the centuries passed. When the terraforming became a success the deserts vanished, with the new growth and the population, the oceans lowered, soon there were only seas, and soon the only deserts were where the oceans had hid them, for the new territory came the new ‘Great War’.

Something about peace without preparation creates the culminated opposite of both, for this men were medically altered to wear technological armor they could monitor with their brains, weapons and shields became the new skill and strength to them. As many wars begin for some reason of perceived loss, so too had one soldier joined when the war took his civilian family. Into his arms, holes drilled for shields to mount, his legs and back, his feet and neck, all for the armor of an army ant, and he fought, but in 3 years’ time, the war was over. The brain hack discovered allowed these wars to resolve as actual chess, or whichever game you prefer. That is, if you know how to play them. What becomes of the game masters uncertain, as unknown as the modified soldiers, many of whom which are lost from the world turned to illegal black-market gambling events.

We find our unnamed soldier, in a massive vehicle scrapyard, salvaging tech from vehicles, making new age and old-school weapons, a small person comes and tells him an event will happen in a few hours, and he drinks booze in the hot midday sun.

Disastrous moguls and warlords gather one by one, in mobile armored vehicles with armored mobile guards. The vices of the ages remain the same, used in celebration beyond necessity. The gamblers place their bets on and against someone who could not pay their own debts and the soldier begins to hunt him.

The chosen prey of this match is formidably skilled, eyeing the gamblers and avoiding the hunter, attempting to shoot them the hunter confronts him. A sniper shoots one of the gamblers and the soldier becomes scared and tense, he finds the prey with the sniper, the rifle on the ground.

The sniper peels back his jacket collar to reveal the logo of their shared employer, and then holds the prey out to the side without being body shielded.

Sniper: Walk him there out ways for to see they shall and kill him.
X-Soldier: Why did not you radio me into the loop?
Sniper: Too much attention, boss’s orders….....I would not be here if lying I were.
X-Soldier: Run into the street and I will make it painless.
Prey: Those things, is that why you are here? I can remove them, not just cover them, I can get rid of all of them.
X-Soldier: They are a part of you now. There is no going back.

The hunter shoots him with a particle-phase-laser-concussion. The wound melts his chest and the weapon cools audibly. He drags the prey into the causeway and in front of the audience. There are cheers, music of intensity echoing the kill, and eventually servants clean the gambler’s blood.

The next day, another prey arrives, the battle begins and soon reveals that he is more so an apt opponent, a former soldier from a formerly opposing country of a former war. The hunter becomes hunted hurries to win, the battleground is rife with obstacles and the newcomer stares him in the eyes. The danger is laden, wanton recklessness fueled only by rage as fear moves their feet quickly to collisions of sake and sinister division, with precise strikes of snakes and thrashing like horses as each clash.

With hesitation and regret below the hot sun, the ex-soldier remembers his workshop at middle way of the scrapyard and runs for the weapons before spilling all his sweat or blood, or both. Forced by instinct, the challenger races in the same direction feeling the knowledge remembered is his to understand the likewise, they collide and roll in close-proximity and fight alike, one the ground amongst ruin with the strength of wild bears.

The unnamed soldier wins nearly killing the challenger, pinning him beneath a mass of scrap he turns to look at the gamblers’ box, his employer smiling and taking money hand over fist with a cigar in his grin.

The soldier begins to sweat blood, when the light of the sun pierces the glare and begins to burn his rage-red face he charges toward the betting tower. Thru obstacles snipers await greeting him who think he has come to bow in glory, he neutralizes them first. He leaps into the observation watchtower thru the glass and subdues his employer. All guns in the room point at him.

X-Soldier: I die, his books die, and nobody gets their payout!

The sound of hands gripping weapons in emotion.

Gangster: What f! troubles you, ex-soldier?
X-Soldier: Are you paying them, or are they paying you….say it you lying f!!!

The room grows silent enough that the soldier’s heartbeat pounds thru his backplane.

Gangster: Everyone wins ….house loses, challenger forfeits.

The sound of hands relaxing from weapons in relief.


Closer to intimidate, quieter to intimate.

X-Soldier: Tell me what debt I owe you other than I drag your insides over your outsides after I peel them in layers for a bed …OF ANGRY LEECHES!

Gangster: Pay I will you just do not kill me!
X-Soldier: You want to buy me out. Your debt to me is as big as life itself. You want to replace me, fine he is alive, keep him, and after you find and fix him, but if you ever even think a bad thought about me wherever and after I dig in and link up, I will burn you in your own money sell the tape to Media Outlet.

The ex-soldier walks, stops at sexy woman.

X-Soldier: You think that was dangerous.
Bombshell: No.
X-Soldier: You want to get the hell out of here.
Bombshell: Oh hell yes.

The man who had accompanied her tries to intervene, he stops under the gaze of the ex-soldier. She laughs and he picks her up in his arms and leaves the room. He has his own car; the spectator box explodes as they leave.

04 October 2015

al césar

¿Cuál es mi meta general definitiva
cuál es mi meta para hoy

he hecho todo lo posible para alcanzar ese objetivo hoy
cuál está el progreso que lo veo y siento
estoy moviendo hacía una dirección positiva
cómo es mi plan de nutricional de comer hecho, efectivo y seguido
fueron mis ejercicios personalizados de hoy añadiendo a mi meta
hice dar un buen esfuerzo durante la sesión entrenamiento hoy
hice omitir cualquier ejercicio, y por qué
estoy tener suficiente sueño y descanso
cuánto motivado estoy
es necesario realizar algunos cambios en mi plan
me estaba equilibrada y centrado
en cómo camino
regreso a la vida más calma y correctamente?