21 April 2009

Calico Albatross

This country and its profiteering is insane. It makes the capable pay for the lesser intelligent and the criminal element in the way that no descent community would. Its literal translation is to take away freedom. It is is devastating and detrimental in that it requires society feed upon itself. Not all are capable of leadership. Acknowledge our physical selves as not being absolute. Our character is unique as we each have a different ability determined by our circumstances and many of the choices of our ancestors. Conceptual ideas of morality among society are never convenient to all needs and in no way permanent.

A self-sustaining order where illusions are used to manipulate the crowd brings those who are not capable of leadership decisions. The victory of a modernized society, destroys the knowledge of the past. Traditional customs of any value system reflect its population. To blend this into a silent majority alienates revolutionaries in an attempt to dominate by complicating the issues. Blocking the ability to see the issues out of multiple problems causing new and urgently outraged hysteria and paranoia. These issues will cause even the most logical to neurotically turn to dogma and public speakers to further themselves from the outrage and return them to the demands of society. Among the functional parts of the world, most agree with the functions of traditional society. Those with memory are wise, to realize society is designed to settle civil unrest and is a way that we thrive by coordination.

Infrared Rain

An overturning of the structure of society, one where those who favor law and revolution, destroy those who strive to live a life of crime and deceit will come for no other reason than to preserve their own families and livelihoods. The reason is the demand for order in the land of light and dark. Divided by your own methods you must share your ideas, bond and find the truth in how you must stop those who do not matter.

Be willing as well as able to apply your ideas to impose your dreams within the system as it stands. Want change without adopting methods for all that will not work. Ones methods that fail can be found in all of humankind even by the greatest errors of the terrors of capitalist government regulation. I will bring you to your grave after your death before you die. View the place of the last meals painting. You will notice that there is an unmarked tombstone in front of his dozen. With the message of whose it is waits for you to know your place in this world.

Poetic Apothecary Greedy Anarchist Neoconservative

neolithic modernity clairvoyance in place more likely accessed post-modernism in its families eyes symposium i have not stood practicing being a giant looking at the mountains my memory swimming in a green valley A wintergreen without black water with cloud in the sky water on mind fire in eye far away from a desert a warm cold day before a rainstorm outside of our side of my home

the nation's service programs

Instead of people working hard for their own lives to earn a living, they will work for a dictator, according to the new public service act. The Edward M. Kennedy - Serve America Act.

The new public service act signed by president Obama, mimics with great attention to detail, the Nazi youth corp. What child would bite the hand that feeds. What will stop these children from working as J. Edgars for the patent office again? What will stop these children from being indoctrinated into a military paradigm that attacks and occupies neighboring nations with feudalistic morals?

Obama, like Hitler, but blacker. How will these youth corps public service programs and their volunteers be scanned for drug use, or avoid the disasters of civilisation without any leadership before they become the henchmen/women of martial law at the drop of a coin?

The socialism is unchecked, the communism went unnoticed and the fascism is now unstoppable.

Welcome to Nazi opposition my underprivileged minority kindred. There will be hix of every color toting guns and memorized propaganda.

You couldn't teach them how to read, so you taught them how to attack. You couldn't teach them how to farm, so you taught them how to march. These practices were the measures taken by 'socialists' before the 1900's where kings and farmers would kill other farmers, the same wars that Hitler murdered countless millions, in ways that were to him, profitable and creative to pass the time.

They'll march the streets. They'll be tyrannical hate mongers. They will come looking for you at the first order of the monster that fills their wallets, to take you away.

This game has bored me ever so. I have not yet met any Kings or Queens among humanity. We are born to be Kings and Queens, we are all still Pawns for Bishops and Rooks.

Can our government, leave its vending lobbies to voice an opposition?

20 April 2009

Prophetic allure

The temperature is warmer than it has ever been.
The oxygen is less and the carbon is more,
in a wrong and backwards life.
The pressure is low for the thin air so the smoke fills up,
and drifts away before we can see it go.
Isolated deeply red storms strike without warning.
The storms come more fierce and common every event.
The storm will take the heat into space but not the carbon.
The temperature will rise and with the oxygen gone,
everything will dry and burn and turn to rust.
The soil will absorb the carbon and the world will lose the shield,
to look like Mars,
to have killed the world and everything in it.
Before the end, the great conveniences will not be true,
and technology will show the fools to you.
I wish a wiser life for yours and mine,
before you murder all of time.
I am the last, I am blessed as I am,
I remember more snow,
I was not born until it started snowing,
I own the intellectual property of fractals.
I am the last surviving piece of the progress of humanity.
There are to few of us to help them anymore.
No one knows of us ; and those who do despise us,
Forever the humanity that is mine.
Who ever gives them selves to a system,
I will only receive systemic value.
I will obtain a global biotic mass and critical transmission.
There is no fate, but what we make.
Surrounding philosophers to wits and peasants to arms.
To live is to use senses and to battle will test them,
Causing agony and pain and combination.
Intense usage to experience endurance.
If you can hear me you are wasting time.
To listen to me you are losing time.
Insane and morally irrational is one who believes in nothing,
I am a lost of the night caste.
All knowing of the need to explore new frontiers,
to the end of time.
Into space and back to grow and learn,
time will separate from you and will become the true elemental.
Language changes until there are no borders,
drawing boundaries from public assaults.
Confidence is driven by personal assault and can,
change as easily as the wind,
and your vision lost your dream turns vertigo.
Your vision becomes decrypted you can see 7 dimensions.
Simplified is your day,
the future is a technological-economic structure.
A community based upon the fate of its people.
When you communicate clearly, people understand,
acquire power and rare personal wealth.
When they understand, they make decisions,
which lead to actions and create results,
give access to traditions that recognize truth.

April 20th



18 April 2009

Recycled Tea

250,000 people across the country of the united states protested, in the streets of several cities, the current administrations unbalanced and inflated propaganda, spending and taxed redistribution of wealth, in order to remind the corrupt that honest, hard-working people still exist.

12 April 2009



A history is ending. A time of great decisions is approaching. In this desolate arduous time, I speak to you, overlords of the nation, as the rulers of the lords of time. In addition, the world should return alarmed to what has happened, marking the decisions necessary by today and tomorrow.

After the repeated failure of conjecture, the rejection of a peaceful coexistence, and the rise in calamity in direct result of corruption, the failed leaders and the bigots that support and control them, it was clear by the fall of that era that an arising war would have to be over sought, contrary to ethics and necessity. We know that their half-hearted weak-willed decisions are impious and lackluster. If providence has deemed that the folk are not to overlook this struggle, then I am thankful that our memories have entrusted me with the leadership in a historic conflict that will be decisive in determining the forthcoming empire, not only of Anglo history, but also of the history of the Norse and even of time.

The nation and its soldiers work and fight today not only for themselves and their own time, but also for many generations to come. A historical task of unique dimensions has entrusted to us to that which we are now obliged to carry out.

The immigrants’ allied intent of invasion from inside and out has compelled the national leadership, first, to secure militarily, the most important political, strategic and annexed economic areas. Consequently, the defense capabilities of those lands conquered at such time have changed.

From past to the future frontier stretches the most extensive reach of great defense installations and fortresses. Countless liveries and ports of armadas exist, including some in the mind that exist only in dead memory, carved into time. The number and strength of the protected archangel heavens that defend our lives are such that they are practically impregnable from both heaven and hell. They are overwrought by countless strikes of lightning and nearly as many storms, which had to be contained as well as their design and construction. A chime of routes and supply lines plots our existing maps so that the rain may be shook from the sky at a single beat of a bird's wings. The installations built by frontier scouts and engineers of the many great castles and bastions are not at all inferior to the boundaries of the outward reaches of dark space, and as all this begins, the work to further strengthen all this continues without pause.

I am determined to make the refuge of the free impregnable against any enemy attack. I beg of thee that may wish to surmount the task of impeding the time lords, to try their damnedest.

These defenses give complement by educational offensives, better known as benign propaganda, insofar as ethical conditions, such as moral agreements about humanitarian conditions, available to the understood knowledge of the human condition, exist. Our forces above and below, continue their steady war of annihilation against the monarchy and its subservient allies. Through reconnaissance and tidings, our greatest of warriours take one strong hold after the next to bring a new vision to those quietly crying for change in a stupefied fervor.

During the past war, many lives fell from Yggdrasil by the spider on the vine. Many months our allies weathered unto the eye, a large part of an illogical storm. Only by the numbers of minds, with a vicious agenda and eagerness to learn have freedoms been ignored.

We have won our legitimacy through freedom from tyranny, escaped slavery, ended slavery for others who were to liberate themselves in fear of its return to dawn, and our inalienable rights. The achievement of the overlords is all the more outstanding because this field of battle is completely alien and unfamiliar to the Norse, climatically and otherwise. From the past to the future, we must strive to conjoin them both as we rise to meet our destiny.

While these actions were again securing the front with the blood of heroes, the threatening clouds of terrible danger were gathering over Asgard. Compelled by bitter necessity, the occult has made many attempts to create the prerequisite conditions for a general peace by eliminating the acute tension between space and time. This was daunting because of the basic attitude towards progression of the folk and, above all, of the kingdom of the winter castle. Objectively, though, this was a simple matter because in all the territories that the inferior said were threatened by us and which were offered military alliances, actually had only economic and sustainability interests.

You may find comfort from having scouts and archangels of the new empire, that throughout the tide of the war, the dragons have offered military alliances to a number of republics, claiming that humanity prevails as they attempt to slaughter the innocent and remove them from their freedoms. However, the nation and its government, with a clear conscience, will be proof that their slanders did not correspond to the truth in any way. Moreover, there was the obvious military vantage that, in case of a war, forced upon the Norse, by bureaucratic diplomacy, the struggle, attacks on two fronts. Only with very great sacrifices and after the colonies were inclined to accept the hellion offers of military alliance, and thereby made clear that they also believed themselves to be threatened by our stature and unequivocal appearances, it was not only the right but also the duty of the folk to delineate the national boundaries between them.

All the same, the countries involved realized very quickly that the best and strongest guarantee against the threat from the fire was the light of day. When those kingdoms, on their own initiative, cut their ties with the nation and instead put their trust in promises of aid from a power that, in its proverbial egotism, has for all of time never given help but has always demanded it, they were thereby lost. Even so, the fate of these families aroused the strongest sympathy of the people and their infinite wisdom. The winter war of the corn silk, aroused in us a feeling of admiration mixed with bitterness. admiration because, as a soldierly nation, we have a sympathetic heart for heroism and sacrifice, and bitterness because our concern for the enemy threat in the beginning of fanatical wisdom and the danger in undiscovered country meant that we were no position to help. When it became clear to us that ascertained the delineation of political spheres of influence gave it the right to exterminate foreign nations, the relationship maintained only for utilitarian reasons, contrary to reason and sentiment. Most of the connections between the bordered allies were lost, the shadow crept onto the land with a cesspool of seething virulent night monsters aching to cross into the light, and the supply lines between allies of desperation fell the way of the fallen.

The children of the disgraced are intending the domination, and thus the destruction, of all of time. The overlords informed of the build-up of dark and fatal military power in their pursuit, during a period when borderland, had only a few divisions in the provinces bordering the feral infernal abominations. Only a blind person could fail to see that a military build-up of uniquely epic dimensions and this was not in order to protect something threatened, but rather only to attack that which seemed incapable of defense.







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10 April 2009

Grammaton's gramercy

No you cannot start a sentence with and. solely because you're tired of reading, does not mean it's the end of a sentence.

That's my story, and I'm sticking to it.


A prepositional phrase cannot be marked out in a way{, which you might find interesting,} by using hyphens.


A prepositional phrase cannot be marked out in a way{-/-- which you might find interesting -/--} by using hyphens.


If you disagree, how do you think people wrote before the typewriter.....huh.....?



if you think you're better than me, and want to show me so, go ahead and try your (damnedest).

hella mthrfknbdtchboizze......

- vote quimby