21 April 2009

Infrared Rain

An overturning of the structure of society, one where those who favor law and revolution, destroy those who strive to live a life of crime and deceit will come for no other reason than to preserve their own families and livelihoods. The reason is the demand for order in the land of light and dark. Divided by your own methods you must share your ideas, bond and find the truth in how you must stop those who do not matter.

Be willing as well as able to apply your ideas to impose your dreams within the system as it stands. Want change without adopting methods for all that will not work. Ones methods that fail can be found in all of humankind even by the greatest errors of the terrors of capitalist government regulation. I will bring you to your grave after your death before you die. View the place of the last meals painting. You will notice that there is an unmarked tombstone in front of his dozen. With the message of whose it is waits for you to know your place in this world.