21 April 2009

Calico Albatross

This country and its profiteering is insane. It makes the capable pay for the lesser intelligent and the criminal element in the way that no descent community would. Its literal translation is to take away freedom. It is is devastating and detrimental in that it requires society feed upon itself. Not all are capable of leadership. Acknowledge our physical selves as not being absolute. Our character is unique as we each have a different ability determined by our circumstances and many of the choices of our ancestors. Conceptual ideas of morality among society are never convenient to all needs and in no way permanent.

A self-sustaining order where illusions are used to manipulate the crowd brings those who are not capable of leadership decisions. The victory of a modernized society, destroys the knowledge of the past. Traditional customs of any value system reflect its population. To blend this into a silent majority alienates revolutionaries in an attempt to dominate by complicating the issues. Blocking the ability to see the issues out of multiple problems causing new and urgently outraged hysteria and paranoia. These issues will cause even the most logical to neurotically turn to dogma and public speakers to further themselves from the outrage and return them to the demands of society. Among the functional parts of the world, most agree with the functions of traditional society. Those with memory are wise, to realize society is designed to settle civil unrest and is a way that we thrive by coordination.