21 April 2009

the nation's service programs

Instead of people working hard for their own lives to earn a living, they will work for a dictator, according to the new public service act. The Edward M. Kennedy - Serve America Act.

The new public service act signed by president Obama, mimics with great attention to detail, the Nazi youth corp. What child would bite the hand that feeds. What will stop these children from working as J. Edgars for the patent office again? What will stop these children from being indoctrinated into a military paradigm that attacks and occupies neighboring nations with feudalistic morals?

Obama, like Hitler, but blacker. How will these youth corps public service programs and their volunteers be scanned for drug use, or avoid the disasters of civilisation without any leadership before they become the henchmen/women of martial law at the drop of a coin?

The socialism is unchecked, the communism went unnoticed and the fascism is now unstoppable.

Welcome to Nazi opposition my underprivileged minority kindred. There will be hix of every color toting guns and memorized propaganda.

You couldn't teach them how to read, so you taught them how to attack. You couldn't teach them how to farm, so you taught them how to march. These practices were the measures taken by 'socialists' before the 1900's where kings and farmers would kill other farmers, the same wars that Hitler murdered countless millions, in ways that were to him, profitable and creative to pass the time.

They'll march the streets. They'll be tyrannical hate mongers. They will come looking for you at the first order of the monster that fills their wallets, to take you away.

This game has bored me ever so. I have not yet met any Kings or Queens among humanity. We are born to be Kings and Queens, we are all still Pawns for Bishops and Rooks.

Can our government, leave its vending lobbies to voice an opposition?