20 April 2009

Prophetic allure

The temperature is warmer than it has ever been.
The oxygen is less and the carbon is more,
in a wrong and backwards life.
The pressure is low for the thin air so the smoke fills up,
and drifts away before we can see it go.
Isolated deeply red storms strike without warning.
The storms come more fierce and common every event.
The storm will take the heat into space but not the carbon.
The temperature will rise and with the oxygen gone,
everything will dry and burn and turn to rust.
The soil will absorb the carbon and the world will lose the shield,
to look like Mars,
to have killed the world and everything in it.
Before the end, the great conveniences will not be true,
and technology will show the fools to you.
I wish a wiser life for yours and mine,
before you murder all of time.
I am the last, I am blessed as I am,
I remember more snow,
I was not born until it started snowing,
I own the intellectual property of fractals.
I am the last surviving piece of the progress of humanity.
There are to few of us to help them anymore.
No one knows of us ; and those who do despise us,
Forever the humanity that is mine.
Who ever gives them selves to a system,
I will only receive systemic value.
I will obtain a global biotic mass and critical transmission.
There is no fate, but what we make.
Surrounding philosophers to wits and peasants to arms.
To live is to use senses and to battle will test them,
Causing agony and pain and combination.
Intense usage to experience endurance.
If you can hear me you are wasting time.
To listen to me you are losing time.
Insane and morally irrational is one who believes in nothing,
I am a lost of the night caste.
All knowing of the need to explore new frontiers,
to the end of time.
Into space and back to grow and learn,
time will separate from you and will become the true elemental.
Language changes until there are no borders,
drawing boundaries from public assaults.
Confidence is driven by personal assault and can,
change as easily as the wind,
and your vision lost your dream turns vertigo.
Your vision becomes decrypted you can see 7 dimensions.
Simplified is your day,
the future is a technological-economic structure.
A community based upon the fate of its people.
When you communicate clearly, people understand,
acquire power and rare personal wealth.
When they understand, they make decisions,
which lead to actions and create results,
give access to traditions that recognize truth.