28 February 2009

final total

in the year of the move no words will upset or draw attention
only insolence do they shudder
there are some that do what they can to upset me
but are speaking for numbers
solely for the greater good of motivating me
and wish life wasn't such a difficult
only the song can make me work
the song can make the sounds
when there is marble
afterward is the end and one credit
an elevator with no buttons
the use of liars to have take him to hel
near the door at a quarter life
the heat taken becomes the soul
once fought against to treads on a vehicle with one belt tread
chooses to practice with those who can see
the clouds over my house that shadow
sunlight burning avoids the cure
an arrow kills the frozen heart of the one caught sleeping
with the blood on the basin
beyond woven sounds about a spare time with a Cinderella vampire
alpha omega and united
fascist conformational with soothsayer necromancer standards
alchemist demon deacon
informational internationalists
the demon barrier to the wizards kingdom
civilizations power consequence and smoke makes a wall
lasers everywhere the lasting are lucky to be alive
string sounds like love
reality reverts the old to young
someone had to hate the music with its claws
over and over the wrong and rendered
camera by camera the world tires
a remote copacetic given sight
a crippled message like is seen in the outer zone
a room of those who cannot see the lights in it
frozen falls the faces between blades
the holy sight of the fearless touch
medicated gods
with neighbors for wizards with lone regressions
duplicate trips into the past
a never ending universal lease on the miseducation of the names who are just numbers
interior constant passing with the speed of light
the mechanic with missing extra fingers
the breaking wooden door breaks the window and hurts the cattle
stared at an open bottle
stimulation retribution and hidden intrusion
to the end of complicated confusion
the heart is wide for pretend eyes
shy and bashful blank emotion
crying love up at the sky
devotion paid sun to shade
an old last supper disease
create a place to take our escape from today
graded intimidation vacation congratulations
land of ice and snow the time leaves fall the wind will blow
water taking another breath to make new worlds
gathering the wicked news like the old sound
when you wake asleep
the commodity of ash
the smallest ultrasound of biotic fuels
the blue and red flag of the night sky soldiers, manages the house of citizen
sand's fire wrought time in the dark verse
the truth on earthed by pain from armies of land and labor
vengeance demons acting as deacons to the owners of time
a buried blank page writes about a dying leaf with bloody living veins
a green house covered with double paned glass
filled with a transparent element
heated for life on colder planets
when you look in the mirror you are bound
dead men tell no tales
looking up from the ground but hunting with an eye on the sky
there is time in space
scavengers of the night
you must survive
or i will never exist
the lost are never home
we cringe for the new thought Police
like the subjects of some insane leching satanist state
compelled to wave our flags as the nations pass by
the future is not set
there is no fate but what we make for ourselves


The abatement of the aberrant abettor

Freedom will baptize
while the government tries to authoritize
in hopes that we canonize
from our eyes that they cauterize
The strong would not authorize
Alternatively, to weak will they recognize
As the lies to you agonize
About crimes that you characterize
Hoping the innocent will stigmatize
The resistance should methodize
As the wrong start to patronize
While I sit, home and womanize
Which I should not popularize
I could always just philosophize
How the world needs to civilize
While I lately need to apologize
And the rain starts to crystalize
And the song will soon harmonize
How the wicked will moralize
And the damaged will pulverize
And the dogs tend to tyrannize
With the lies that they organize
I can only just satirize
I do not attempt to demonize
or berate and demoralize
in a world many destructuralize
and eventually fatalize
accidentally immunize
as the martyrs imperialize
and the harvesters localize
Bleeding hearts will soon symbolize
In what only they specialize
And they constantly dogmatize
Therefore, cordially fraternize
What they never will realize
What we only should Hellenize
And not charity paganize
As the enemy, colonize
And the media tranquilize
How it all seems to synchronize
Like a traitorous, aggrandize
Meant to comfort and formalize
A detest of people to individualize
In addition, socially theorize
Why they attempt to universalize
Therefore, obviously extemporize
O so slowly they Hebraize
Therefore, actually barbarize
What will die if they fertilize
A disgrace as they humanize
Taking up arms if we criticize
In addition, eventually ostracize
As this rhyme tends to aphorize
What the dumb cannot vocalize
How the weak proselytize
To old failures they sensualize
And stolen plans they sterilize
In attempt to actualize
Their faith to brutalize
Their leaders they categorize
In an attempt to materialize
A hope they plagiarize
New crimes to legalize
New dreams to personalize
One might even hypothesize
That they wish to antagonize
Moreover, most certainly factualize
What they only can generalize
In an attempt to energize
The source we capitalize
In effort to neutralize
Moreover, let the enemy naturalize
Our fears they dramatize
While the simple idealize
How to subsidize
A list of name you can alphabetize
In revolt as they nationalize
In a cause to utilize
Any face to galvanize
You may attempt to rationalize
Those who fight they might vaporize
However, I only can emphasize
A new need to lionize
Those who hate to eulogize
What a new child will visualize
As a world they cannot polarize
On the other hand, constantly terrorize
You must constantly totalize
What the lenders economize
Moreover, quite constantly socialize
What will constantly mesmerize
With new pawn that they synthesize
Their new ways to memorize
The old ways to trivialize
Their attempts to anthropomorphize
How they blatantly vandalize
What we constantly arborize
These treasons legitimize
That as they demonetize
Their attempts to externalize
Will never stabilize
What we already normalize
we must institutionalize
Those who constantly penalize
In addition, atrociously immobilize
What one might summarize
As their attempts to euthanize
Moreover, unwittingly standardize
What I conceptualize
Is an obtuse attempt to pasteurize?
In addition, unnecessarily concretize
Our attempt to urbanize
What their hearts tend to internalize
Why someone made his or her minds homogenize
We can easily serialize
Their new ways to departmentalize
How the gods they must ionize
How the governments desensitize
Asking stock to vasectomize
We should honestly hospitalize
Moreover, quite finally finalize
Inability to motorize
How we globally regionalize
While they patiently quantize
you may constantly marginalize
In addition, compartmentalize
Our lives that we digitalize
As the charlatans, publicize
What we commonly fantasize
Moreover, few randomly notarize
What so many will randomize
How this all will destabilize
All the hearts that will pressurize
In a world that we weatherize
How the land tends to globalize
Moreover, the markets will privatize
How we silently automize
How the beggars will criminalize
Therefore, the world will computerize
And mistakenly prioritize
What the world cannot colorize